All Good Things

This was a great week for this girl.  One particular good thing will be a great thing for recharging my blog.

1.  I FINALLY got a new phone.  I can actually see the screen and more importantly take pictures.  I have music again while I run and can actually send and receive texts in real time.  It’s a Christmas miracle.

2.  I finished my last hard week of training.  20 miles in yesterday, 52 miles this week.  I didn’t feel amazing on my 20 miler but I was having a big toe issue so getting it in was a success.  I did forget to start my watch after stopping at a red light which was annoying but luckily I knew how far it was so I could just add it on when I got home.  What a silly thing to do.

I managed to do yoga before and after my run leaving me feeling really invigorated during my “shake out” run today.  So now I head in to my taper feeling pretty great and ready to take on this next race.

3.  We went to dinner last night at the Craftsman (one of our absolute favorites) and it was delicious as always.  Plus we made new friends.  We sat at the bar and ended up talking to the people on either side of us and had a blast.  When we were leaving I told Case, I have never had so much fun with people I didn’t know before.  Crazy what happens when people are just nice to each other, we all have a lot more in common than we think.

4.  I was able to lock in coverage to take my first paid time off (PTO).  One for two weeks from now so we can go to Clemson with friends and more around Thanksgiving so we can go to Casey’s home.  Just more exciting parts of being a big girl and so glad I am fortunate enough to have people willing to work around the holidays.

I am so excited to have my phone back and be able to get back to blogging much more regularly.  Hope you had a great weekend.  Now I am out to go watch the Birds take down the Giants (knock on wood).

Great Weekend and Bloggers Block

I have finally identified my bloggers block.  I feel that a post does not exist without a picture, which isn’t true but I still feel like it is.  My phone is my primary means of picture taking and my phone is absolutely shot.  It’s an iPhone 3 people, yes, that is still a really (semi)usable thing.  The backlight works about 10% of the time, the battery lasts ~20 minutes with use and it get to about 124 degrees while not using it.  Yes I realize these are very first world problems, but they are responsible for my blogger’s block!


1.  Friday night was fun filled with a girls night dinner and a movie.  We went to Zia’s, a wonderful taco/mexican place and had a delicious meal before devouring an awesome move.  We saw Gone Girl and I was NOT disappointed.  The movie actually stays true to the book and the acting was a little too perfect if you ask me.  Spoiler Alert (sorta): They both play their parts so freaky and true to the characters in the book its almost insane.  Well it is insane if we are being honest about it!

2.  College football was ridiculous.  I hardly pay very much attention to college football, my big day is Sunday.  After getting my long run in and finally spending an hour cleaning out my car I sat down on the couch, without my kindle, and watched upset after upset and was actually riveted.

3.  Sunday was amazing, the weather finally feels like football and we made our first true “football food.”  We made an easy crock pot beef stew.  I love eating real stick to your bones food, especially when I am training pretty hard and not feeling too terrible about it.

Last big week:

This is my last big training week before my taper.  I had 8×800 Yasso intervals in 3:25 today and nailed them, even feeling pretty good after dreading them all day!  I have 5 easy tomorrow, 40 minute tempo Wednesday, Rest Thursday, 10 miles pace Friday, 20 miles Saturday then immediately commence taper!!  I feel energized after my hard run today going so well and ready to finish out this week hard heading into taper.

Moral of this story: This girl needs a new phone, if anyone out there has an old iPhone on AT&T, help a sister out and I will finally return to semi-regular blogging!

Happy Monday y’all!

Building A Lot of Character

Well I finally had a running week to be proud of after a few less than stellar weeks.  The funny part is that it was in absolutely terrible conditions!

runs copy

Monday: Hills Intervals on the Cooper River Bridge- started raining 1/2 mile in to my warm up, wind into my face going up meaning rain into my face on the up (granted the down intervals were even easier), stopped raining on my 6th of 7 repeats…go figure!!

