Work Out Log 2013

Thanksgiving Week: November 25th-December 1st

November 25th: 4 miles

November 26th: 4 miles (treadmill); 30 minute Nike Training Club: Curve Carver

November 27th: 7 miles (treadmill); 30 minute Nike Training Club: The Edge

November 28th: rest; Happy Thanksgiving!

November 29th: 7.01 miles

November 30th: 4.34 miles with Scar and Casey

December 1st: 4.03 miles

Birthday Week: November 18th-24th

November 18th: 3.02 miles with Scarlett

November 19th: 3.08 miles with Scarlett

November 20th: 5 miles with Scarlett

November 21st: rest

November 22nd: 6.01 miles

November 23rd: Birthday 8.11 miles with Maribeth

November 24th: rest

November 11th-17th

November 11th: 5.09 miles

November 12th: 5.91 miles

November 13th: 4.17 miles

November 14th: 3.63 miles

November 15th: rest (cold rain, no thanks)

November 16th: 10 miles

November 17th: rest

November 4th-10th

November 4th: 6.08 miles; Better Butt Nike Training Club Workout (15 minutes)

November 5th: 5.61 miles; Sculpted Arms Nike Training Club Workout (15 minutes)

November 6th: 3.63 miles (treadmill)

November 7th: 3.16 miles

November 8th: 7.61 miles

November 9th: 4.5 miles

November 10th: rest

James Island Connector Run: October 28th- November 3th

October 28th: 7.08 miles

October 29th: 6.00 miles

October 30th: rest

October 31st: 4.64 miles

November 1st: 3.02 miles

November 2nd: James Island Connector Run 10k (6.25 miles)

November 3rd: Rest

Missing Drunk is the New Black: October 21st- 27th

October 21st: Restorative Yoga Hip Opening (youtube)

October 22nd: 3.39 miles

October 23rd: 5.00 miles

October 24th: 5.29 miles

October 25th: 6.51 miles

October 26th: 4.26 miles

October 27th: rest

Bourbon Chase Relay: October 14th-20th

October 14th: 2 miles to gym; 1 hour Joe-D Bands

October 15th: 5.65 miles with Lauren

October 16th: 3.35 miles with Casey

October 17th: Easy Yoga Stretches for Stiff Hips and Legs (youtube)

Weekend: 23.5 miles

OSCE’s week: October 7th-13th

October 7th: 7.36 miles

October 8th: 4.51 miles

October 9th: 6.52 miles

October 10th: 3.45 miles

October 11th: rest

October 12th: 6.98 miles

October 13th: rest

Lindsey’s Wedding Week: September 30th-October 6th

September 30th: 5 miles

October 1st: 5.15 miles beach run with Lauren

October 2nd: 5.57 miles downtown with Maribeth

October 3rd: 3.05 miles

October 4th: rest (drive to Hartsville)

October 5th: 3.54 mile run to the church (Lindsey’s Wedding day)

October 6th: rest (drive back from Hartsville)

Last Full Class Week: September 23rd- 29th

September 23rd: Morning- 4 miles easy; Afternoon- 1 hour Joe-D Bands Class

September 24th: 6×400 at 5k pace (3.02 miles)

September 25th: 4 miles easy

September 26th: Morning- 3x Mile reps at 10k pace (5 total miles); Afternoon: 1 hour Joe-D Bands Class

September 27th: 11.35 miles LSD with Maribeth and Steph

September 28th: Sweat on Deck 1 hour Boot Camp, 1 hour Yoga

September 29th: rest day

Getting Back: September 16th-22nd

September 16th: 3 miles easy

September 17th: 4×400 5k pace (2.75 miles)

September 18th: 3 miles easy

September 19th: rest

September 20th: 9 miles LSD with Maribeth

September 21st: Mile reps (at Marathon pace) 3×1 mile (5 total miles)

September 22nd: rest

Recovery Week: September 9th-15th

September 9th: rest

September 10th: 30 minutes roll out with Stick, easy bike ride to and from class

September 11th: rest

September 12th:3 miles easy

September 13th: 2.3 mile walk with Scar

September 14th: 4.36 miles IN SAVANNAH!

