Big Fun Before Race Weekend

This past weekend we went to our first Clemson game.  Timing that the weekend before a marathon may not have been my best life choice but we had an absolute blast.  The weekend is best described in pictures so rather than hitting you with all the words as per usual, here come thousands and thousands of words!





Cassie's lovely husband

Cassie’s lovely husband

Trying to get whatever ridiculous photo/video he just took back from him

Trying to get whatever ridiculous photo/video he just took back from him


Decent seats

Pretty awesome seats


We had such a fantastic time at the game and an overall wonderful weekend with friends (and lots of new ones at that).  Weekends like this one are what life is really about; it makes working so hard during the week worth it!

Now I am getting it together, mostly diet wise, to get ready for Raleigh on Sunday!

Great Weekend and Bloggers Block

I have finally identified my bloggers block.  I feel that a post does not exist without a picture, which isn’t true but I still feel like it is.  My phone is my primary means of picture taking and my phone is absolutely shot.  It’s an iPhone 3 people, yes, that is still a really (semi)usable thing.  The backlight works about 10% of the time, the battery lasts ~20 minutes with use and it get to about 124 degrees while not using it.  Yes I realize these are very first world problems, but they are responsible for my blogger’s block!


1.  Friday night was fun filled with a girls night dinner and a movie.  We went to Zia’s, a wonderful taco/mexican place and had a delicious meal before devouring an awesome move.  We saw Gone Girl and I was NOT disappointed.  The movie actually stays true to the book and the acting was a little too perfect if you ask me.  Spoiler Alert (sorta): They both play their parts so freaky and true to the characters in the book its almost insane.  Well it is insane if we are being honest about it!

2.  College football was ridiculous.  I hardly pay very much attention to college football, my big day is Sunday.  After getting my long run in and finally spending an hour cleaning out my car I sat down on the couch, without my kindle, and watched upset after upset and was actually riveted.

3.  Sunday was amazing, the weather finally feels like football and we made our first true “football food.”  We made an easy crock pot beef stew.  I love eating real stick to your bones food, especially when I am training pretty hard and not feeling too terrible about it.

Last big week:

This is my last big training week before my taper.  I had 8×800 Yasso intervals in 3:25 today and nailed them, even feeling pretty good after dreading them all day!  I have 5 easy tomorrow, 40 minute tempo Wednesday, Rest Thursday, 10 miles pace Friday, 20 miles Saturday then immediately commence taper!!  I feel energized after my hard run today going so well and ready to finish out this week hard heading into taper.

Moral of this story: This girl needs a new phone, if anyone out there has an old iPhone on AT&T, help a sister out and I will finally return to semi-regular blogging!

Happy Monday y’all!

Doesn’t Get Better Than This

We have had some friends come into town yesterday and more are on the way as we speak.  It is so fun having people in town, we love entertaining!!  I have been calling it early each night because of work but I am excited to be able to join in the festivities fully tomorrow night. 

I started my morning with my first cup of coffee with pumpkin spice creamer of the season.


After a regular old day of work (although every day is still an adventure) I called Casey to see what him and his friends were doing to find out they were at the beach.  I rushed home, let Scar out and got my running/beach stuff together.  I always seize the opportunity to run outside of my normal routes, and on the beach was a double bonus! 

It was a tough run to begin with, 45 minute tempo run, but adding the beach was a whole different element of hard.  I couldn’t find the right sand and for some reason the sand rubbed my feet really strangely, leaving me with many, many large blisters on the bottoms of my feet; not ideal.  Regardless the run was amazing, I peaked at the pace I was hoping for and felt great.  Plus ending with a refreshing jump in the ocean is the best way to go!


After leaving the beach, we headed to grab a quick bite to eat before coming home to watch the game. 

Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

That is THE FIRST NFL GAME OF THE SEASON!!  It really doesn’t get better than September: pumpkin spice, beach runs, football season and cooler weather.  Bring on Fall in full force please!!

How Sundays Should Be

Today I finally got to sleep in and it was phenomenal!  I woke up alarm free at 9:30, read my book for a bit and bummed around until I had to leave for my quick 3 mile run to go meet Hannah for a yoga class.  We found a class that was only $7 for a drop in; only downside is that they are remodeling their studio so it was in kind of a weird place and everyone walking down the street could look in on us…awkward!

The class itself was great though and was PERFECT for me.  It wasn’t too hard but definitely challenged me and helped to soothe my sore muscles after my long run yesterday.  More importantly, we went to this really great place called One Shot for brunch afterward.

