Being Proactive

Casey has been battling some type of respiratory infection/illness for about a month now and it is only getting worse.  The longer he has it the more I feel like I am doomed so I am trying my best to be proactive, especially with what I have been eating.  I have been making a ridiculously large effort to get in TONS of fruits and veggies.

So for lunch I had…


Today was a easy run/lift day but I just couldn’t bring myself to go to the gym because it was 75 degrees out.  It is December 3rd and I ran in shorts and a tank top.  So much for the awesome compression cold weather tights Casey got me for my birthday!  Instead of going to the gym I did a short circuit at home, OUTSIDE, to hit the major muscles.

Work out

Post run I made myself a huge smoothie with tons of fruits and veggies…I am not going to get sick if I have anything to say about it!

Smoothie ingredientsplus pineapples not pictured

Smoothie ingredients
Plus pineapples not pictured

Just settling in now with the pup (officially named Scarlett) to watch football and hopefully lock up another fantasy football win!

Happy Monday!