September 15th: rest

Race Week: September 2nd-8th

September 2nd: Restorative Yoga Hip Opening (youtube)

September 3rd: 1/2 mile warm up 4×400 1/2 mile cool down (2.63 miles)

September 4th: 3 miles easy; Gentle Yoga for Tight Legs and Hips

September 5th: Yoga for runners (youtube)

September 6th: Yoga for runners (youtube)

September 7th: 2 miles super easy with Casey; long (like an hour) stretch

September 8th: Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon; 26.21 miles, 3:30:32 (new PR by over 12 minutes) BOSTON QUALIFIED

Comps Week: August 26th- September 1st

August 26th: 12 miles LSD

August 27th: 4 miles easy with Case

August 28th: Yoga for Runners C Tolle Run (youtube)

August 29th: 4 miles pace (8:00 min goal pace) on treadmill

August 30th: hour beach walk with Scarlett

August 31st: 8 miles LSD and Yoga for runners (youtube)

September 1st: 3 miles easy; Restorative Yoga Hip Opening (youtube)

Back to School: August 19th-25th

August 19th: 5 mile Bridge Run at Marathon Pace (8:00)

August 20th: 5 miles easy

August 21st: 30 minute Tempo Run (3.93 miles)

August 22nd: rest

August 23rd: 4 miles pace (8:00 goal pace)

August 24th: 30 minute tempo run (4.01 miles)

August 25th: 6.97 miles (terrible run)

Summer Break: August 12th-18th

August 12th: Yoga for runners (youtube); 8.08 miles (warm up, Yasso’s 800s x8, cool down)

August 13th: 5 miles easy; 30 minute beach walk with Scar and Case

August 14th: Bend and Stretch Yoga (took running day off today instead of tomorrow due to torrential downpours and thunderstorms!)

August 15th: 40 minute Tempo Run (5.25 miles)

August 16th: 10 miles pace (8:00 goal pace)

August 17th: 20 miles LSD

August 18th: 5 miles easy

Finals and Camp Week: August 5th-11th

August 5th: 45 minute Tempo Run (5.82 miles)

August 6th: 5 miles easy

August 7th: rest (Casey’s birthday!)

August 8th: 5 miles pace

August 9th: 6 miles easy

August 10th: 12 miles LSD

August 11th: 2 hour Stand Up Paddle; 5 miles easy

Last Week of Summer Classes: July 29th- August 4th

July 29th: 4.94 miles  (warm up, 7x 1/4 mile hill repeats (5 up 2 down), cool down)

July 30th: 5 miles easy

July 31st: 50 minute Tempo Run (6.38 miles)

August 1st: rest

August 2nd: 10 miles pace (8:00 goal pace)

August 3rd: 20 miles LSD

August 4th: 5 miles; 30 minutes online yoga class

Back to Reality: July 22nd-28th

July 22nd: 7.1 miles (warm up, Yasso’s 800’s x7, cool down)

July 23rd: 5 miles easy; Yoga for Relaxation (youtube)

July 24th: 45 minute tempo run (5.85 miles)

July 25th: rest; Yoga for Hips, Hamstrings and Low Back

July 26th: 6 miles pace (8:00 goal pace)

July 27th: 12 miles LSD

July 28th: 4 miles easy; 3x Injury Free Runners Circuit

Visiting Home/Wedding Week: July 15th-21st

July 15th: 45 minutes tempo run (5.85 miles)

July 16th: 5 miles easy

July 17th: 10 miles easy; DRIVE HOME!

