Happy Thanksgiving


After an incredibly busy day yesterday getting ready I am enjoying this moment to relax with a cup of coffee before the craziness begins.


Watching the parade!

Watching the parade!


This just in, the balloons will fly…yay!!!

Anyway…yesterday was a serious prepping day so I knew every minute counted which meant waking up 20 minutes before needing to be at work nearly sent me into a tail spin.  Somehow (I swear teleportation must have been involved) I made it 2 minutes late which was pretty lucky.

I was able to work a half day and from 12:00 to 11 I…

  • Baked Apple and Pumpkin Pie







  • Baked Yeast Rolls
  • Cleaned Kitchen and Living Room
  • Did laundry
  • Got my TB test read
  • Took Scarlett to the vet
  • Ran 7 miles
  • 30 minute Nike Training Club Work out (sore butt this morning, let me tell you)
  • Grocery shopped for last minute stuff
  • Put up our Christmas Lights!!  (will get a picture of these today)!

Crazy right, I am tired just thinking about it!  Luckily though my head popped off the pillow this morning.  I had dreams all night of everything that could go wrong.  By the way, I am not sure if I mentioned this or not but I am making the full thanksgiving feast this year!  This will be my first time ever!

Casey’s dad is coming over to make breakfast and we have a bunch of friends coming by for some morning festivities so I have been doing as much pre-cooking as I can to get out of his way when he gets here.

Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese


More importantly, I think it is important to think of all the things you are thankful for on this day (and really every day).  I have so much to appreciate about my life.  Love and support from friends and family in every aspect of my life, be it school or running or anything I decide to do.  My beautiful puppy girl who we got a year ago today.  For my legs that carry me through the beating I put on them each and every day!  And also for the simple things like a roof over my head and food to eat each day.

To all my friends and family at home, I miss you and will be thinking of you especially today!

Off to peel some potatoes!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL!

Meeting Fitness Goals (before the Thanksgiving Shenanegans)

I don’t know about where you live, but it was pretty much as gross as it gets here today.  At three this afternoon, it was so dark outside the office it felt like the middle of the night.  I swear to you, this is no exaggeration.  With that being said, the motivation to go to the gym and bust my butt was pretty low.  However I knew that today was the day I was going to hit my yearly mile goal if I could just make it to the through the front doors.

Once I dragged myself in I had a really great run, even on the treadmill, and even without the tvs working.  I was so shocked.  After my run I got in a 30 minute Nike Training Club Workout.  It was an intermediate get toned work out called Curve Carver.  This was a pretty good all around workout that got me super sweaty and I really appreciate the time incorporated for warm up and cool down/stretch since I am bad at taking time to do this myself.


So with 34 days to go, I am thinking my goal for 2014 is going to have to be even more ambitious than this!!  Just getting better year by year!

Turning 24

Saturday was my 24th birthday and boy was it a great one.  Usually we are in Casey’s home for Thanksgiving for my birthday but this year we were here for the first time since moving to Charleston and it was one of the best days!

I started out on a longish run with Maribeth to the lighthouse on Folly Beach.  After a run in the 70 degree weather on November 23rd in a tank top we hit Lost Dog Cafe for breakfast.  I was pretty dehydrated after the run and was craving fruit so I got a fantastic parfait (which I finished for lunch today) and a cinnamon bun.  We also enjoyed some mimosas and coffee to round out the morning.  Thank you again MB for such an awesome morning.  Only a runner can understand the need for a good run to start the year.

Such a perfect start!

Such a perfect start!


After getting home from breakfast I showered really quick and Casey and I headed to meet everyone to see the second Hunger Games movie.  I loooooved it, and loved that it came out around my birthday so I could make Casey come with us.  I don’t think I have ever sat through a movie two and a half hours long and had it fly by so fast before.

Post movie, we came home and changed before all meeting back up for dinner at one of my favorite Charleston restaurants, Coast.

Sangria Pitcher for the girls!

Sangria Pitcher for the girls!

Scallops with mashed potatoes...delicious!

Scallops with mashed potatoes…delicious!

JK and I at dinner

JK and I at dinner

Linds and Nicole

Linds and Nicole

After dinner we went out to do some dancing and had such an amazing night.  Thank you girls (and guys) again for making this a birthday to remember!

The girls

The girls



Thought this was too cute...

Thought this was too cute…


...and this!

