Great Weekend and Bloggers Block

I have finally identified my bloggers block.  I feel that a post does not exist without a picture, which isn’t true but I still feel like it is.  My phone is my primary means of picture taking and my phone is absolutely shot.  It’s an iPhone 3 people, yes, that is still a really (semi)usable thing.  The backlight works about 10% of the time, the battery lasts ~20 minutes with use and it get to about 124 degrees while not using it.  Yes I realize these are very first world problems, but they are responsible for my blogger’s block!


1.  Friday night was fun filled with a girls night dinner and a movie.  We went to Zia’s, a wonderful taco/mexican place and had a delicious meal before devouring an awesome move.  We saw Gone Girl and I was NOT disappointed.  The movie actually stays true to the book and the acting was a little too perfect if you ask me.  Spoiler Alert (sorta): They both play their parts so freaky and true to the characters in the book its almost insane.  Well it is insane if we are being honest about it!

2.  College football was ridiculous.  I hardly pay very much attention to college football, my big day is Sunday.  After getting my long run in and finally spending an hour cleaning out my car I sat down on the couch, without my kindle, and watched upset after upset and was actually riveted.

3.  Sunday was amazing, the weather finally feels like football and we made our first true “football food.”  We made an easy crock pot beef stew.  I love eating real stick to your bones food, especially when I am training pretty hard and not feeling too terrible about it.

Last big week:

This is my last big training week before my taper.  I had 8×800 Yasso intervals in 3:25 today and nailed them, even feeling pretty good after dreading them all day!  I have 5 easy tomorrow, 40 minute tempo Wednesday, Rest Thursday, 10 miles pace Friday, 20 miles Saturday then immediately commence taper!!  I feel energized after my hard run today going so well and ready to finish out this week hard heading into taper.

Moral of this story: This girl needs a new phone, if anyone out there has an old iPhone on AT&T, help a sister out and I will finally return to semi-regular blogging!

Happy Monday y’all!

Running Madness

After being so discouraged missing two runs in a row Sunday and Monday, the ridiculous Monsoon Tuesday was not enough to stop me.

I came home and immediately laced up before I could regain sanity.  I had 7x800m yassos on the schedule and my plan was to still do them.  I slopped through my first rep before realizing I had uploaded the wrong parameters on my watch allowing only 40 seconds rest in between reps (not sure how that happened) but there was no way to fix it on the run.  I decided, no worries I would do my 800’s on Thursday and do my tempo run for the run I was on, but I had already done an interval and was off trying to start a tempo run.  Instead, I decided to do a fartlek.  I never do these and thought it resembled a tempo run enough that it could be interchangeable.  I jogged two blocks to every one block pick up for the same distance I would have covered on my tempo run.  It went well and was fun, so nice to do something different.  I was absolutely soaked by the end and each of my shoes weighed about 5 pounds but I did it.  I actually got “Carried” in real life, except WAYYYY worse than it is in the theme song.

That’s what I thought of the 2 times it happened, but this is more what it actually looked like.

I was less excited than this kid.

Yesterday was an easy run leaving my Yasso’s to finally get done today.  7×800 is no joke and I was pooped by the end of them, covering 6 total miles and hitting my pace goal on each rep.  I am gearing up to hit some post run yoga from yogaglo.  Still loving it (and using it), so far so good!!

Successful Yassos!

So crunch time is by no means fun but it is going.  I have been solid getting work in but I can’t help but feelings like time is slipping away and I can’t jam all the stuff I need to know for this exam in my head!  At this point the people at Starbucks all know me by name and are super friendly which I 100% appreciate; plus they only charge me the refill brewed coffee price which is awesome.  Fifty cents for 2 hours of solid study time and avoidance of Atlanta traffic = double score!

I had my hardest round of Yasso 800’s tonight and was able to do all 8 under a 6:55 pace which is supposed to mean that I will be able to PR in my race.  During reps 4 and 5 I had some horrible side cramps (first on the left, then the right) because it is now 80 degrees when I am running and I am not hydrating effectively yet.  I’ll tell you though, you only have to get those side cramps a few times before you start guzzling water all day long!

On another note, it seems that my friends all know I am slowly going crazy and they are taking turns reminding me that the end is near and that I have amazing support from all angles!

At dinner Saturday, Lindsey and Jenna gave me this beautiful bracelet which I love.  I never ever want to buy things like this but once I have them, I wear them all the time.  I love it and love looking down and thinking of them both every day, getting me one day closer to Charleston.


Then today in the mail I got an absolutely touching card from my friend Megan from home with two Alex and Ani bracelets that have immense meaning in our lives.  One is living water which is so appropriate because we met on the beach patrol and will forever have the ocean calling us home (as cliche as that sounds).  The other one is called “because I love you friend.”  She also wrote an amazing message to me that put some major kick in my pants to live up to the person my friends think I am!


Time to get to bed so I can do it all over again tomorrow!!

Getting Close

Boston is less than 5 weeks away.  I can hardly believe that is really my life happening!!