July 18th: 20 miles LSD

July 19th: rest, beach walk

July 20th: 4 miles easy

July 21st: rest; Drive back

July 8th-14th

July 8th: 4.52 miles (warm up, 6x 1/4 mile hill repeats (4 up 2 down), cool down)

July 9th: 4 miles easy

July 10th: 9 miles pace (8:00 goal pace)

July 11th: Yoga for runners (youtube); Race The Landing 5k #5

July 12th: 19 miles LSD

July 13th: rest

July 14th: 4 miles easy; Yoga for Relaxation (youtube)

Independence week!! July 1st-7th

July 1st: 6.04 miles (warm up, Yasso’s 800’s x6, cool down); Yoga Class: Twisting (youtube)

July 2nd: 4.00 miles easy; Yoga Class: Lengthening and Opening (youtube)

July 3rd: 40 minute tempo run (5.18 miles)

July 4th: 3 miles easy with Lululemon Group

July 5th: rest day

July 6th: 13 miles LSD

July 7th: 3 miles easy with Scar; Yoga for Relaxation (youtube); 3x Injury Free Runners Circuit

June 24th-June 30th

June 24th: 40 minute tempo run (5.23 miles)

June 25th: 4 miles easy with Scarlett

June 26th: 3 miles pace (8:00 min goal pace)

June 27th: rest

June 28th: 8 miles easy

June 29th: 17 miles LSD

June 30th: 4 miles easy (with Case and Scar in pouring rain!); Yoga for Relaxation (youtube)

June 17th- 23rd

June 17th: 4.48 miles (1 mile warm up, 5x 1/4 mile hill repeats, 1 mile cool down)

June 18th: 4 miles easy with Scarlett

June 19th: 40 minute tempo run (5.26 miles)

June 20th: rest

June 21st: 8 miles pace (8:00 min goal pace) with Steph and Lia

June 22nd: 16 miles LSD

June 23rd: 3 miles easy; 2x Injury Free Runners Circuit

Really Heating Up: June 10th- 16th

June 10th: 5.26 miles (0.6 miles warm up, Yasso’s 800’s x5, cool down); Yoga for runners (youtube)

June 11th: Bikram Yoga (90 minutes)

June 12th: 3 miles easy with the pup

June 13th: Race the Landing 5k; 21:30 (First in age Group)

June 14th: 7 miles pace (8:00 goal pace)

June 15th: 10 miles LSD

June 16th: 3 miles easy; 2x Injury Free Runners Circuit

June 3rd- 9th

June 3rd: Bikram Yoga (90 minutes)

June 4th: 3 miles easy

June 5th: 3 miles pace (8:00 goal pace); Yoga for runners (youtube)

June 6th: Race the Landing 5k; 20:31 (3rd Place Overall Female)

June 7th: 14 miles LSD

June 8th: 3 miles easy

June 9th: 7 miles easy

Back to School: May 27th-June 2nd

May 27th: 4.1 miles (1 mile warm up, 4x 1/4 mile hill repeats, 1 mile cool down)

May 28th: 3 miles easy

May 29th: 35 minute tempo run (4.54 miles)

May 30th: Bikram Yoga (90 minutes)

May 31st: 13 miles LSD

June 1st: 3 miles easy

June 2nd: 6 miles pace (goal  pace 8:00)

Last Week of Break: May 20th-26th

May 20th: 4.35 miles (Warm Up, Yasso 800’s x4, Cool down)

May 21st: 3.00 miles easy with Casey and the pup; 2x Injury Free Runners Circuit

May 22nd: 30 minute Tempo Run (3.92 miles)

May 23rd: 6 miles easy

May 24th: rest

May 25th 8 miles LSD

May 26th: 3 miles easy

Moving Week: May 13th-19th

May 13th: 3.56 miles (1 mile warm up, 3x 1/4mile hill repeats, 1 mile cool down)

May 14th: 3.00 miles easy

May 15th: 3.00 miles pace (goal pace 8:05)

