All Good Things

This was a great week for this girl.  One particular good thing will be a great thing for recharging my blog.

1.  I FINALLY got a new phone.  I can actually see the screen and more importantly take pictures.  I have music again while I run and can actually send and receive texts in real time.  It’s a Christmas miracle.

2.  I finished my last hard week of training.  20 miles in yesterday, 52 miles this week.  I didn’t feel amazing on my 20 miler but I was having a big toe issue so getting it in was a success.  I did forget to start my watch after stopping at a red light which was annoying but luckily I knew how far it was so I could just add it on when I got home.  What a silly thing to do.

I managed to do yoga before and after my run leaving me feeling really invigorated during my “shake out” run today.  So now I head in to my taper feeling pretty great and ready to take on this next race.

3.  We went to dinner last night at the Craftsman (one of our absolute favorites) and it was delicious as always.  Plus we made new friends.  We sat at the bar and ended up talking to the people on either side of us and had a blast.  When we were leaving I told Case, I have never had so much fun with people I didn’t know before.  Crazy what happens when people are just nice to each other, we all have a lot more in common than we think.

4.  I was able to lock in coverage to take my first paid time off (PTO).  One for two weeks from now so we can go to Clemson with friends and more around Thanksgiving so we can go to Casey’s home.  Just more exciting parts of being a big girl and so glad I am fortunate enough to have people willing to work around the holidays.

I am so excited to have my phone back and be able to get back to blogging much more regularly.  Hope you had a great weekend.  Now I am out to go watch the Birds take down the Giants (knock on wood).

4 thoughts on “All Good Things

  1. Glad you got a new phone! Congrats on finishing your last long run and heading into taper, too. It was a really hot day for a long run but you got it (I’m convinced if you can run in this heat, you can run in anything…). Glad you had fun at Craftsman too, I want to try that restaurant.

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