Yesterday I got my official starting corral and wave which was just the kick in the pants I needed to bust my rear on my intervals today.

Boston Stuff

I am in wave 2 which goes off at 10:25.  I had no idea where to expect to start so I am glad to be so far up, especially if it is a hot day which is very possible on April 21st (or it could be snowing at the rate we are going this year).  The last corral goes off at 11:25 which is the heat of the day (how much difference will one hour really make, probably not much, but I am excited about it anyway).

I always get so worked up about my Tuesday speed work outs.  Starting on Monday I start getting anxious about it and every time when I am doing it/almost done I think to myself, “that is really not that bad, why do you worry about this for two days!”  Sometimes I am just a nut case I think.


The even numbered splits were my reps.  I had 7×800 and I do them Yasso style.  My goal is a sub 3:30 marathon so my split should be sub 3:30 each time.  I was able to stay under this for all my reps and really tried to cut some time off the last one.  I only have two more work outs of 800 reps (8×800 and 4×800 the week before the race).  Once I get to 8×800 I start my cutting back.  I can’t believe I am actually this close to the real deal, big kahuna, Boston Marathon!!


Getting Used to the Morning

Today called for 5 Yasso’s 800’s (goal 3:30 per 800 m).  In my last marathon training cycle, I literally would dread these all day long.  Like, part of me was actually scared of going on these runs.  Its funny how much my perspective on these has changed.

My alarm sounded at 5:45, I rolled out of bed, slapped on my clothes and gadgets, shoved down half a banana and headed outside.  It was humid but not super hot (I mean, I really thought that whole running while it’s dark outside thing would eliminate the heat and humidity, but I was pretty wrong).

I have to say, I love that it is no longer a thought any more getting out of bed this early.  Going early is now as much of a no-brainer as going for a run any time of day was a month ago.  The alarm goes off, I get out of bed.  AND I don’t spend the whole night before dreading it!  It took two weeks to make it a habit and it is one of the best things I have done for myself.

Anyway, the first two reps were easy peasy.  I sailed through them without even really thinking about it.  Unfortunately, by number four my butt (literally) was starting to feel it.  Number five was a challenge but it ended up being my fastest rep (I was ready to head home and get some breakfast and coffee in my belly)!  Going in to today’s run I was remembering the tempo run the first week starting to run in the morning killed my legs so I was expecting doing this kind of speed work would be especially challenging.   Easy runs weren’t a problem, but any kind of speed really was not coming naturally.  However today, other than normal fatigue I was able to maintain a normal (for me) Yasso pace without feeling the “lead legs.”  Its a good feeling knowing my body is acclimating to this new routine.  If you are transitioning to running in the morning, give your legs a week or so to figure out what the heck is going on before giving up; it will get easier again, I promise!  I have to believe that this will help my race in September as well since they are done in the morning and I will have trained at the same time of day.


This view made the last repeats a bit more enjoyable…

Sun Rise Run

During cool down!

2013-06-10 06.37.28

Post run, I tried a new overnight oats flavor combo (same base of 1/4 cup oats, 1/3 cup almond milk, 1/2 tbsp chia seeds, 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt). For the good stuff I added: 1/2 Banana, Nutella and Cookie Butter (Biscoff Spread).  Instead of a tablespoon of nutella, I did 1/2 tablespoon of Nutella and 1/2 tablespoon of Cookie Butter.  Delectable!!

Have you ever tried to transition to early morning running?  How long did it take you to feel ‘normal’ on these runs?

Just Making Lemonade Over Here

There is never really a day that I wake up and have to do half mile intervals and think, “Man I can’t wait to go do my run today.”  I had high hopes for my speed work today.  I spent an hour studying and what not then loaded my workout up on my Garmin and headed out.

Seconds after stepping foot outside the door I felt the spit of rain drops.  It wasn’t really much so I said, sure I will just keep going, its only four reps and I will be doing them right by the house if the cats and dogs start coming down.  Half way through my second rep I was still happy I kept at it, the workout would be done before I knew it and it had yet to really rain.  As soon as I finished that rep, the sky opened but at this point I was half way done and I certainly wasn’t quitting now.  Whats worse than plain Yasso 800’s, thats right, Yasso 800s in pouring rain and head winds.  The upside, it could be 100 degrees at this time of year so the cool rain was a nice relief from sixth circle of hell we are used to in Charleston in May.



My goal for the marathon in 3:30 so my goal for each 800 was 3 minutes and 30 seconds.  Rep 3 and 4 were a little faster than I wanted but I was just trying to get out of the rain.

Sorry for the poor quality, soaking wet post workout, feeling great though!

Sorry for the poor quality, soaking wet post workout, feeling great though!

Overall successful speed work day, and retrospectively, the rain was amazing!!

Pic from the weekend of Case and I at the beach!

Pic from the weekend of Case and I at the beach!  Didn’t end up on the boat but any day out in the sun is a win in my book!

Happy Monday!