May 16th: Bikram Yoga 90 minutes

May 17th: 5 miles easy

May 18th: 11 miles LSD

May 19th: 3 miles recovery

Finally Break: May 6th-12th

May 6th: 3.00 miles with Case and the pup

May 7th: Bikram Yoga 90 minutes

May 8th: 30 minute Tempo Run (3.83 miles)

May 9th: Race the Landing 5k; 20:25 (3rd overall female)

May 10th: 5 miles Pace (goal pace 8:05)

May 11th: 10 miles LSD

May 12th: 3 miles easy with Casey and the pup

Finals, Finals, Finals: April 29th-May 5th

April 29th: 2.08 miles; Bikram Yoga 90 minutes

April 30th: 6.7 miles

May 1st: 4.8 miles; PB fingers Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Circuit

May 2nd: Race the Landing 5k; 20:52 (3rd overall female)

May 3rd: 7.38 miles, easy

May 4th: REST! After 33 days straight, taking a rest day before starting marathon training again!

May 5th: first day training again; 3 miles easy with the pupster

Let Finals Commence:  April 22nd- 28th

April 22nd: 6.01 miles

April 23rd: 5.18 miles; 10-6 workout from PBfingers (I only did reps through 10 and 9; got super lightheaded at the gym)

April 24th: 8.4 miles with Lululemon Group

April 25th: 2.0 miles treadmill; Bikram Yoga 90 minutes

April 26th: 4.35 miles; PB fingers Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Circuit

April 27th: 10.40 miles

April 28th: 3.04 miles

April 15th-21st

April 15th: 7.19 miles

April 16th: 2 miles; Bikram Yoga 90 minutes

April 17th: 8.3 miles with Lululemon Group (Run for Boston)

April 18th: 4.51 miles; Legs, Arms and Core Circuit

April 19th: 4.30 miles

April 20th: 8.01 miles

April 21st: 4.21 Charleston Runs for Boston Remembrance Run

Finally Spring! April 8th-14th

April 8th: 4.05 miles; Mission Impossible Cardio Strength Circuit

April 9th: 2.16 miles; Bikram Yoga 90 minutes

April 10th: 6.10 miles with Lululemon Group

April 11th: 3.95 miles; Super Sweaty Total Body Circuit

April 12th: 4.16 miles; 20 push ups, 20 crunches, 1 min plank hold

April 13th: 6.06 miles

April 14th: 3.97 miles

April Fools April 1st-7th

April 1st: 7.06 miles

April 2nd: 4.33 miles; All Over Strength Circuit

April 3rd: 6.51 miles with Lululemon Group

April 4th: 2 miles treadmill; Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga) 90 minutes

April 5th: 4.04 miles; Bosu Blaster x1

April 6th: 7.47 miles

April 7th: 2.17 miles

BRRR…It’s supposed to be spring March 25th-31st

March 25th: 6.08 miles

March 26th: 4.87 miles; Beach Ready Circuit

March 27th: 5.83 miles with Lululemon Group

March 28th: 3.96 miles; Burpee Mania Circuit

March 29th: rest

March 30th: rest

March 31st: 4.03 miles

Back to Reality March 18th-24th

March 18th: 4.51 miles easy

March 19th: 4.00 miles; Arms, Legs and Core Circuit

March 20th: 4.98 miles with Lululemon Group

March 21st: 4.32 miles; Mission Impossible Cardio Strength Circuit

March 22nd: 6.36 miles

March 23rd: rest (wedding dress shopping!)

