What I Ate Wednesday

This morning when I woke up I was all ready to hit my hill repeats until I looked out the window and saw we had gotten even more snow.  I had no idea we were even supposed to get any more.  I got dressed and headed out the door with the intention to run the repeats at best or do my 3 miles easy that I was supposed to do tomorrow if it was too slippery.  Unfortunately it was too slick and I knew trying to run sprints uphill on ice was going to end with me and a broken limb.  So barring any new, unforeseen snow I will be doing those hills tomorrow morning.

After my run I dug into some breakfast…

Maple Mini Wheats with Almond Milk and coffee

Maple Mini Wheats with Almond Milk and coffee

Lunch today was my typical “I don’t feel like making anything”:

Greek yogurt and granola, carrots and hummus and a clementine

Greek yogurt and granola, carrots and hummus and a clementine

After work I headed over to the AT&T store to hopefully get a new phone because my mom got a text today saying she was eligible for an upgrade.  I was so excited to be getting one much earlier than I was supposed to (June).  However, AT&T are a big bunch of butt heads and you could get an upgrade if you pay 32 extra dollars a month to be able to get an early upgrade…what a bunch of lies!!  So that was a huge let down but I trudged home, got myself a snack and took another PT board practice exam.

My favorite snack

My favorite snack; plus a scoop of peanut butter not shown!

After that mentally grueling task, with an improvement of 4% which I will take and run with, I was ready to eat some dinner, watch some Downton Abbey and veg out for the rest of the night.

Butternut squash, apples, red onion and chicken apple sausage

Butternut squash, apples, red onion and chicken apple sausage

Dessert was one of my newly rediscovered favorites: NILLA WAFERS!  I don’t know why I ever forgot about them, but I love them!

Big box of delicious!

Big box of delicious!


Half way to the weekend!!

Boston Training, Here We Go

Today was the first official day of a new training cycle.  I love this day, it holds so much promise and opportunity.  I always feel so invigorated with motivation!!  It didn’t hurt that it was actually above 32 degrees for the run to help the motivation as well, talk about a tropical heat wave!

From Hal Higdon's Website: Boston Bound Program

From Hal Higdon’s Website: Boston Bound Program


I have to move some runs around this week because my friends (Lindsey and JK) and coming to visit this weekend so I am shifting some things around so I don’t have to run the Saturday they are here.

We will see how much excitement remains tomorrow when it is 18 degrees again.  Side note: Charleston has a chance of snow tomorrow and is already closed for classes tomorrow!  Nuts!!  So nice to get that phone call, too bad I can’t get a “possibility of snow day.”  We get all the white stuff in the world in Philadelphia and it doesn’t make a difference!

Weekend Away

Over the weekend I met my family to do some skiing.  It was so nice to get out of the city for a few days and get to hang out with my family.

The conditions were incredible (the only up side to it being 20 degrees every day).

With my brothers

With my brothers

Top of the mountain sunset

Top of the mountain sunset

Top of the mountain view

Top of the mountain view, doesn’t even begin to do it justice!

After a full day of skiing, my brothers went back to stay in a cabin with their friends and my mom, dad and I headed out to find some food.  We headed out in a ton of snow and stopped at the first place we passed caused Thunder Road.  I have to say, this was a place I never expected to be with my parents.  It was a dive bar, with a ton of bikers and a pretty hard core rock band and we had the BEST time!  The band was actually really good and the burgers were incredible after a long day on the mountain.  We had to record a part of it so that the boys would even believe we went to this place.

Unfortunately, I had to head back this morning and get back to real life.  I stopped at the grocery store on the way back since I was already out of my parking spot I wanted to make the best of it.  When I got home, someone on my street was leaving which was amazing luck, parking here is an absolute nightmare!!  Simple joys in life, right?

After parking and getting my groceries put away, I hit the road for my last run before commencing training for BOSTON!!  It was so strange weather wise, I had the wind at my back in the beginning and it was snowing like crazy, when I turned around I was headed into the wind and the snow picked up even more for about a mile but then the sun came out, the wind slowed down but it kept right on snowing.  I was amazing.  I wasn’t cold and I was running in the snow, it really doesn’t get better than that!

Along the River Trail

Along the River Trail



Workout Recap

Running: 26.26 miles (easy week in rough running conditions before starting Boston training)

Yoga: 30 minutes

Strength: none (or 1 whole day of snowboarding, I think that counts)

Hope you had a great weekend!

What I Ate Wednesday (On Thursday)

This morning started with a chilly run, well all morning have started with a chilly run lately if we are to be perfectly honest.

But this isn’t about today, it is about yesterday!


Breakfast: Raisin Bran Crunch, Almond Milk, Coffee


After my cold run I really wanted oatmeal but I didn’t have the time to whip it up.  May be in order for tomorrow though.

Lunch: Chili left over from Tuesday (my favorite cold weather food) and a clementine

Even if it looks gross, chili is one of my favorite things!

Even if it looks gross, chili is one of my favorite things!

Even my fruit was telling me it was cold out!

Even my fruit was telling me it was cold out!


