10 week Marathon Training Schedule

I would recommend this plan for someone already running about 30 miles per week training for at least their second marathon!

For all the lifting, core and body weight (BW) exercises, I will upload separately.   Yasso: run 800 in time in minutes you want to finish your race in hours (example: I want to run my next race in 3:35 hours so I will run an 800 in 3:35 minutes).  For mile repeats run those at 10k pace then rest/jog/walk in between.

For hill repeats: Warm up 2 miles.  Find a big hill taking 2 minutes to climb.  Run half way up the hill 3-4 times and jog to bottom.  Then run all the way to the top, jog to the half way point and sprint the rest of the way down.  Do this 3-4 times then cool down with 2 miles easy.

*The mileage and speed work only for this plan came from Runner’s World magazine, I do not take credit for formulating this part of the plan!*

3 thoughts on “10 week Marathon Training Schedule

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Whats LSD? Any tips on the length of swim on Wednesdays?
    Also, wondering if you’d have a link to the original Runners World article.
    Thnx & all the best!

    • For the swim, I never really had a distance goal, more a time goal (30-45 minutes) or whatever I was really feeling that day. Sometimes it would only be 20. It was just a nice way to get my blood pumping without banging on my legs any more.
      I am in search of this training plan. I got it out of last June or July’s Runner’s world magazine and am having a hard time tracking it down online but I will keep looking!!
      Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your race!

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