First Week of Work and a Terrible Long Run

So I survived my first week!  Pretty exciting but I am definitely adjusting back to actually being a real human that doesn’t sit around her house all day long.

In my scrubs!!

In my scrubs!!

Wearing scrubs is so awesome.  It easily takes 5 minutes out of getting ready each morning figuring out what I’m going to wear.

Wednesday I even made it back to MUSC to be a clinician in CARES!  And I got to see one of my favorite patients there and she has improved sooooooo much since I left!  It reminded me again how much I love what I do.

Me and one of my mentors from MUSC

Me and one of my mentors from MUSC

My runs all week went really well (I felt really good and was really able to push it on my speed work of hills and tempo) but I pushed my tempo run from Thursday to Friday and took my rest day Thursday which led to a cascade of disaster.  That meant a tempo run Friday and a 6 mile pace run Saturday back to back.  On top of that, it has been the hottest weekend of the summer yet so I waited until about 7:45 to do that run last night.  Which gave me about 12 hours to recover before setting out of my 13 mile long run this morning with a friend.

I rode my bike over to meet her and we got started right around 9 this morning and it was brutal.  I started sweating just braiding my hair on the front porch at 8:30 am!!  We got about 4 miles in before we were absolutely spent.  Luckily, friends of ours live right off the trail we were running on (where I often stop to refill my water) and we decided to cut it short at 6.  I absolutely can not stand shorting out on my long runs and especially when the distance is really starting to build but today was by far the hottest day of summer yet.  9 am just isn’t going to cut it any more, gonna have to be more like 7, but even then today I think would have been too much.

This coming week I will definitely being taking my rest day as scheduled and getting up much earlier for my 14 miler.  I need that to go okay so I can get a confidence boost after an abysmal performance this morning.  I know its not me, its the heat but it is just so hard to stomach wimping out!  Tomorrow is a new day, and a new start to the training week.  Just have to make this one count!

This afternoon we are off for a paddle boarding adventure.  Great way to spend a Sunday.


You’ve Seen More Than You Think

Today a patient asked me when I was heading back to Carolina.  I told him 19 days, not that I’m counting or anything.  He then asked me if I have enjoyed my time in Atlanta.  I told him I haven’t really had time to do anything; thats the nature of the last clinic with boards and training for a marathon.  I told him I wish I was here at a time I could have enjoyed it more.

On my run today, on my regular Atlanta 5 mile loop I thought back on this conversation realized how wrong I was and how training for the marathon gave me the best opportunity to really take in Atlanta.  I’ve seen it in slow motion on my own two feet.  I’ve been through the quaint but growing town of Decatur, past the most amazing smelling Radial Cafe, through Piedmont park and Dogwood Festival.  I’ve been down Ponce de Leon, along the stone mountain trail and down to Centennial Olympic Park.  I’ve seen Atlanta, and I have grown to love the down hill that marks 2 miles on my 5 mile loop, to dread the hill at 4.5, to savor the delicious infused water from the restaurant at Piedmont Park.

So next time I see that patient, I’m going to tell him all this.  I’m going to tell him that the best way I have ever known to discover a new place and fall in love with it is to run it, to know it, to feel it!


Crossroads of My Life

Well, I am getting dangerously close to the crossroads of my life.  With my inservice presentation tomorrow, Boston only one week away now and boards 16 days from now each moment in my mind is fairly unstable.  I can go from feeling totally normal like any other day, to getting so nervous I feel like I may throw up.  Earlier this week I actually did make myself throw up (sorry for the details) getting so freaked out.

I finally feel like I have mellowed myself out after a successful weekend studying, winding down my training and spending some time doing yoga to settle my mind (and any linger aches in my body).  I even did some baking today to really be true to myself.

I found this on pinterest last night, (late at night) while I was trying to calm my mind before going to bed.  I felt like it is so true of my life now, and always really.

Run It OffIn other news, my GPS thought I needed a confidence boost during my 6 mile tempo run yesterday.IMG_1220Not only am I going to run Boston next week, I’m going to win and set a world record apparently!  As much as I want to believe you Garmin, I am going to have to call your bluff!  I have no idea really what happened with that and it worked perfectly fine today so who knows!  I just really hope that doesn’t happen during the race.  Oh well, if it does, I’ll just run it off!

Also I found a new yoga for runners routine that I really really like done by Lululemon.  It throws in strength and yoga into one to make sure you are getting it all in, in only 30 minutes!!  Really hits all the good areas and made me feel really refreshed!

