Darn You Nike and Your Sneaky Ways

So someone from Wells Fargo called up someone at Nike and informed them that I have financially recovered from not working for 3 months and should immediately receive their Holiday 2014 Style Guide.  Y’all, I think I want one of everything in there!


Of course my absolute favorite thing they have to offer is the FIVE-HUNDRED DOLLAR running jacket!  Is that even real?!  My eyes almost fell out of my head when I saw the price.  However, it is pretty amazing.  In a dream world where I had a money tree in the back yard I would absolutely get it for all the super awesome features it has…


Nike Shield Flash Max Women's Running Jacket

Nike Shield Flash Max Women's Running Jacket

The most important part I love about it is that you would literally be glow in the dark which is great with daylight savings time rapidly approaching.

The less expensive alternative, though still ridiculously expensive if that makes sense are the glow in the dark tights…


Nike Printed Reflective Women's Running Tights

These along with about 34 other items scattered throughout started calling my name.  I am not sure why but winter running apparel is so much more exciting to me than summer.  I love wearing tights and a good tech pull over.  I love 30-40 degree runs (without wind).  I love those runs when there is such crispness in the air but the sun is shinning bright (or I’m always in for some light snow)!!  They are on their way my friends, just a matter of time!

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