Taking Care of Me

Yesterday I indulged in all the things I should be doing for myself every post race zero week.

First stop, The Foot Store in Mount Pleasant to get new kicks!


I was so due for new sneakers at this point.  I didn’t particularly care for these either.  I made an attempt to go a little lighter weight and now I know for sure it just isn’t for me.  So I said good bye to the Brooks Pure Cadence…

After watching my gait and measuring my feet the super helpful man working with me determined what I had been pretty sure I knew.  I am an over supinator.  That is super rare.  Most people are over pronators (the exact opposite).  I had noticed at work one day I felt like I was walking on the outside of my feet.  I thought it was just something I did when I was working with patients being fidgety, but apparently I do it all the time.  Luckily he spotted it, got me in a wider shoe and put a lateral wedge in the heel to try any prevent me from walking/running with this gait pattern.

I ended up back in Asics in the Gel Nimbus 16.  I have been in Brooks my past few pairs but I feel great about this return.

A little bright but atleast they won't look so dirty

A little bright but at least they won’t look so dirty

After checking this off the list I headed to get a massage.  It was perfectly painful.  Not only did she nearly bring me to tears working on my quads but she worked out a disaster in my upper back I didn’t even know existed.  I have never gotten a massage in the few days following a marathon but those days are now over.  Ironically my leg soreness is gone but now my upper back and shoulders feel like they ran a marathon of their own!

Tomorrow (according to Hal Higdon) I am cleared to run again finally.  Only 2-3 miles but I’m excited to take the new wheels for a spin!!

What are your post race week staples?

3 thoughts on “Taking Care of Me

  1. The Foot Store also “diagnosed” me. Ironically I was running in stability shoes that I was fitted for at another local running store that’s a very short sprint from The Foot Store. After I got injured in the summer, I went straight to Carolyn to ask about shoes! I also have that wedge for my shoes and now wear neutral shoes. Clay went there to buy shoes as well. We’ve only had good experiences at The Foot Store.

    I’m glad your post-marathon recovery is going well! Hooray for getting to run easy again too.

  2. I too take the post marathon week mostly off. Give your body the true rest it has earned. And also, I eat a large cheeseburger (or two) with onion rings and drink a couple beers. All food, especially food I’ve avoided for months, REALLY tastes so good the week after your race.

  3. I’m an over supinator also. My combat boots were SO worn on the outsides. I can definitely tell when I run and got a lot of lateral pain in my ankles from it, but it tends to go away almost as soon as I stop running!

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