Total Body Lift

All of these are done in 3 exercise sets that work different muscles.  Any exercise that can be done with free weights rather than machines I advocate because it requires your whole body to work for stability while you work specific muscle groups.  Each exercise is done in sets of 15, 12 then 10 unless otherwise specified.  I go through all exercises in a group with 15 reps, then go back for following sets, but you can do all of one exercise at a time if that is easier for you in your gym.

Group 1:

1. Bicep curl-Over head press Combo

2. Squats on Bosu Ball (with or without dumbbell weight)

3.  Russian Twists with medicine ball

Group 2:

1.  Crank Series on Ball (Directions: laying face down on ball with ball falling across abdomen and stomach, lift straight arms straight in front of you, straight out to the side and straight behind, then do a prone row with bent elbows then turn palms to face the ceiling)  This is a PT exercise for back and scapular stability, great for posture.  Since this one is a bit confusing, I will try and get a video of it on here!

2.  Leg press followed directly by leg extension machine

3.  Jack Knife crunches with ball (Directions: with exercise ball between ankles crunch up until your hands can grab the ball, then extend arms (with ball) and legs all the way back out, then do another crunch to transfer ball back to feet and so on)

Group 3:

1.  Chest Press (either machine or free weights)

2.  Abduction/Adduction for hips machine (also known as Good girl/Bad girl machine)

3.  Bosu plank on elbows to plank on hands (Directions: start with plank on elbows, then one by one while keeping body stable raise to plank on hands, then one by one transfer back to elbows and so on)

Group 4:

1.  Deltoid lateral raise (careful your shoulders don’t hike up while performing, if they do, may need a lighter weight to get a cleaner lift)

2.  Hamstring curls

3.  Crunch Machine followed directly by trunk rotation machine

3 thoughts on “Total Body Lift

  1. I am about to start your 10 week schedule suggestion and was a bit confused about your Crank Series on Ball….any chance of that video?

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