Work Out Log 2012

End of the Year

December 31st- 5 miles easy

Christmas Week (December 24th-30th):

December 24th- 5 miles easy treadmill

December 25th- rest; CHRISTMAS DAY!

December 26th- horrible weather –> Jump Rope Circuit Workout, Jump Rope n’ Abs Circuit Workout (both from PBfingers Blog)

December 27th- 10 miles with 8 at MP (8:12/mile)

December 28th- 4 miles easy (drive back to Charleston)

December 29th- rest and recover from drive

December 30th- 17 miles LSD

Going Home (December 17th-December 23rd):

December 17th- 4 miles easy treadmill; PBfingers circuit

December 18th- Yoga for Runners video (click for video); 9 miles with 4×1 mile repeats at 10k pace (7:35-7:45) –> became 2 reps after knee tweek

December 19th- rest; ROAD TRIP!

December 20th- 7 miles 5 at MP (8:12/mile)

December 21st- 8 miles easy

December 22nd- hockey tournament

December 23rd- 15 miles LSD

Finals Week (December 10th-December 16th):

December 10th- Yoga for Runners video (click for video); 4 miles easy run; PBfingers circuit (modified to 10-8 for time)

December 11th- 10 miles 8 at MP (8:12) treadmill

December 12th- rest

December 13th- 9 miles easy treadmill

December 14th- 4 miles easy

December 15th- rest/mental health day

December 16th- rest; WATCH FOOTBALL

Into the Thick of Things (December 3rd- December 9th):

December 3rd- Yoga for Runners video (click for video); 4 miles easy run; Total Body 500 Circuit

December 4th- 9 miles with 4x Yasso’s 800’s at 7:10 pace

December 5th- rest; lots of puppy walking

December 6th- 10 miles with 7 at MP (8:12); Yoga for Runners video (click for video) for cool down and stretch when I got home

December 7th- 1 hour yoga class

December 8th- 20 miles LSD

December 9th- rest; study for final; Happy birthday to my Madre!!

Back to the Grind (November 26th-December 2nd):

November 26th- 4 miles easy

November 27th- 5 miles with 3 mile reps <7:30 pace

November 28th- 3 mile make up run (from yesterday)

November 29th- 9 miles with 6 miles at Marathon Pace (goal 8:12)

November 30th- Yoga for Runners video (click for video); 4 miles easy run;  Core Work Out

December 1st- 18 miles LSD

December 2nd- rest, WATCH FOOTBALL!

Vacation/Thanksgiving Week (November 19th-November 25th):

November 19th- 4 miles easy run on treadmill; Total Body Lift

November 20th- 5.04 miles HILLS HILLS HILLS!

November 21st- 5.12 miles trail run

November 22nd- rest day –> Eat Turkey!

November 23rd- 5.5 mile birthday run

November 24th- 11.04 miles LSD

November 25th- rest; WATCH FOOTBALL

Week 1 Training (November 12th-18th):

November 12th- Yoga for Runners video (click for video); 4 miles easy run; Total Body Lift

November 13th- Yoga for Runners video (click for video); 8 mile hills run

November 14th- Yoga for Runners video (click for video); 7 mile run with 3 miles at Marathon Pace

November 15th- Interval Swim 1 mile; Body Weight Lift; Core Work Out

November 16th- Yoga for Runners video (click for video); 4 miles easy run

November 17th- rest

November 18th- rest; WATCH FOOTBALL!

Recovery Week (November 5th-11th):

November 5th- 1 mile swim (2 sets of 11 laps, 1 set of 10 with 4 minute breaks in between); 15 minute run through of basic stretch routine

November 6th- 1 hour Pilates Mat Class

November 7th- Yoga for Runners video (click for video); Group Run: 1 mile warm up to Lululemon; 4 mile group run; 1 mile cool down home

November 8th: One hour Yoga class

November 9th: Pyramid Swim (almost)

November 10th: rest day

November 11th: rest day; WATCH FOOTBALL!

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