Afternoon: Every day after work I have been heading to Starbucks to get my 2 hours of studying for boards in, meaning 2 daily cups of coffee but I am 100% okay with it!


Dinner: Chicken (from whole chicken I cooked on Sunday), Broccoli and Jasmine Rice


Dessert: Trader Joes Carmel Cashew Cookies (AMAZING, I have eaten way to many of them)


I highly recommend these bad boys.  Or the oatmeal chocolate chip, also delicious, also almost gone. I have a problem!  Reasons why we run, right?

WIAW Finally and A CRAZY week

Sunday I began what has proven to be an insane process of applying for my physical therapy license so that I can register to take the boards (holy moly, I can’t believe that is real)!  To say it is involved is a major understatement.  Tomorrow on the docket is to find a notary to sign an affidavit, Monday I had to get a passport photo taken, craziness right!

Also, I am in the process of getting all of my paper work for my final rotation squared away which is about 5x more than any other rotation I have been on all while working full time (plus), studying 2+ hours a day and running.  I feel like I get up in the morning at 5:30 and blink and its 11 pm again.

Added to this, the beginning of the week has been emotionally taxing at work.  It is hard to accept that all patients can’t get better, especially when you find yourself developing a soft spot for them.  The hardest part is getting to know the families and really rooting for them when in the end sometimes there is nothing you can do about it.  It’s helpless.  I can’t really say more about it (HIPAA) but I am definitely going to have to grow a thicker skin in the coming years or I will be an emotional disaster every day of my life.

After two long hard days, it started to snow, I mean REALLY snow yesterday.  Due to the fact that I absolutely needed to run for my sanity, I hit the road in the snow even though people looked at me like I had a few screws loose.  It was the most peaceful, beautiful, serene run you could ever have in a city.  There weren’t many people out, not even cars so it was quiet.  The snow hadn’t been plowed, walked on or driven over so it was just untouched natural beauty and I needed that so much in that moment.




Due to this insanely long outpouring, I am going to postpone the WIAW to tomorrow, though I did remember to do it!!  Catch you tomorrow!

Fitness Marathon Sunday

Last night after working and getting my full 2 hours of studying in I headed out in Philly with my best friend Hannah!  Everywhere was super crowded and it was frigid walking around but I had a great time just getting to spend it with her.  After getting home at 1, I was not excited to have to get up at 8:15 to hit the road for a long run.

When the time came I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed, bundled up against the continually harsh temperatures and hit the road.  I ran the river trail which is my favorite run in Philly and ended my 13 miles at the yoga studio.  Today was one of those days that I didn’t even really feel good after a mile or two temperature wise and even after going inside for our yoga class and going to breakfast I just felt like I couldn’t get warm until I finally took a shower.

The yoga class was awesome after a long run, though some of the more strength oriented poses I struggled with due to tired muscles.  The stretching was awesome though; instead of just sitting around most of the day after running I got a great active recovery in.

Hannah and I went to the same breakfast place and I got a fantastic sandwich!  Talk about a recovery meal!

Whole wheat bagel with arugula, brie, bacon and sweet cherry jam!

Whole wheat bagel with arugula, brie, bacon and sweet cherry jam!

After coming home and showering I popped a whole chicken my mom gave me before heading up here in the oven so I would have it to eat off of all week.  It was so incredibly easy: pull out of freezer, cut off exterior bag, place chicken on tray and cook for 3 hours.

Chicken, brussel sprouts and red potatoes

Chicken, brussel sprouts and red potatoes


Nothing like treating your body right after giving it a morning beating!

Weekly Workout Recap

Running: 35.08 miles

Yoga: 90 minutes

Strength: 15 minute NTC, 3×10 lunges and squats

Goal: Remember to do What I Ate Wednesday this week…I got out of the habit and keep forgetting!!  Burning it in to my brain right now!


Since I have been in Philadelphia I haven’t run with headphones in once.  I can hardly believe it.  There was a time (well like 3 weeks ago) that I wouldn’t have dreamed of running with out music.  I don’t know if its all the new sights and sounds around me but I haven’t even thought to take my music with me.  I will probably break the streak for my long run Sunday since I will not be able to make it to run club on Saturday (I am picking up the extra work day so I can take a day off either when Jenna and Lindsey come or when Casey comes).

Its hard to find peace living in a real city (have recently realized Charleston is much more of a town than a city).  It is crazy the feeling of smallness I feel when I run around here.  There are literally probably a million people doing a million other things while I run and what I am doing affects no one but myself.  It’s an oddly serene feeling of self.  Being with just my footfalls makes me realize my insignificance in the greater world but the significance that this run has on my life.

I am sure that when I am finally back in Charleston, or even when I make the move to Atlanta the music will come back and the profound thoughts will be gone but for the next 4 weeks I am going to enjoy the solitude that I find between my feet and the pavement.

Tuesday Blues

The past 24 hours has been quite a series of unfortunate events starting with the crapping out of my hair dryer.