I was in love with Hannah's little tea pot.  And I had never had a Cronut (I am so behind the times) so we each got a mini cronut to try!

I was in love with Hannah’s little tea pot. And I had never had a Cronut (I am so behind the times) so we each got a mini cronut to try!

I have such a soft spot for huevos rancheros and these were gorgeous (and delicious)!

I have such a soft spot for huevos rancheros and these were gorgeous (and delicious)!

Hannahs oatmeal (I forget what it was called) but it had bananas, honey, coconut milk and coconut shreds.  Pretty much awesome!

Hannahs oatmeal (I forget what it was called) but it had bananas, honey, coconut milk and coconut shreds. Pretty much awesome!


After lounging around the coffee shop for a while, Hannah brought me home and I have done nothing but some laundry, read my book and most importantly watched the play off games.  I am quite thankful for the 49ers win so I can have a happy Casey!

It has been such a great day to unwind and relax before starting the week again, especially after this week was a little hectic trying to figure out the best routine.  I am sure once I really get it down I will be getting ready to leave.  Such is life!

Weekly Workout Recap

Running: 36.83 miles

Yoga: 115 minutes

Strength: none

Need to get on that strength this week for sure!

I pulled it off, then did nothing

For the past three days with the exception of my daily run, I have spent pretty much all my time on my fanny napping, reading or watching football.  After having an amazing Thanksgiving I decided I earned having as much down time as I wanted before heading into my final two weeks of rotation.

Thanksgiving went off fairly flawlessly with the exception of the dumplings (which I was the only one that cared about them anyway, so no harm, no foul).  My pictures are bad though because I thought my camera was broken, but turned out the battery was just dead…THANK GOODNESS!!  In the next few days I need to add the crock pot sweet potato casserole and crock pot green bean casserole recipes I used.  They were so easy and so delicious and saved me a lot of oven space!

Turkey all Prepped and ready to go in

Turkey all Prepped and ready to go in

Ready to come out!

Turkey got a nice tan!

Thanksgiving Spread!

Thanksgiving Spread!


We had been enjoying the left overs (we still have enough mac and cheese to feed an army) for a few days now and Casey even took the left over ham to make ham and bean soup for dinner tonight.  Absolutely delicious, and unfortunately gone or else that would have been lunch for work tomorrow!


After a few much need rejuvenation days I am ready to head in to my final two weeks of my second rotation.  I can’t believe it has already been 6 weeks, mind blowing!  Before I know it I will be packing up and heading home for Christmas and then to Philadelphia.  I can’t even believe how time is flying.

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving break and are enjoying the start to your holiday season!

All Good Days Start With A Good Run

Yesterday, I popped my head off the pillow around 9 am and hit the road for my first double digit distance run in a few weeks.  I have been running consistently 30 miles a week but had been doing this is all mid distance runs.  It felt good to get some miles under my legs and the perfect start to a really fun day.

After my run, I showered and we headed up to Columbia for Kayla’s (from the Bourbon Chase Team) birthday.  Casey and I had never been to a big SEC game and although we didn’t go in we had an awesome time eating, drinking and hanging out with friends.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Singing Happy Birthday!


Not sure what the deal was with the rocks...

Not sure what the deal was with the rocks…



Today was a typical football Sunday but with one new addition!  Our friends Big Co and JK just got a brand new puppy.  She is 75% chocolate lab, 25% Australian Shepard.  They named her Roosevelt, so I call her Rosie.  Scarlett loves her new friend but is really anxious to play with her which she isn’t quite ready for yet.

Baby Rosie

Baby Rosie

My beautiful girl...I swear she is smiling!

My beautiful girl…I swear she is smiling!


Hope you had a great weekend!!

Jog in the Park

This weekend consisted of a lot of couch sitting.  Yep, I was a huge couch potato both days.  Other than a nice slow run with Casey through town yesterday and a Halloween party last night we spent a lot of time catching up on sleep and watching football (college and pro alike).  After last weekend I needed the catch up on the sleep.

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter


Case and I

Case and I

After spending so much time training hard the past few months, then getting ready for the relay it is nice to be in a place right now where I can just run.  Some days I feel really great and can go out and run really hard and other days when I feel like my legs are full of lead, thats okay too, I just trudge along at whatever easy pace I settle in to.  It is nice not to put any particular pressure on any run.

I had been afraid that this cut back in intensity would put me in a bad place to start training for Boston when the time comes (late January I am thinking).  So with that I started doing some research and it turns out these breaks are not only okay, but vital to good competition.

