Big Fun Before Race Weekend

This past weekend we went to our first Clemson game.  Timing that the weekend before a marathon may not have been my best life choice but we had an absolute blast.  The weekend is best described in pictures so rather than hitting you with all the words as per usual, here come thousands and thousands of words!





Cassie's lovely husband

Cassie’s lovely husband

Trying to get whatever ridiculous photo/video he just took back from him

Trying to get whatever ridiculous photo/video he just took back from him


Decent seats

Pretty awesome seats


We had such a fantastic time at the game and an overall wonderful weekend with friends (and lots of new ones at that).  Weekends like this one are what life is really about; it makes working so hard during the week worth it!

Now I am getting it together, mostly diet wise, to get ready for Raleigh on Sunday!

All Good Days Start With A Good Run

Yesterday, I popped my head off the pillow around 9 am and hit the road for my first double digit distance run in a few weeks.  I have been running consistently 30 miles a week but had been doing this is all mid distance runs.  It felt good to get some miles under my legs and the perfect start to a really fun day.

After my run, I showered and we headed up to Columbia for Kayla’s (from the Bourbon Chase Team) birthday.  Casey and I had never been to a big SEC game and although we didn’t go in we had an awesome time eating, drinking and hanging out with friends.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Singing Happy Birthday!


Not sure what the deal was with the rocks...

Not sure what the deal was with the rocks…



Today was a typical football Sunday but with one new addition!  Our friends Big Co and JK just got a brand new puppy.  She is 75% chocolate lab, 25% Australian Shepard.  They named her Roosevelt, so I call her Rosie.  Scarlett loves her new friend but is really anxious to play with her which she isn’t quite ready for yet.

Baby Rosie

Baby Rosie

My beautiful girl...I swear she is smiling!

My beautiful girl…I swear she is smiling!


Hope you had a great weekend!!