My grand mother gave me this thing when I was in like 7th grade so it has been a miracle to last this long but I was so bummed.  Plus (and I am not one to complain about my hair because I honestly believe it is god’s gift to be) but once I decide what I am doing with my hair I have to commit.  So after getting out of the shower for a bit I let it dry some and brushed it out.  Once it is brushed out, letting it dry in it’s natural curl is a hot mess so today I got to have hot mess hair!

Then after leaving with plenty of time to get to work I got half way there and realized I forget my id.  So I had to turn around to get that making me rushed as always to get there on time.


Mid morning, while cleaning up some equipment I managed to get a pretty good amount of bleach on my favorite dress pants not realizing the clorox wipes we use are ones that will ruin your clothes…awesome.


Once I got home I started to study for a while and decided I would finally make my much needed grocery store trip after run group tonight to find I had forgotten to get my wallet out of my CI’s locker so not only did I have none of my stuff but I wouldn’t be able to get groceries for another day.


I tried to hard all day too to not let the little things get me down, be grateful for life, blah, blah, blah but after enough little things add up it just starts to make you a little downright angry.

So I ran.  Solution to all problems right.  I went to the group, met a new girl that lives less than two blocks from me and had a great time (well until they all went for a drink and I couldn’t because I was penniless and ID-less).  But for that hour of running I didn’t think much about the tribulations of the day, just about getting to know the girl next to me and running my little heart out!

Fingers crossed for a slightly more fortunate day tomorrow!

How Sundays Should Be

Today I finally got to sleep in and it was phenomenal!  I woke up alarm free at 9:30, read my book for a bit and bummed around until I had to leave for my quick 3 mile run to go meet Hannah for a yoga class.  We found a class that was only $7 for a drop in; only downside is that they are remodeling their studio so it was in kind of a weird place and everyone walking down the street could look in on us…awkward!

The class itself was great though and was PERFECT for me.  It wasn’t too hard but definitely challenged me and helped to soothe my sore muscles after my long run yesterday.  More importantly, we went to this really great place called One Shot for brunch afterward.

I was in love with Hannah's little tea pot.  And I had never had a Cronut (I am so behind the times) so we each got a mini cronut to try!

I was in love with Hannah’s little tea pot. And I had never had a Cronut (I am so behind the times) so we each got a mini cronut to try!

I have such a soft spot for huevos rancheros and these were gorgeous (and delicious)!

I have such a soft spot for huevos rancheros and these were gorgeous (and delicious)!

Hannahs oatmeal (I forget what it was called) but it had bananas, honey, coconut milk and coconut shreds.  Pretty much awesome!

Hannahs oatmeal (I forget what it was called) but it had bananas, honey, coconut milk and coconut shreds. Pretty much awesome!


After lounging around the coffee shop for a while, Hannah brought me home and I have done nothing but some laundry, read my book and most importantly watched the play off games.  I am quite thankful for the 49ers win so I can have a happy Casey!

It has been such a great day to unwind and relax before starting the week again, especially after this week was a little hectic trying to figure out the best routine.  I am sure once I really get it down I will be getting ready to leave.  Such is life!

Weekly Workout Recap

Running: 36.83 miles

Yoga: 115 minutes

Strength: none

Need to get on that strength this week for sure!

Productivity, well as long as there is reward

Today I woke up about two hours before my 7:15 alarm and then could only return to a slight sleep, convinced I wasn’t going to wake up to my alarm and was going to miss the group run, which really wouldn’t have even been a big deal.

I met up early with one a few of the guys from the group to get a few extra miles in before meeting up with the group for the 8.5 scheduled miles.  About a mile into our pre-run-run it started to rain, then pretty hard and by the time we met the rest of the group I was soaked.  Luckily it was significantly warmer today or it would have been super miserable.  The first two and a half miles of the run I was kind of in between pace groups but with about 6 miles to go I caught up to a woman and ended up spending the following miles getting to know her.  She was fantastic and had such amazing life experience like being part of the Peace Corp and living in Fiji!  Did you know you can’t have your knees or shoulders exposed there as a woman.  She was telling me she would have to wear a floor length skirt to RUN!  Crazy, and way to go for her dedication.

All in all I ended up covering 14.2 miles (a bit more than the 13 planned miles).  I had planned to go with the group for coffee and breakfast but I met another girl who lived near me that I was going to walk back with and she was leaving then.  All the better though because the coffee place was further away from my house and I was absolutely soaked and starting to get pretty cold.  By the time I made it home I was so glad I skipped it because I felt like I could barely move my hands.  I don’t think I have ever had a better shower in my life.

After a productive morning, I was bound and determine to get some studying done.  I had decided to take another board practice exam.  These things are mentally brutal, 200 questions, no distractions, just your brain constantly whirring.  By the last 10 questions I hardly knew how to read any more.  I ended up with a 5% improvement since the last one so my studying this week has been helping, thank goodness!

Upon completion I was brain dead and turned on the football game to zone out.  At half time I decided a cheese steak was in order after my brutal run this morning and brutal brain suicide this afternoon.  My mind and body deserved a treat and what better when I am in the land of the cheese steak!


Working hard does have its benefits…yumm!!