Tuesday: easy 5 mile run, pouring rain, just being a tough kid

Wednesday: 50 minute tempo run and felt AMAZING for such a tough run…plus I ran into Tiny Terror during my cool down at the end.  Of course I was super creepy and out of breath and crossed the street like “Hey, pant, pant, blogs, online, pant, you blog, don’t you blog…pant.”  Sometimes I make myself look like such an idiot

Thursday: Rest; 45 minute yoga for cross training (still loving

Friday: 10 miles at pace, learned for the 27th time not to eat Mexican at any interval of time before running, it never ends well, road the struggle bus to acid city, maintained pace by some unexplainable miracle

Saturday: 20 miles, more rain, felt good, no music/headphones, actually peaceful (yet another miracle)

Sunday: 5 easy miles, more rain, can’t stop getting soaked!

I think I did a total of 5 yoga sessions this week (1×45 minute, 4×15 minutes).  My legs have felt incredible and not at all limiting to my training as they have been.  I especially notice the difference when I walk Scarlett in the morning and climb the stairs at work first thing, that’s when my legs have been achiest (if that is a word).

I also spent some time in this position last night, which I love.  Easiest way to do something good for myself, minus having to look at my gross feet.

IMG_1871Hope you had a good training week too!!

Monday Evening Confessions

My reinvigoration didn’t last very long.  Hence the confessions to come…

1.  I woke up to a rainy over cast sky and a promise of rain which didn’t sound like a good time to my blister ridden feet.  So I skipped it.  Then felt guilty about it all day.  When I got home I decided two things: a) I have 7 weeks left until race time which is plenty of time; b) I need to not do long runs on Sundays, the sacred day in our house hold which only belongs to watching football.  I made a plan to scoot all my runs one day forward, leaving Sundays with a short recovery run.  Much more realistic.

2.  Today was overcast all morning, then a monsoon in the afternoon.  Like, wind shield wipers on full blast and you still can’t see kind of monsoon.  I came home and looked up some yoga to do (more on this in a minute) before hopefully the rain would subside enough for me to still get in an easy run.  The rain never stopped which in Charleston means it was pouring AND I would be running in floods up to my knees.  So now I have gone two days without running and I feel like the biggest bum ever.  I get so down on myself so easily when I am training, especially because usually I never miss a run for 16 weeks, this training cycle I have really not been at my best.

3.  I discovered today.  I signed up for a free 15 day trial and did a 45 minute cross-training for runners series.  My body feels AMAZING!!  I feel like I just gave my whole body so much love.  I am going to try to do at least 15 minutes of this yoga each day for my 15 day trial and decide if I want to keep it.  Maybe if I pay for it I will be more in to doing it more regularly.  A monthly membership is 18 dollars and there are literally thousands of classes for anything you could want, complete with pre-run routines, restorative and strengthening all directed at runners along with non-runner yoga routines.  YogaGloLogo

I am going to continue to peruse the site and at the end of my 15 day trial I will let you all know if I decide to re-up!

Do you ever feel completely deflated after missing a run or two? 

Reinvigorating My Running

My runs lately have been less than inspired, just checking them off of the list of things I have to do each day.  Sometimes that happens, and its okay but it was nice to be able to have some time to give myself a kick in the pants today.

It started with the email I got last night…

Untitled copy

So that was pretty exciting, very far away, but exciting!

I spent some time this morning before heading out for my run reading Runner’s World which always inspires me and actually spent a decent amount of time stretching (go figure).


And guess what? I had a great run.  It was hot and humid and by the end of 10 miles I was ready to be done, but it was a good one.  It is crazy how much taking 30 minutes to prep your mind and body to hit the road will make a difference in how it goes!!

I know I won’t take as much time before my long run tomorrow but I will certainly take more time than it takes to shove a banana down my throat.

Good luck on your long runs tomorrow everyone!!

Crazy Week

Last Wednesday we had friends come in to town and the rest of the week was a whirlwind.  We didn’t really do any thing too exciting but spent a lot of time hanging out and going to the beach.  I was lucky enough to get a few good runs in the mean time.  But to catch up with random tidbits…

1.  We went to a restaurant called Leon’s on far upper King Street and I dove in to a fried chicken sandwich (after a 9 mile pace run of course) and it was fabulous and so worth it.  I especially appreciated the side of cucumber salad instead of fries, HUGE winner in my book.


2.  We took Scarlett to the beach with us one day and she had so much fun.  We haven’t taken her at all this summer, but I prefer to take her in the fall anyway when there are a lot less people around.


3.  Sunday was the first day of football!  My fantasy team got crushed, Eagles won, we all ate, drank and were very merry on this first day of a new season!