March 24th: rest (stomach bug…womp womp)

Spring Break/Atlanta Half/St. Pattys March 11th-17th

March 11th: 4.43 miles

March 12th: 4.34 miles

March 13th: 4.13 miles

March 14: rest (drive to Atlanta)

March 15: Yoga for runners (youtube)

March 16th: rest

March 17th: 13.25 miles –> Publix Georgia Half Marathon

Scarlett Accident 😦 March 4th- March 10th

March 4th: 6.16 miles

March 5th: 4.45 miles treadmill; Beach Ready Circuit

March 6th: rest

March 7th: 5.30 miles; Burpee Mania Circuit

March 8th: 4.29 miles; 1 hour yoga class

March 9th: 8.09 miles Bridge run;  Yoga for Relaxation (youtube)

March 10th: 3.24 miles

February 25th-March 3rd

February 25th: 6.33 miles (treadmill)

February 26th: 4.05 miles; Bosu Blaster x2

February 27th: 6.33 miles; Yoga for runners (youtube)

February 28th: 4.19 miles Lululemon Run Clinic

March 1st: 4.31 miles; 1 hour yoga class

March 2nd: 10.66 miles

March 3rd: rest

Full Force Mid-Terms: February 18th- February 24th

February 18th: 7.03 miles

February 19th: 4.13 miles (treadmill); Total Body Blast Circuit

February 20th: 5.71 miles

February 21st: 3.35 miles; Lift

February 22nd: 6.13 miles

February 23rd: Connections to Core Power Yoga Class

February 24th: rest

Crazy Exams Start: February 11th-February 17th

February 11th: 4.13 miles (1.83 with Scarlett, my sweet pup!)

February 12: 4.22 miles; Tuesday All Around Circuit

February 13th: 5.03 miles; Yoga for Relaxation (youtube)

Feburary 14th: 4.96 miles; Joe-D Bands Fitness Class (45 minutes)

February 15th: rest

February 16th: rest

February 17th: rest

February 4th-Feburary 10th

February 4th- 10.68 miles

February 5th- 4.04 miles; Bosu Blaster

February 6th- 2.47 miles easy; 1:30 yoga class

February 7th- rest up for race

February 8th- rest up for race

February 9th- Folly Beach Save the Light Half Marathon 13.33 miles NEW PR: 1:40:24

February 10th: rest, stretch, use The Stick a lot!

January 28th-February 3rd

January 28th- 5.85 miles tempo run; Yoga in Standing Poses (plum tv)

January 29th- 3.99 miles; Arms, Legs and Core Circuit

January 30th- 6.49 miles with Lululemon running group

January 31st- 4.08 miles (treadmill) Down and Dirty Circuit

February 1st- 7.48 miles

February 2nd- 5 miles (treadmill) Yoga class: 1 hour

February 3rd- rest: SUPER BOWL!!

Recovery Week

January 21st- 4.05 miles very easy; Yoga for Relaxation (youtube)

January 22nd- Yoga for Lengthening and Opening (youtube); Yoga for Energy Boost (youtube)

January 23rd- 6.35 miles with Lululemon running group

January 24th- 20 min. random hill stationary bike; 1 hour yoga class

January 25th- 4.13 miles (7:38 pace); Yoga for Relaxation (youtube)

January 26th- 6.68 miles; Yoga for Energy Boost (youtube)

January 27th- rest

Race Week

January 14th- 4 miles easy; Yoga for runners (youtube)

January 15th- Yoga for runners (youtube)

January 16th- Yoga for runners (youtube); 3 miles easy with group

January 17th- Yoga with Deep Stretching (youtube)

January 18th- Yoga for runners (youtube); 2.88 miles VERY easy

January 19th- CHARLESTON MARATHON 26.41 miles!

January 20th- rest; playoff football y’all

Back to School, Back to School

January 7th- 4 miles easy

January 8th- 6 miles with 3 miles at MP (goal 8:12/mile)

January 9th- 5.3 miles easy (a little short, whoops)

January 10th- rest; may be getting sick (oh no!)

January 11th- 4 miles easy treadmill; 1 hour yoga class

January 12th- rest (officially sick)

January 13th- 12 miles LSD

The New Year

January 1st- recover from hangover

January 2nd- 9 miles with running group; 4 miles at MP, 3 mile reps

January 3rd- 9 miles easy on treadmill

January 4th- 4 miles easy; Yoga for Relaxation (youtube)

January 5th- 16 miles LSD

January 6th- rest up

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