Some benefits include:

  • Mental break from intense training (remembering why you love running)
  • Muscle and connective tissue repair
  • Maintaining fitness: this one is tough to find the balance but you don’t have to go at the same crazy intensity to keep from losing fitness (crazy right)
  • Building a foundation: having a good strong base can come from consistent effort and an easy logging of miles to make the next start of training cycle easier

So with this I have been enjoying running with Casey, Scarlett (the pup) and anyone else who wants to run.  More importantly I have been purely blissful in my running without putting any pressure or importance on any particular run.  Before I know it I will be back in the swing of things training for Boston but I know I will be physically, and more importantly mentally ready to tackle the challenge!

The stockings are hung, by the chimney with care…

Christmas Eve night has arrived!

First to catch up on yesterday.  I actually got done everything on that dreaded list!  Breakfast with my grandpa (whom I call Grouch) was good.  I came home and went for my run and conditions couldn’t have been better (minus the lingering soreness from the field hockey!).  I donned my new under armor bra and cold gear top, the tights Casey got me for my birthday and my new Lululemon gloves and was more than comfortable (with no blasted wind!)

Luluelemon Frisky Brisk Run Gloves

Lululemon Frisky Brisk Run Gloves

I highly recommend these.  On the website they didn’t get the best review but I adore them.  I will never probably be running in 10 degree weather with a blizzard so I can’t comment on those conditions but they kept me toasty in a sunny 35.  The best part is that the silvery tips on the thumbs and pointer fingers ACTUALLY WORK on my iphone.  I had no expectation for these to work because it seemed too good to be true but they worked as good as my bare hand!

Anyway, as I was putting in my 15 miles yesterday, I remembered how great of a place I am from.  I saw canals, the beach, a forrest, downtown all in one short run.

2012-12-23 11.15.19

2012-12-23 11.45.55

2012-12-23 12.08.25

2012-12-23 12.15.41

It is just stunning and oh so small and quaint.  I just love it!

We took Scarlett to the beach for the first time!  She loooooved digging in the sand!  We hit my grandparents for dinner, I went to the bon fire for my friend and finally made it to the bar with my two best friends from high school/the beach patrol.

2012-12-24 22.14.07

AND to top off yesterday, I won my fantasy league!!

2012-12-23 23.38.12

Which brings me to today.  I went to my breakfast with my friend Hannah and Jess.  So now I can finally reveal my pinterest project!

2012-12-17 14.48.05 copy

She gets the SC one and I will take the PA one back with me.  I will put directions up soon when its not so wild and crazy and busy!

My mom and I wrapped presents galore, did some last minute errands, I got my run in for today and then we settled into our christmas traditions.

I always give my gifts to my family the night before so they don’t get overshadowed by the grander gifts from my parents so I gave my dad a pair of ear buds that I read in Runner’s World are good for running/working out.  I got each of my brothers a pair of dri fit nike shorts with their NFL teams on them (Eagles and Ravens) and I got my mom a Kindle Paperwhite since her birthday was earlier in the month as well.

Then we put on Elf and played the card game Phase 10.  We have done this every year for as long as I can remember!  The game lasted so long this year and Scarlett certainly didn’t make it easy to play on the floor!  Now I sit in bed and will hope to fall asleep soon since there will be a knock at my door that will probably come at like 6 am because my brothers are still young.

If you made it through this long winded post I am impressed.  I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve and that you have a very peaceful, joyful, spectacular Christmas Day!

I’m curious though, what are your families Christmas/Holiday traditions?

Football and Gingerbread Houses

It is officially the playoffs for fantasy football and I am in there!!  I am posted in my spot on the couch looking at four tvs with four different games about to be on them thanks to my crazy (but I love it) boyfriend.  If you couldn’t already tell, we LOVE football!

2012-12-16 12.59.22

Last night we went to a friends house to have dinner and a gingerbread making contest.  We had some wine (see pinterest in action below) and chatted for a while before getting down to business.

Frozen berries for ice cubes!

Frozen berries for ice cubes!

2012-12-16 01.17.03

We thought it was going to be mainly a girl driven affair, but once we got started the guys really took over the construction process.  Casey, who builds for a living, was throwing words like “caulk” and “fascia” into our home building process which was quite over my head!

2012-12-15 22.15.18

Clay and Lindsey's!

Clay and Lindsey’s!

Casey and Mine...we went for whimsy!

Casey and Mine…we went for whimsy!

Big Co and JK's masterpiece!

Big Co and JK’s masterpiece!

Our Christmas Village

Our Christmas Village

We had such a good time, I highly recommend doing this with your peeps.  Hope everyone has a great Sunday and I wish you all great fantasy luck!