4.  My run yesterday was incredibly eventful including this…

The hawk caught the squirrel and it was still moving while I was taking this picture

The hawk caught the squirrel and it was still moving while I was taking this picture, real life Animal Planet

…then I fell.  And shattered my ipod. Got the skin of my hand stuck in the shattered screen.  Got glass stuck in my hand.  Had to put alcohol sanitizer on it all day.  Big fun!



My shoulder is actually the worst, I must have tucked and rolled but I couldn’t get a good shot of it.  If you have read for a while these pictures may look familiar because my cuts are all almost in the exact same places, right over top of the old scars.  Running is actually becoming hazardous to my health.

5.  I officially registered to go back to Boston today!!  Quite a few of our friends are going with us this time which will be awesome, I am so excited to share one of the best experiences of my life with more people I love!  Still haven’t registered for my race in November.  What is wrong with me?!

That pretty much sums up the high lights.  Hope your runs have gone better than that one!


Real Life

So here’s the thing, real life really isn’t that exciting.  And guess what…? That suits me just fine.  I love having a predictable routine all week.  Monday: pumpkin spice latte day (starting this week), Tuesday: farmers market, Wednesday: grocery store, Thursday: thursday dinner with friends, Friday: well its Friday so that’s pretty self explanatory. 

What this leads to is much less to share that I feel like anyone really wants to read about, which is okay too.  It just means less than daily posts from me because I seriously don’t need to bore you all to death.  The real bummer is that every day I have so many things that I would want to share but because of HIPAA I can’t share all the stories that make me laugh, cry, want to scream and love my job daily.  What I can say is that my ego has been greatly inflated since I have started my job because I am luck enough to have someone tell me I am pretty almost daily, can’t beat that right.  It always helps that a lot of my patients can’t really see that well but I choose to forget that fact!

The highlights of this week really included three things:

1.  The first pumpkin spice latte of the year:

IMG_18152.  This week was a cut back week marking halfway through training for Raleigh, meaning Friday and Saturday resting and a shorter long run of 13 miles tomorrow.

3.  Casey and his dad made our back splash and painted our living room and kitchen this week!!  And it is beautiful!

Wish the quality of this picture was better, need to get my good camera back out.  They made this with wood from an old house they worked on and it turned out incredible.

Wish the quality of this picture was better, need to get my good camera back out. They made this with wood from an old house they worked on and it turned out incredible.

Main man working hard

Main man working hard

IMG_1820IMG_1822I am so in love with all of it!  So I’d say this week was a win overall.  The only bummer is that I have to work tomorrow because we can’t work Monday but have to make up the day.  Such is real life though…

Hope you are all having a wonderful Labor Day Weekend/last weekend of summer!



A Most Eventful Long Run

Today called for a 17 mile long run, luckily in much better weather than yesterday.  It was cloudy with a breeze/wind that really made the temperature tolerable.

Casey needed to use my car to get to West Ashley for a fantasy football draft, but I had plans to go to the beach with a friend (who’s husband was also at the draft) so I planned a run to go over to Mount Pleasant then back Downtown and out to West Ashley to finish where he would be drafting.

I headed out over the bridge into Old Mount Pleasant where I go fairly often and did my turn around at 4.75 miles to double back.  I trotted back through Shem Creek and toward the bridge to return Downtown and head toward the final stretch.  The upside of the bridge going back downtown is significantly steeper (though shorter) so I always bow my head and try not to look up too hard.  As I was staring down at the water, I noticed what looked like a boat flipped over and a man standing on top waving his arms; not exactly something you see every day.  People were running, walking and biking all around me without seeming to notice.  I finally ran into two ladies that seemed to be concerned.  We decided someone should call 911, the boat was sinking fast and no other boats were stopping to help.  I got on the phone and was describing what was happening to the dispacher and finally another boat came to their aid.  Once semi-uprighted, I could tell it was a small sail boat, this whipping wind must have toppled them over.  I continued to report the situation until miraculously both sailors had righted the boat and were some how sailing away!!  CRAZY!!  The boat that came to their aid rode along with them up the river, helping them as needed.  (I tried to get a picture of all this but it was way too small). 

