Hello From Easton, PA

Well we made it, and in much better time than last year.  We got in late and went straight to sleep.  This morning we woke up and had a delicious breakfast.  Pork Roll (Taylor Ham) and egg english muffins…yumm!!

Then the boys headed off to the thrift store to continue their tradition of ridiculous outfits for the football game on Thursday morning.  Last year, this is what they looked like…

Thanksgiving 2011

So while they went on that endeavor, I headed out for a run.  I forgot how much running here KICKS MY ASS, no matter how good of shape I am in!!  With the exception of the Cooper River Bridge, Charleston is flat flat flat.  However in Easton, I don’t think you could find 10 flat feet if you could make a million dollars doing it.

Where that stop sign is went up even more!  So, my schedule said I was to do 8 miles with hill repeats.  Since the whole dang run was hills repeats I did a few repeats and then just returned to steady running.  Making it 8 on this run was pretty much out of the question, so I made it to 5.04 miles and called it quits.  I’m fairly certain that means my long run Saturday is probably out, but I will get in as much as my body will let me this week and I will call it a success since we are on vacation and it is Thanksgiving.

The upside here is that I know I am getting a better workout in those 5 miles than I would have in the 8 at home so I say mission accomplished.  Plus, it is so darn pretty!

It’s amazing what you can do…

This morning I had a million things to get done before leaving this afternoon.  I needed to run and get to the gym, finish the laundry, deposit checks and get some gloves before my test at 1.

I am the last person that will get up early to work out, especially if there is other time in the day that I could go.  However, today, later didn’t exist so going early was my only option.  I have to say it is an awesome feeling to be done home and showered by 10 am and already have laundry going.  Talk about getting things done.

Just killing time here until I can go take my test at 1:00.  Afternoon tests are the worst, especially when there is nothing before because you just have to sit around and think about it and worry.  There is nothing left do to but wait and then hit the road…

Stay motivated this week, we can do it!! And if you have to, get it done early so you can GET IT DONE!!

Swimming to Class

Since I live in Charleston, at least once a month I get to practically swim to class.  Today was going to the that day.  In the summer the upside is that it is warm, but today it was in the 40’s, feel like in the 30’s says accuweather.  I don’t own rain boots so I decided I would take my sneakers off and just walk barefoot so I would at have dry shoes once I got to class.  Two other girls in my class and I met up on my corner and started trudging our way through.  As soon as I stuck my feet in the water I regretted even deciding to go to class.  It was freezing!!  We made it through but it was quite miserable.

Sarah in the River once known as Vanderhorst Street

After class, we had our exam and then I headed to the gym for a swim.  I did an interval swim and it was awesome, it really helped me stay entertained.  My only beef with swimming is how bored I get doing it, I’m usually bored with it way before I’m tired from doing it.  When I got home I did the Body Weight Lift and Core Work Out.  My abs were still pretty sore from Monday (as pathetic as that is) so I had to really struggle through the core work out.

No class tomorrow, so its officially the weekend for me.  Just gonna relax and watch the football game and hope Stevie Johnson has 4 touch downs!

New Goals

Officially signed up for a new race today which means after Sunday, my fat, lazy time is over.  Back to the grind…

I registered for the Charleston Marathon, January 19th, 2012.  After running the half last year in the freezing cold on a fairly dull course I swore up and down I would never do it again, then I got an e-mail that said I could register for 15% off today (great reason to decide to run a marathon, right?) .

They have changed the course slightly since last year, and since I ran the half last year at least half of it is guaranteed to be new to me!  For those of you in or around Charleston that are thinking of doing it, here is the map.  It is super flat and fast (I ran my half marathon PR in this race).

The upside is that this will keep me on track through the holidays.  When I got home I devised a new training plan.  I adapted the miles from the last training plan (from Runners World) and added some cross training and lifting to the schedule.

For all the lifting, core and body weight (BW) exercises, I will upload those into the work out sections.  Yasso: run 800 in time in minutes you want to finish your race in hours (example: I want to run my next race in 3:35 hours so I will run an 800 in 3:35 minutes).  For mile repeats run those at 10k pace then rest/jog/walk in between.

*The mileage and speed work only for this plan came from Runner’s World magazine, I do not take credit for formulating this part of the plan!*

I also plan to flip flop Wednesday and Thursdays some weeks so that I can go to the group run at Lululemon.  I had such a great time last week!

Everyone running January Marathons/Half Marathons, get ready, get set…TRAIN!