Double Post!! Swap it out and Sunday Fundayish

So yesterday brought some unfortunate events for me and when I got home I forgot to post my Swap it out Sunday.  So first thing is first…



This is an easy swap if you drink coffee every morning.  Swapping out reduced fat milk for creamer can mean huge savings over a year.  I have recently taken the swap one step further by swapping my milk for almond milk.  I can’t get away from this stuff, I even got chocolate almond milk frozen yogurt last night at TCBY!  These swaps can save you anywhere form 20-50 calories a day depending on how much you use which adds up to 140-350 calories a week!!  How easy is that!


I was so excited to go stand up paddling yesterday with Casey, our new roommate, his brother and a few other people they knew.  I had been begging Casey to do this with me for a while and I was so stoked we were actually going.

We were having such a great time, we paddled down the creek and once we hit the open water wandered around a bit before hooking to the boat and hanging out for a bit.

I had kept my phone in my bathing suit top the whole time we were paddling, snapping pictures along the way and decided to put it on the boat while we were just sitting and hanging out so I could do some swimming.  Before I knew it, one of the straps hooking the boards to the boat swung around and my phone went PLOP right in the water.  The worst part, I have a lifeproof case so it is still working sitting in the bottom of Shem Creek with nothing I can do about it.  WOMP WOMP!!  Live and learn right.

We paddled back and I was a bit grumpy after that but I was trying not to let it ruin the trip.  When we made it home I went for a run which always has a way of making things better, right?

Today I went to the AT&T store where they told me I could pay $350 for a new phone or wait until February, again WOMP WOMP!  However, my mom has her old phone and they said they can activate it for me.  Thank goodness!!

So until then, I will try to convince myself that it is actually nice to be liberated from my phone and try to have the best attitude I can about it.  Such is life!!

Hope you had a slightly less eventful Sunday than I did!

Swap It Out Sunday

This week, I have another swap for health not necessarily calorie benefits.  In this country we have a huge problem with added sodium lending to our high blood pressure epidemic!

We try our best to avoid pre-packaged foods, but it is inevitable at times.  We use a lot of broths, rices, seasonings and beans when we cook so we opt for the reduced sodium versions ALWAYS!!


With little to no taste difference, next time you grocery shop, choose your reduced sodium versions of the everyday things you eat, your body will thank you!!


Swap It Out Sunday

Now that I have gotten the motivation to not eat cereal for breakfast everyday, I have been making egg concoctions.  My favorite has been with chicken sausage, spinach and mozzarella cheese.

Instead of using whole eggs, I have been using a half cup of eggs whites.


The egg whites run me about 67 calories where two large eggs (which is what I have swapped out) would be 140.  Thats nearly half, and I am still getting all the protein and benefits of the eggs without the part packing in all the calories, fat and cholesterol.

This breakfast helps me stay full and focused for a morning of classes and shakes up the regular cereal routine.  Plus it only took me one pan and less than ten minutes to throw it together…not bad!!

Happy Fathers Day everyone!

Swap It Out Sunday

Lately (well for quite a while now) there has been a lot of hype about chocolate milk for recovery.  This is all well and good, but how about chocolate milk for a healthy snack alternative.

chocolate milk

This is a perfect snack replacement for two reasons.  This has great nutritional value and fixes up that sweet tooth.  I love this treat post run, as ‘dessert’, just as an afternoon snack.  I cup of skim milk with the lite chocolate syrup I use runs me 135 calories which is a perfect snack.  Even better, if I remember to get it at the store, the Silk Light Chocolate Soy Milk is fantastic and that one is only 90 calories.  Compared to a lot of other sweet treats, chocolate milk is a great way to cut some calories but not cut the taste!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Swap It Out Sunday

I am a chocoholic, really anything sweet is my kryptonite (except tapioca pudding, that stuff is just not good).  After dinner, or lets be honest lunch, I always crave something sweet.  It doesn’t need to be much, it just needs to be something!


Now, don’t let this fool you, I certainly indulge in a chocolate chip cookie (I actually just had one left over from the weekend, which inspired this SIOS) but I try not to make it a habit.  I have found that substituting one or two dark chocolate hershey kisses satisfies my craving without totally undoing a day of healthy eating.

