Swap It Out Sundays

Sometimes things just start to add up without you even realizing it.  I create these posts each Sunday to call them to attention so you can see the big impact each little choice makes!

07/14/13: Iceberg vs. Spinach

07/07/13: Starbucks Frappucinos

06/30/13: Breads

06/23/13: Ben and Jerry’s

06/16/13: Eggs

06/02/13: Chocolate Milk

05/26/13: Desserts (Chocolate)

05/19/13: Alcoholic Drinks

05/12/13: Sausages

05/05/13: Nutella Greek Yogurt Dip

04/28/13: Bagel vs. English Muffin

04/14/13: Fair Food

04/07/12: Chips vs. Fruit

03/31/13: Veggie Dip

03/24/13: Chocoholic

03/10/13: Ground Beef (or Turkey)

03/03/13: Mayonnaise vs. Miracle Whip

02/24/13: Breakfast Sandwiches

02/17/13: Bar Deception

02/10/13: Coffee vs. Latte

02/03/13: Soda vs. Water

01/27/13: Lunch: Smoothie vs. Sandwich vs. Soup

o1/13/13: Pancake Syrups

01/06/13: Skim vs. Whole Milk

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