Workout Recap:

Strength: resting up for race day (some in the yoga routine)

Yoga: 39 minutes (2 sessions) + 18 minutes I am going to do after this post (another Lulu sequence)

Running: 35.27 miles

This week will be all about nutrition, hydration and gentle (very gentle) yoga!  Please bear with me the next two and a half weeks until boards.  I will do my best to be consistent, especially with the race coming up!!    Thank you all for the love and support through this crazy time in my life!

Blowing it, before crunch time

Tomorrow begins official crunch time.  I figure it should start on Monday even though April 1st is technically Tuesday.  Tomorrow marks 3 weeks from Boston and 4 and a half weeks until boards.  Time to get serious!

This weekend I went home to Charleston for the last time until I am going back FOR GOOD!  Driving back tonight the only thing that made me feel better was knowing that it was the last time I would do that drive in this direction.  I am so ready to have my life back (in so many ways) I can’t even explain it.  I want to sit on my couch and make dinner with Casey and not measure our time together in hours.  Plus I want to start a day at 8 and actually be done at 5 or 6 (not 10:30 when I am finally done studying and running).  I am just so freaking close I can almost taste it.

Sadly, the weather man kept threatening thunderstorms with damaging winds and hail yesterday so I didn’t head out to do my 2 hour 3:1 run and then today I just couldn’t muster up the ability to leave Casey and Scar for 2 hours when I only have 8 left.  Call me pathetic, but hey, maybe I am.  In 15 weeks of training 6 days/week, this is the first run I missed so I am going to go ahead and say I’ll be alright.  Plus, I did get my push up challenge (with squats and abs) in yesterday, so I wasn’t a total bum all weekend.

After an amazing weekend, I am ready for this sprint to the finish.  It is finally the real deal y’all!  Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t lose my mind in the next 30 days!

Where I have been…

The past week has been a very challenging one for me in both my personal and professional life.  Without getting too much into the details…

1.  I miss home.  Being in Charleston this weekend with Casey and Scarlett and my friends, running on my roads, sitting in my living room, drinking out of my mug was the best and worst thing that has happened to me.  It was absolutely wonderful but leaving was excruciating.  It just pointed out to me all the things that I don’t have each and every day I am away.  Leaving was a challenge to say the least.

Dinne Saturday Night

Dinner Saturday Night


2.  My final clinical rotation has not turned out like I thought it was going to.  I spent a lot of the last week fighting to make a change and received the nail in the coffin, you have to suck it up lecture yesterday.  This was good and bad.  I can now move on, accept my current situation and work to change the things I have control over but I feel helpless and angry about those things I have not been able to change.  I am not one to get over the roof mad or emotional or down right crazy but I did in this case.  Sometime you just feel like throwing something will make you feel better, or yelling or crying or whatever.  I think these emotions were important for me to let out, give myself time to be angry and upset.  But there is a time to be done with that, put it away and move on.  So today, after a good interval training session, I am putting it away and I am moving on.

I mean I have more important things to worry about like BOARDS in 8 weeks and BOSTON in seven.

So there is where I have been and where I am currently, now to get it together to get where I am going!

Boston Training, Here We Go

Today was the first official day of a new training cycle.  I love this day, it holds so much promise and opportunity.  I always feel so invigorated with motivation!!  It didn’t hurt that it was actually above 32 degrees for the run to help the motivation as well, talk about a tropical heat wave!

From Hal Higdon's Website: Boston Bound Program

From Hal Higdon’s Website: Boston Bound Program


I have to move some runs around this week because my friends (Lindsey and JK) and coming to visit this weekend so I am shifting some things around so I don’t have to run the Saturday they are here.

We will see how much excitement remains tomorrow when it is 18 degrees again.  Side note: Charleston has a chance of snow tomorrow and is already closed for classes tomorrow!  Nuts!!  So nice to get that phone call, too bad I can’t get a “possibility of snow day.”  We get all the white stuff in the world in Philadelphia and it doesn’t make a difference!

First Day

Today was one of the few Mondays that my head popped right off the pillow with the alarm.  I actually woke up a few times before my alarm afraid that I had missed it.  I got up, did the morning routine and just as I was about to leave I saw the POURING rain outside.  Luckily I only had two blocks to go but my umbrella inverted and the wind was blowing and I must have looked like such a hot mess when I got there.

Pre-torential downpour!

