Recovery Week

This week I did some yoga, went on a few short runs and some walks.  My two walks were my favorite “workouts” of the week!

Friday I walked the bridge with two of my girl friends from PT school.  We caught up on ridiculous patient stories and other life events and follow it up with a shared bottle of wine.  We went right around sun set and I got some gorgeous pictures.




Saturday I went with my friend JK for a walk (because there are no hills in Charleston so you can’t call it a hike) in the woods with our pups.  It was so awesome to just let the two girls off leash and have them run around like crazy while we walked and chatted and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon.

The trail was on an old plantation, this was from 1859!

The trail was on an old plantation, this was from 1859!




Luckily we did not see any

Luckily we did not see any





I had such a wonderful weekend recovering and spending a lot of time outside!!  Sometimes going for a walk is just what you need.

Having a Puppy

Next time someone asks me how to lose weight, I’m going to tell them to go get a puppy.  I probably walked 3 miles (this is not an exaggeration at all) that I wouldn’t have walked today taking her out and getting her energy out.

We took a ride in the car…

2012-12-05 10.21.05

Her ears are already starting to stand up!  Later we went to the park for like three hours and made all sorts of new friends.  She loves being outside and just being out there she is so much calmer and better behaved.

2012-12-05 14.27.05

She even let me finish my final paper for my research class and start studying for my imaging final which was way more than I had hoped for.  So all in all we had a fun and productive day!

I had planned to make it to the running group tonight but it is my friend Lindsey’s birthday today so we are going to dinner at Pearlz (yummy seafood!!).  Today was supposed to be a rest or swim day anyway and after my intervals yesterday my legs appreciated the rest.  I missed the group but I know it will be better for my legs to just wait and go tomorrow.

Off today dinner…happy hump day!