Workout Log 2014

Graduation Week: May 12th-18th

May 12th: 6 miles; 60 push ups

Florida Week: May 5th-11th

22.72 total miles for the week

Last week in Atlanta: April 28th-May 4th

April 28th: 5.55 miles easy

April 29th: 3.12 miles easy

April 30th: 4×400 (5k pace)

May 1st: 3 miles easy

May 2nd: 3×1 mile (Marathon Pace) (5 miles)

May 3rd: rest (go to Florida)

May 4th: rest


April 21st: 118th BOSTON MARATHON 26.41 miles (7:44 average pace); 3:24:24 official time 6:08 PR

April 22nd: rest and recover

April 23rd: rest of recover

April 24th: 40 minutes yoga

April 25th: 3.08 miles easy

April 26th: long walk

April 27th: 3.11 miles easy

Week Before Boston: April 14th-April 20th

April 14th: 5 miles easy

April 15th: 4×800 Yassos (3.77 miles)

April 16th: 3 miles easy

April 17th: 4 miles easy

April 18th: rest; 20 minutes yoga

April 19th: rest (fly to Boston!)

April 20th: lots of treking around Boston

Taper Town: April 7th-April 13th

April 7th: 5 miles pace

April 8th: 8xhill, 3 down (3.25 miles)

April 9th: 5 miles easy; Yoga for runners (Youtube)

April 10th: Yoga for Runners Lululemon at Seawheeze

April 11th: 6 miles tempo

April 12th: 4 miles easy

April 13th: 12 miles LSD; Yoga for Runners Lululemon

Commence Crunch Time: March 31st-April 6th

March 31st: 5 miles easy; 122 push ups, bicycles and squats

April 1st: 8×800 Yasso’s (6.75 miles)

April 2nd: 5 miles easy

April 3rd: 16 minute yoga video

April 4th: 8 miles easy; 25 minute yoga for hips

April 5th: 20 miles LSD; 9 minute yoga for runners

April 6th: 5 miles easy

Charleston Week: March 24th-30th

March 24th: 7x hill intervals, 3 down (2.93 miles); 82 push ups, reverse crunches and squats

March 25th: 5 miles easy

March 26th: 5 miles easy; 102 push ups, bicycles and squats

March 27th: 13.1 miles

March 28th: rest

March 29th: 122 push ups, squats and bicycles

March 30th: rest

March 17th-23rd

March 17th: 5 miles easy; 65 push ups, reverse crunches and squats

March 18th: 7×800 yassos; (6.10 miles)

March 19th: 5 miles easy; 75 push ups, reverse crunches and squats

March 20th: 8 miles easy

March 21st: 5 miles easy; 83 push ups, reverse crunches and squats; Hip opening yoga (20 minutes)

March 22nd: Yoga for Runners (9 minutes; youtube); 20 miles LSD

March 23rd: 5 miles easy

March 10th-March 16th

March 10th: 5 miles easy; begin 100 push up challenge (48 push ups total)

March 11th: 6x hill intervals, 2 down (2.75 miles)

March 12th: 5 miles easy; 53 pushups, squats and crunches

March 13th: 5 miles tempo run

March 14th: 6.1 miles; 59 pushups and bicycles

March 15th: 4.1 mile hike with Scar and Case

March 16th: 1:50 minute 3:1 run (13.15 miles)

March 3rd-9th

March 3rd: 5 miles easy

March 4th: 6×800 Yassos (5.25 miles)

March 5th: 5 miles easy

March 6th: rest (terrible weather)

March 7th: 8 miles easy; 20 minute yoga for runners on youtube

March 8th: 8 miles pace (7:55 goal pace); yoga for upper spine on youtube

March 9th: 18 miles LSD

First Week in Atlanta (February 24th-March 2nd)

February 24th: 4 miles easy

February 25th: 5xhills with 2 down (2.31 miles)

February 26th: 8 miles tempo run

February 27th: 4 miles easy; yoga for stress relief

February 28th: 5k (not a race though, because those don’t happen at 5:30 am on a Friday)

March 1st: 1:40 minute 3:1 run (12.21 miles)

March 2nd: rest

Last week in Philadelphia (February 17th-23rd)

February 17th: 4.04 miles treadmill

February 18th: 7 miles easy

February 19th: 5 miles easy

February 20th: 4 miles easy

February 21st: 5x 800 (Yassos; 4.5 miles)

February 22nd: rest/drive to Atlanta

February 23rd: 16 miles LSD

Second to Last Week in Philly (February 10th-16th)

February 10th: 7 miles easy

February 11th: 7.77 miles easy with group

February 12th: 4xhill, 1 downhill

February 13th: 4.1 miles treadmill

February 14th: 4.1 miles treadmill

February 15th: Nike Training Club Workouts: Gabby Douglas Perfect Alignment for Core, Hips and Glute Strength; Shawn Johnson Full Stretch Guide

February 16th: 1:30 minute 3:1 run (10.36 miles)

The Week that Casey Comes! (February 3rd-9th)

February 3rd: 4 miles easy

February 4th: 7 miles tempo (Peak for 1/2 mile at 6:45 pace)

February 5th: 4 miles easy

February 6th: 4x Yasso 800s (goal 3:27/rep)

February 7th: snowboarding with Casey at Camelback

February 8th: 14 miles LSD

February 9th: impromptu rest day

Boston Begins! (January 27th-February 2nd)

January 27th: 3 miles easy

January 28th: 6 miles Tempo Run (6.25 miles)

January 29th: 3 miles easy

January 30th: 3xhill, 1 downhill

January 31st: 5 miles pace (goal 7:55)

February 1st: rest; walk all over Philadelphia

February 2nd: 1:20 LSD 3:1 run (9.51 miles); 10 minutes Yoga for Runners; Strength Circuit

Back to Being Frigid (January 20th-26th)

January 20th: 3.25 miles

January 21st: 4.33 miles in the snow storm

January 22nd: 30 minutes Vinyasa Flow Yoga (youtube)

January 23rd: 4.45 miles

January 24th: 4.24 miles

January 25th: snowboarding ALL DAY!

January 26th: 10 miles LSD

Bit of a Warm Up (January 13th-19th)

January 13th: 3 miles goal pace 7:55, 3×10 squats and lunges; 15 minute Nike Training Club Ab Blaster

January 14th: 7.66 miles with group

January 15th: 35 minute tempo run (4.36 miles)

January 16th: rest

January 17th: 3.04 miles

January 18th: 4 miles

January 19th: 13 miles LSD; 90 minute yoga class

First Week of Rotation (January 6th-12th)

January 6th: 35 minute tempo run (4.45 miles)

January 7th: 25 minute Yoga for Runners

January 8th: 3 miles easy

January 9th: 8 miles with 8×400 intervals

January 10th: 4 miles easy (very icy so slow)

January 11th: 14.2 miles LSD with group

January 12th: 3.2 miles; 90 minute Yoga Class

New Years (January 1st-5th)

January 1st: 8 miles LSD

January 2nd: 30 minute tempo run, hotel treadmill (3.7 miles)

January 3rd: 3 miles easy, hotel treadmill

January 4th: rest; move to Philadelphia

January 5th: 2.54 miles (cut short due to frozen sidewalks–> danger Will Robinson!)


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