Pre-torential downpour!


Once I did make it, 15 minutes early as always, I hung out in the lobby and waited to be picked up for orientation.


The rest of the day was a whirl wind, getting oriented to the building, seeing patients, learning standard day to day procedural stuff.  Then before I knew it I was heading home, just to bundle up and head out for my first real Philadelphia run.  I had a tempo run on the schedule and decided to head to the art museum again and the river.  It was such a good run, especially after yesterday’s disaster and resting on Saturday, my legs were ready to get moving.  And, major bonus, when I run that way I go into the wind on the way out and have it at my back on my way back.  It was always the opposite in Charleston and I hated it!

I was set that I needed to start my routine of studying for boards with my first day of work so I jumped in the shower, fixed up some dinner and got right to it.  A little over an hour in, Casey called and we ended up on the phone for two hours which has NEVER happened EVER so I wasn’t going to stop it.  I had planned to get 2 hours in today but I am pretty tired so I will just have to make up the hour somewhere else in the week.  At this point I have planned 2 hours a day week days so if I have to make up some of the time of the weekends I always have that option too!  Just got to hold myself accountable.

On to day 2…

Swap It Out Sunday

I am a chocoholic, really anything sweet is my kryptonite (except tapioca pudding, that stuff is just not good).  After dinner, or lets be honest lunch, I always crave something sweet.  It doesn’t need to be much, it just needs to be something!


Now, don’t let this fool you, I certainly indulge in a chocolate chip cookie (I actually just had one left over from the weekend, which inspired this SIOS) but I try not to make it a habit.  I have found that substituting one or two dark chocolate hershey kisses satisfies my craving without totally undoing a day of healthy eating.

With only 20 calories a pop, having two of these rather than a cookie would save you on average 60 calories.  I also have rarely in my life seen people able to eat one chocolate chip cookie, so add one or two more.  Plus the milk that is absolutely essential to the cookie and you are looking at a 200-300 calorie savings with this swap.

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend!

Victoria Secret Fashion Show

I just finished eating a fantastic cheese steak sandwich, (Casey makes them soooo good) and am watching Elf.  I then remembered that the Victoria Secret Fashion Show is on tonight in about an hour and a half.

Victoria Secret

So glad I chose THIS night to eat not so healthy.  However, I did manage to do this for my work out/run today…


…so I don’t feel quite so bad.  This was Yasso’s 800’s.  For those not familiar you run however much warm up you feel you need (I usually aim to split the amount of extra distance left over from the intervals in half and do half as warm up and half as cool down) then you run 800 intervals in the amount of time in minutes that is the goal to finish the marathon in hours.  Example: I want to try (heavy emphasis on try) to run a 3:35 this time so I have to run an 800 (half mile) in 3 minutes and 35 seconds (7:10 pace).  These HURT!

Sometimes (like today) I actually get scared of them.  I was sitting in class just thinking about having to do them and convincing myself it would be okay.  It of course was, no pain no gain right.

Lucky for me, my roommate had her massage practical today and I was her ‘patient’ so when I was done I knew I got to get a free rub down…talk about motivation.  The best part is I am being a ‘patient’ for two more tomorrow!!

I am always on the lookout for more speed workouts so if anyone has anything good, SHARE WITH THE CLASS!!

Long Run Day

Finally returned to the long run today.  I strapped on my ipod so I could listen to my book and headed out with no idea where I was going.  I think not having a plan was the best thing I could do today.  I was just running, not hoping to get to a certain spot or planning where i was going.  I was just running and it was so good.

I headed over a bridge out of down town that I usually run on for my longer runs and then headed in a direction I have never gone.  I found a trail I didn’t know existed, granted it was short but I went out a mile and back a mile along the water which had a beautiful view and it was 2 miles down.  Then I continued down to a Charlestown Landing where our friends got married and ran a lap through the park there and turned around to head home.

My book is so suspenseful right now it really kept me distracted.  I thought this run was going to be painful since I hadn’t run longer than 11 miles since the marathon (almost a month ago now) but I am barely even sore even a few hours after finishing and sitting around working on my dreaded research paper.

We had gnocchi for dinner and I had no idea what to do with it since I have never cooked it before so I just invented something from what we had.  It turned out to be pretty good and very filling after being nearly starved post run.  Click here for Recipe.


After my spontaneous running adventure today I wondered, do most people that long distance train plan their routes before they go?  Do you run the same routes or change it up everytime?