Once I felt that the situation was sufficiently under control, I got back underway and headed down the other side of the bridge.  I stopped quickly to refill my water bottle before quickly heading back through town and out to my final destination.  While I was stopped, a man I had passed came running by as said, “You are an amazing runner, keep it up.”  It was such an uplifting thing to hear, especially from a guy that looked much older and much more experienced.  It was the perfect motivation to get through the last 7.5 miles.

In my final 4 miles I switched from my This American Life podcast to Things Mom Never Told You.  I was shocked and suprised to find an episode about the trials and tribulations of having curly hair.  It was the perfect thing to get me laughing (and commiserating) in my final miles. 

I finally made it to the house, feeling as good as you can at the end of a 17 mile run and was happy to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the beach.

Hope you had a great weekend and wonderful long run!

Running with John and Jack

Today marked the transition from long runs to LOOOONG runs in my head.  Anything over 15 miles makes it in the second category.  I decided I wasn’t getting up early to do it, that I would just go when Casey went to play flag football.  I hit the road at 11.  I fully knew the consequences of my decisions and embraced the heat as character building.

I hit up Jack Johnson radio which pretty much gives me Jack Johnson and John Mayer alternating with a couple others thrown in here and there.  I figured if my music was calm, my mind would be calm.  The run actually went way better than I could have hoped for in those conditions.  16 miles in 2:16.  I am not going to lie, the parts in the wide open sun were a little brutal but when there was shade involved I felt pretty strong.  Added bonus: my ankle didn’t give me any issues!!  I really feel like I dodged a bullet there.

After I got home from my run and Casey made it back from football we both hit the showers before heading out for a really late brunch.  After having a half bowl of cereal pre-run, I was starving by the time we sat down to eat at 2:30.  We went to Prohibition on King Street which we have been to twice before for dinner and we were once again impressed.

I am on a mission to try the huevos rancheros at every brunch place in Charleston and these did not disappoint.  I usually get these because I feel like nothing in them is super awful for you and every restaurant does them differently.  

IMG_1802 By the time we were done it was already 4.  Sundays just absolutely fly by.  We decided to go somewhere else on King Street so Casey could watch the 49ers pre-season game.  My friend JK had to leave before we could get a picture, but I got one with Nicole, my lovely friend kicking butt in nursing school right now!

IMG_1806Overall, pretty great Sunday and weekend.  I am not quite ready to get back to the grind tomorrow but I know I will be happy once I get there!!


Thank The Running Gods

Today was a typical Saturday: sleep in, make some pancakes and coffee, clean/laundry, read and hang out until the temperature has come down enough to go for a run. 

I got impatient today and set out on the road around 4:15 (the hottest part of the day in Charleston).  It really wasn’t bad out at all and even rained (surprise, surprise) from mile 2-4.  Overall, any time I was in the shade the heat felt like a non-issue.  The run was an 8 mile marathon pace run.  If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you know I struggle with these and always end up going way too fast.  No change there today, but I felt amazing, the entire run.  Well until around mile 6.21. 

At this point I had gone through town, around the battery, through the citadel and was covering the final stretch through Hampton Park before turning toward home.  The park is an ~1 mile loop on the outside with a driving lane and a huge biking and running lane; on the very inside there is dirt on the shoulder.  I always opt for the dirt part when I run through here just to give my legs a break.  I was feeling amazing and just trotting along when BAM, I rolled my ankle worse that I think I ever had before. 

I tried to take another step and actually screamed in pain.  I sat down right in the dirt and almost started crying, not from pain but from finally breaking my 6 year running streak without having an injury that would take me out of the game (knock on wood).  I fiercely slammed the home button on my iPhone and started punched in Casey’s number to come get me.  Then while dialing, as if by a pure miracle, I twisted my ankle around and something popped, loudly.  More importantly, it didn’t hurt anymore.  I shut down my phone and took a few steps, no pain.  So I turned my music back on and resumed running and was able to pick back up to my prior pace. 

I made it home, though my ankle definitely felt weird.  Not painful, just off.  I iced it and I just keep looking down at it expecting it to catch up with me, all swollen and purple and ominous.  But so far, I have a normal looking ankle that works like a healthy ankle that just feels a little funny.  I will be taping it up before I head out for my long run tomorrow to not tempt fate.  Until then I will be praising the running gods with every thing I have!   Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!