See you 2013

I feel like I was just writing this post about 2012 and here we are doing this again.  Each year just gets a little faster than the year before.

I would say this was as successful of a fitness year as I could ever have imagined, though there is always room for improvement.  After tomorrow I will have run 310 days of this year and logged 1650 miles.  My goal was 1500 so I blew that out of the water!  I ran the Charleston and Lehigh Valley Health Network Marathons and the Folly Beach and Atlanta Half marathons.  I also qualified for Boston which was not just a goal for this year but for my LIFE.

My fitness goals from last year were:

1.  Run 1500 miles (have to beat out last year): Check

2.  Work on strengthening; I hate that this goal isn’t really quantifiable, but if i am going to continue running I really need to put more effort here or injuries are bound to follow: Sporadically (sounds like a goal for this year)

3.  Do yoga once a week: Did really well for the first half of the year then fell off the wagon

4.  Eat at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies and drink 8 cups of water a day: With the exception of these holiday weeks

My non-fitness goals were:

1.  Finish my last year of class room education: Check

2.  Pass the comp (written comprehensive) exam: Check

3.  Pass the OSCE (practical comprehensive exam): Check

4.  Slow down and smell the roses during this whirl wind of life!: Improving!

So with much success and off course room for improvement I sit here and set out goals for 2014 (the year I become a real adult…maybe).

Fitness Goals

1.  Run Boston

2.  Run 1700 miles

3.  Strength 2x/week

4.  Yoga 1x/week

5.  2 marathons, 2 halves

6.  Water and freggies again!

7.  Start logging my workouts again (not sure when I fell off of doing that at the end of November…whoops)

Non-Fitness Goals


2.  Graduate

3.  Get a big girl job

Do you have any goals for the year?