…and this!


Thanks everyone for such an awesome birthday.  Back to reality for another two days before Thanksgiving holiday!!  Hope everyone has a great short week!

New Kicks

After officially putting 752.19 miles on my sneakers, it was finally time for another pair.  Because my next pair was going to be my training for Boston shoes, I decided to go to The Foot Store in Mount Pleasant and get their opinion on what was best for what I was about to do.  Unfortunately it was super busy during lunch while I was in there (totally wasn’t planning for that) and by the time they made it to me I had about 5 minutes to see what they could show me and make a pick.  Luckily I have been doing this long enough that I know what I like for the most part after a few steps in the shoe.

I came home with these guys…

Brooks Ravenna

Brooks Ravenna

Retirement for an amazing shoe, carrying me just further than the equivalent of Charleston, SC to Easton, PA (Casey's hometown)

Retirement for an amazing shoe, carrying me just further than the equivalent of Charleston, SC to Easton, PA (Casey’s hometown)

So today I laced them up and tried them out.  I was a little nervous not only trying a new shoe but also a new brand of shoe.  I have been in Asics for about a year and a half and loved them but I have to say I am happy with the switch so far.  It didn’t hurt that today was one of those beautiful running days that you really only can dream up.  There was a slight breeze, the sun was setting, about 70 degrees and people out everywhere running.  Nothing really pumps me up more than seeing someone else enjoying what I am too.  Just an overall great work out, plus it was Friday, so really just try to beat that!

Join me in lacing up Saturday for a long fun run with a friend (and some after run mimosas!)

Join me in lacing up Saturday morning for a long fun run with a friend (and some after run mimosas!)

Finally Remembered What I Ate Wednesday!

For the past two weeks I have really been blowing this post.  Usually I remember at breakfast but lunch is so crazy busy I usually forget about it until I am driving home when it is too late.  Whoops!

Breakfast: Pumpkin Spice Bagel with Cream Cheese; Coffee with Pumpkin Cream Cheese (yep, still super pumpkiny over here)

2013-11-20 07.04.21

When I got to work we did have a patient in the first spot so I enjoyed my coffee with a little studying…

2013-11-20 08.22.01

Lunch: Chili with Chicken and Beans (Harris Teeter) and a Fig Bar

2013-11-20 12.19.05

After getting home from work an hour early (yay, that never happens) I was able to get a run in before going to CARES.  I took Scarlett with me for her longest run ever.  We did five miles!!  Usually I take her on the same three mile loop so when we took a different turn she was not pleased and then every corner she tried to make a turn.  Then when we kept going straight I swear she kept looking at me like ,”Mom, what are you thinking, I know the way home and you are messing it up!”  Gotta love my pupster with the most personality in the world.  I thought she would be super tired at the end but she finished just as strong as usual.  I am finally starting to feel like she can come with me on most runs as long as pace isn’t an issue.  Running with her is pretty much a glorified fartlek run (6 minute miles, 10 minute miles, 8 minute miles, just all over the place)!

When I got home I checked my mail and my super sweet grandma had sent me a birthday card (woo early birthday present)!  More importantly she had clipped a bunch of coupons for me and sent them, how amazing is she!


Before heading to the free clinic I inhaled a banana (which I forgot to picture, whoops) to help me make it to dinner time!

Dinner: Chicken, Rice, Beans, Rotel, Onion and Bell Peppers (amazing); nothing makes me happier than when Casey has dinner done when I get home on Wednesdays (the for sure longest day of my week)


Hope you had some delicious eats as well!  Happy hump day everyone!

Getting Through Mondays

To make my morning start better I took Scarlett with me on my early morning run.  Not only does it make me feel safer setting off in the dark with my girl, it makes the miles fly.  I just have so much more fun when she tags along!

So happy after our morning run!

So happy after our morning run!


She is always so pooped after running which is great for her to pass back out until Casey gets up to entertain her all over again.

After that it was a fairly typical Monday, but especially busy at work!  After work Scarlett got another dose of awesome with a trip to the dog park.  She just really hit the jackpot.  I wish I could have taken some shots there but it was so dark (stupid day light savings time).

Once we got home, we hit Cypress for burger night and I got the veggie burger (very large portobello mushroom) yumm! This left me nice and full, hanging out and I am barely holding my eyes open trying to watch this football game.   Oh and hanging out with the little nugget again…




Apparently lots of puppy love in this day!

