Core Work Out

I use this one after I run to hit the core muscles for about 10 minutes.  I’m always happy I have done some work here at the end of a race when I’m digging deep and have a strong core to pull from.

Plank 1 minute

Left side plank 1 minute

Right side plank 1 minute

Bicycle 30 seconds

Penguins 30 each side*

6 inches, hands at sides 1 minute

30 crunches

30 side crunches to each side**


*Penguins: lay on back, crunch up and then bend trunk to the side and tap right heel, then lean to the other side and to the left heel; stay crunched up until complete (click here for video)

**Side Crunches: make effort to touch elbow to opposite knee, pull knee to elbow as well as elbow to knee; working from both sides engages the obliques even more

***Alphabet: lay on back with legs together and with feet draw the alphabet; this one is hard so I always save it until the end

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