With only 20 calories a pop, having two of these rather than a cookie would save you on average 60 calories.  I also have rarely in my life seen people able to eat one chocolate chip cookie, so add one or two more.  Plus the milk that is absolutely essential to the cookie and you are looking at a 200-300 calorie savings with this swap.

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend!

Swap It Out Sunday

The end of this month has and will bring a lot of visitors for Casey and I.  This means lots of going out and having drinks at bars.  I am a person that HATES to drink her calories and I sometimes get a glass of red wine if we go out to dinner, but usually I just get water.



So whats best when you are trying to be good?

I try to stick to beer or wine.  A glass of most red wines average 96 calories for a 5 oz. glass, a light beer (emphasis on light, beers can really pack in calories too) averages 110 calories for a 12 oz bottle (

A margarita averages 168 calories in a 4 oz drink while a cosmo for example has 146 calories in a 2.75 oz drink.  And I don’t know about you but I have never been served a drink that is 4 or 2.75 oz so some multiplying is unfortunately necessary (

Having 2 glasses of red wine would give me 192 calories of drinks while if I had two margaritas (estimating an 8 oz drink) I would drink 672 calories!!! Yikes.

Drinking is tricky, luckily we hardly ever do it (yes I am a lame 23 year old) but it is nice to make a little better choices when we do.




Swap It Out Sunday

There is nothing like ruining healthy, nutritious vegetables with ranch dip!  There is nothing better than a good snack of fresh broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, tomatoes, etc!  But think twice before you load up on that dip…



Personally, I think the hummus tastes better any way and comes in countless varieties.  There is a difference of 50 calories per serving between the two and the hummus has a lot more nutritional benefit to offer!  Next time you go for a veggie snack, reach for that hummus first (your bikini will thank you)!

Finally got my race photos together from Atlanta.  My faces are priceless as always!



Last day for this giveaway y’all!  Please give me some good challenge ideas!!  We haven’t gotten much response (so even better chance of a win)!

Swap It Out Sunday

Since it is starting to get warmer out (at least here in Charleston, sorry to rub it in) and spring/summer and rapidly approaching I started thinking about cookouts and more importantly Hamburgers!!  YUM!

Your choice of beef/meat for these can really make a difference.  We are turkey burger lovers, seriously.  I know some people just love the ground beef though so I offered up two swap it out options this week.


burgers These calculations were based on a 4 oz. burger so if you are eating burgers bigger than that you could save even more.  I know that the leaner meat is usually a little bit more expensive but the health benefit you reap from cutting out all those fats and calories could really save you a ton in the long run.

Happy Sunday!  Make good choices, you’ll thank yourself later.

Swap It Out Sunday

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days, we have been having internet issues that make posting a little difficult!

This week’s swap it out sunday is a look at a popular sandwich condiment: Mayonnaise.  For some people, I know this is a switch that simply can not be made because some people just can’t like the alternative, but if you can, it can mean big calorie savings.


Mayonnaise has 100 cal/tbsp where miracle whip has only 40 cal/tbsp.  I’m not a big mayo/miracle whip user but when I do use it to make tuna fish or something I use miracle whip light which has even less.

If you have a sandwich each day of the work week, you could save 300 cals/week adding up to 15,600 over the year and 4 1/2 pounds.  Even more, if you can eat a sandwich without this condiment at all you could save 500 cal/week and 10 pounds over the year.  And that is under the assumption you are only using the given 1 tbsp which most people probably are not!

Quick recap since I have been MIA.  We went to a friends house for dinner friday and he made homemade short ribs that were TO DIE FOR.  He also made a medley of vegetables including rutabagas, turnips and butter nut squash.  I had never had rutabagas or turnips before and they were DELICIOUS and healthy!  

Saturday, I went and did health and fitness screenings at the special olympics which was really fun.  The athletes (for the most part) have such a sunny disposition and I have never been given so many hugs in a hour hour period in my life!

Afterward, I hit the road for a longer run to make sure I was still long run ready since 2 weeks from now I will be hitting the road with a friend for her first half in Atlanta!  Despite the cold, it was a great run.  I just started a new audiobook for longer runs and so far its really good.  I got the newest Jodi Picoult book (it just came out Tuesday I think) called The Storyteller.  I am already sucked in, if I wasn’t sore today from Friday’s yoga session I would probably be trying to get in a few miles today just to listen to it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Three school days this week and then this girl is on SPRING BREAK!!  wooo hooo!