Bad Leaver

I have never been good at leaving places whether it is for a week, a month, a year it doesn’t matter.  Even when I would come home for Christmas for a week I would get choked up pulling out of the drive way in Charleston.  So whatever part of my brain decided that moving away for 4 months (2 of those months without Casey and Scarlett) it officially broken.

Don’t get me wrong, it is good to be home but no matter where I am going the leaving is always the worst.  I will go through this whole thing again leaving Philadelphia to go to Atlanta; it is just my nature.  But as a friend told me yesterday, if it was easy to leave that would mean wherever I was leaving didn’t mean that much to me.  So I can say with confidence my home in Charleston and all of my friend there mean the world to me!



Now that I am home I am enjoying running my old roads (5 miler today in the beautiful weather) eating at some of my favorite places ever.  I am having a wonderful time hanging out with my mom doing ordinary things and just hanging around in the house I grew up in.

Last night when I got in I was also able to surprise my brother for his 15th birthday.  My mom and I had planned it so that they would go to dinner and I would just walk in and sit down with them.  He was shocked, it was pretty priceless and I was glad I got to make it there for his day.

So while I try to enjoy all the time I have here and the experiences I am having, in the back of my head I have the count down to return to Charleston already clicking…55 days and counting!

2 thoughts on “Bad Leaver

  1. I hate leaving places too!! It’s like a cycle, even if I am only going to be gone for a week sometimes I hate leaving home. I will get a little bummed when it’s time for me to leave Arizona too.

    • Its just never fun no matter what!! This time is is kinda continuing to stink even now that I am here. I was able to skype Casey and Scarlett tonight but my poor girl was soooo confused.

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