What I Ate Wednesday: Galentine’s Day

Firstly, I have to apologize for how terrible the quality of these pictures are.  The restaurant we went to had very romantic mood lighting for our Galentine’s Day Dinner which made for horrible pictures!

Breakfast was typical cereal and coffee but I am obsessed with these Dark Chocolate Cherrios.  Definitely being added to the rotation.  After my hill intervals this morning I took this down so fast but was surprisingly satisfied until lunch.


Lunch consisted of the usual: greek yogurt and granola, carrots and hummus and a clementine.  Nothing new around here, plus I am in “get rid of all the food” mode to get ready to move next Friday so I don’t have anything new and creative to take with me.


After work I headed to Starbucks to get in my 2 hours of studying for boards and enjoyed some coffee and a banana.


The main event for today was Galentine’s Day though.  A whole bunch of us girls met up and had some wine and a bunch of shared food and it was amazing!  It was such an enjoyable night and was so fun to be around a bunch of fun loving ladies and share some fantastic food.

Hummus and Baba

Hummus and Baba

Seafood Fettucini (Which will be dinner for 2 more nights...so much food!)

Seafood Fettucini (Which will be dinner for 2 more nights…so much food!)

Some mystery chocolate dessert that was awesome!

Some mystery chocolate dessert that was awesome!


Now I am happy to be home in my bed because it is yet again snowing with the promise of 6-8 more inches.  I finally signed up for a free one week gym membership at the gym around my corner because I know tomorrow morning is going to be absolutely treacherous so off to the gym I will go…womp womp!  Stay safe everyone!