A Few New Favorite Work Out Moves…

I have recently become obsessed with the Nike Training Club app after seeing it on Julie’s blog, PBFingers.  NTC

There have been a couple of exercise moves in these programs that I have never done and am quite fond of.  I just wanted to share my top three favorites with you.

Single Leg Clock Squats

Push Away Balance


Man she looks like such a stud.  I could do Suitcases from now until the 4th of July and I would never look like that but hey, what can you do!

If you like these exercises, there are so many more awesome ones available through this app.  I would highly recommend checking it out.  Plus its free so even if you think I have lost my mind and it is awful, no harm, no foul.  Pretty sure this won’t be the case though.

Tried out Advanced Get Toned: The Edge tonight after a 3 mile easy run and I am fully expecting to struggle to get out of bed in the morning!