Big Fun Before Race Weekend

This past weekend we went to our first Clemson game.  Timing that the weekend before a marathon may not have been my best life choice but we had an absolute blast.  The weekend is best described in pictures so rather than hitting you with all the words as per usual, here come thousands and thousands of words!





Cassie's lovely husband

Cassie’s lovely husband

Trying to get whatever ridiculous photo/video he just took back from him

Trying to get whatever ridiculous photo/video he just took back from him


Decent seats

Pretty awesome seats


We had such a fantastic time at the game and an overall wonderful weekend with friends (and lots of new ones at that).  Weekends like this one are what life is really about; it makes working so hard during the week worth it!

Now I am getting it together, mostly diet wise, to get ready for Raleigh on Sunday!

One thought on “Big Fun Before Race Weekend

  1. I bleed Garnet and Black (Go Gamecocks!), but it looks like you had a lot of fun at the Clemson game. I think seeing any game in person is amazing and if I had the chance to go to a Clemson one, I would (and would cheer for Clemson, unless they’re playing us). I just like football :). Good luck with final marathon prep this week, maybe going to the game will actually help because it was a nice way to take your mind off running during the taper, even if you were on your feet a lot ;)?

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