New Christmas Traditions

This is the first year of my life I haven’t been home for Christmas and I have been having the hardest time getting in the spirit no matter what I do.  But today I decided to start some new traditions so that this time next year I can feel all ooey-gooey-christmasy!

Casey, Scarlett and I went for a Christmas Eve run once it got dark out to see all the Christmas lights down town.  We went very slow and easy and just enjoyed the time together as a family (especially since I will be leaving in a few days).  I was so bummed about the sparse decorations around the beautiful homes on the battery but we made the best of it and I soaked up every mile.

When we got home Casey had been begging for some gingerbread cookies so I whipped up some of those.  I don’t think they were exactly what he was looking for but I had never made them before and was really winging it. I don’t really know what they are supposed to taste like so I thought they were pretty good.


I also made up a pecan pie for tomorrow.  This was something else I have never made so we will see tomorrow how that turns out.  He had been asking for this for Thanksgiving but I made pumpkin and apple so I figured I should probably do this for Christmas.


Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve with your families!!