All Good Days Start With A Good Run

Yesterday, I popped my head off the pillow around 9 am and hit the road for my first double digit distance run in a few weeks.  I have been running consistently 30 miles a week but had been doing this is all mid distance runs.  It felt good to get some miles under my legs and the perfect start to a really fun day.

After my run, I showered and we headed up to Columbia for Kayla’s (from the Bourbon Chase Team) birthday.  Casey and I had never been to a big SEC game and although we didn’t go in we had an awesome time eating, drinking and hanging out with friends.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Singing Happy Birthday!


Not sure what the deal was with the rocks...

Not sure what the deal was with the rocks…



Today was a typical football Sunday but with one new addition!  Our friends Big Co and JK just got a brand new puppy.  She is 75% chocolate lab, 25% Australian Shepard.  They named her Roosevelt, so I call her Rosie.  Scarlett loves her new friend but is really anxious to play with her which she isn’t quite ready for yet.

Baby Rosie

Baby Rosie

My beautiful girl...I swear she is smiling!

My beautiful girl…I swear she is smiling!


Hope you had a great weekend!!

Workin for the Weekend

Hello my friends!!  Apologies for an absentee week.  I have to say this happened for two reason:

  • I did nothing exciting: run (in the freezing cold mornings lately), eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat
  • I have been super busy with extra work and PT stuff

This was my fourth week of rotation which means I am already half way done this one.  This also meant this was the week for midterm evaluation which is a giant pain in the rear but a necessary evil I guess.  It was just a crazy busy week patient wise with some challenging ones thrown in the mix.  After work today, we went to Holy City for a well deserved post work beer.

Pecan Dream

Pecan Dream

Last night we did manage to sneak in a girls movie night and I have to rave about this one.  We went to see About Time and I loved it!!  It was so fantastic and feel good, though I have never cried more in a movie in my entire life!  I should have snapped a picture of my sweater after, there was literally a tear stain puddle on my chest almost as big as when I run in a cotton tee-shirt!  Anyway, it is a lovely movie that makes you stop and think about life and love and all that mushy girlie stuff.  However, I do have to say if you can get your male half or friend or if you happen to be male reading this, through the door, I honestly believe they would enjoy it!  I thought rather than trying to describe is I would just imbed the trailer so here you go:

Has anyone else seen it?  Any thoughts?  I think I am pretty much in love!!

P.s. I just watched the trailer because I was attaching it and had to make sure it was a good one and may or may not have teared up again.  When did I get so soft?!

Runner’s World Wisdom

After a solid week of lead legs, I was glad to open my Runner’s World from November and read these words of wisdom…


So this week, if you find yourself with lead legs, take solace in this statement from some of the greats!

Christmas Light Run!

Yes you read that right and no I am not someone that gets Christmas crazy super early.  I am a firm wait until after Thanksgiving for Christmasy things kind of girl.  However, when James Island County Park is hosting a fun run/walk to see the lights in slow motion outside of the car, I had to break the rules!  The past two years Lindsey and I have gone with Casey and her now husband and the boys want to just drive as fast as possible and get it over with so we were very excited to see it at our pace!

After work Thursday I rushed over to the park office to pick up my ticket and headed to the park.  I got there almost an hour early so I spent the last little bit of sunlight doing a quick run before the event.  It got pretty dark at the end and let me tell you, if you want to run fast, run in the dark in the woods with creatures scurrying about.  This girl was hitting 6:15 miles just to get back to my car where the light was!

At 6:40ish we lined up at the Christmas village and set off on our walk through the park.  I am glad I got my run in before because Jenna, Lindsey and I ended up just walking the course, talking and enjoying the light displays.  We hadn’t all been together in quite a while and Lindsey had just gotten back from her honeymoon in Italy so we had A LOT to catch up on.

2013-11-07 19.09.54

Love the yellow ribbon on the tree

Love the yellow ribbon on the tree

2013-11-07 19.24.30

2013-11-07 19.31.002013-11-07 20.18.05

The sand sculpture every year is always so incredible!

The sand sculpture every year is always so incredible!

We had such a good time and it was definitely worth breaking the Christmas rules.  Don’t worry, there are no stockings hung or christmas lights out yet, they will all stay safely packed away until November 29th.  I am not going to lie though, it did get me pretty pumped for the holidays!!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!