Productive Sunday

This morning I woke up to gross weather at a lovely 9:30 am. It was so great to sleep in and lounge in bed for a little before getting up to make some breakfast.

Brittany from Blissful Britt had posted these ridiculous pancakes a few days ago so I had to indulge (I had quite a pancakey weekend).

IMG_1196Yep, those are called Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes and they actually aren’t 100% terrible for you.  However if you eat all of them you may be in for a belly ache like me.  The original recipe came from The Minimalist Baker.

IMG_1198Yeah, those kept me full until about 6 pm, through my run and a few hours of studying.  I also was able to finish my Interprofessional Fellowship stuff and work on my inservice presentation so that is a few less things floating around in my head.  All that adds up to a pretty boring day but being able to get that much done was a huge relief heading into another work week.

Weekly Workout Roundup

Running: 49.76 miles

Strength: 122 push ups, squats and bicycles

Yoga: 50 minutes total

Successful Yassos!

So crunch time is by no means fun but it is going.  I have been solid getting work in but I can’t help but feelings like time is slipping away and I can’t jam all the stuff I need to know for this exam in my head!  At this point the people at Starbucks all know me by name and are super friendly which I 100% appreciate; plus they only charge me the refill brewed coffee price which is awesome.  Fifty cents for 2 hours of solid study time and avoidance of Atlanta traffic = double score!

I had my hardest round of Yasso 800’s tonight and was able to do all 8 under a 6:55 pace which is supposed to mean that I will be able to PR in my race.  During reps 4 and 5 I had some horrible side cramps (first on the left, then the right) because it is now 80 degrees when I am running and I am not hydrating effectively yet.  I’ll tell you though, you only have to get those side cramps a few times before you start guzzling water all day long!

On another note, it seems that my friends all know I am slowly going crazy and they are taking turns reminding me that the end is near and that I have amazing support from all angles!

At dinner Saturday, Lindsey and Jenna gave me this beautiful bracelet which I love.  I never ever want to buy things like this but once I have them, I wear them all the time.  I love it and love looking down and thinking of them both every day, getting me one day closer to Charleston.


Then today in the mail I got an absolutely touching card from my friend Megan from home with two Alex and Ani bracelets that have immense meaning in our lives.  One is living water which is so appropriate because we met on the beach patrol and will forever have the ocean calling us home (as cliche as that sounds).  The other one is called “because I love you friend.”  She also wrote an amazing message to me that put some major kick in my pants to live up to the person my friends think I am!


Time to get to bed so I can do it all over again tomorrow!!

What I Ate Wednesday, When I Had No Food

I so so desperately needed to go to the grocery store today (as evidenced by the following) that I ended up going at 9:30 at night.  Not ideal, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it.

I had no strawberries to make oatmeal so I was back to regular old cereal for breakfast this morning.


Lunch was a hodge podge of things (which it usually is).  I find that I am better off just eating what I can throughout the day instead of having one big thing for lunch.  We are usually doing documentation during lunch anyway so I am lucky if I have time to eat the salads I have been making.

Peach, clementine, carrots and hummus, grapes, yogurt and granola (Coffee Chocolate Chip Granola if we are going to get technical)

Peach, clementine, carrots and hummus, grapes, yogurt and granola (Coffee Chocolate Chip Granola if we are going to get technical)

By the times I was done work, finished going to Starbucks to study, ran 5 miles, did my push up challenge (to include 73 push ups, reverse crunches and 20# squats), and started “making” dinner it was after 9:00.  I pulled my last resort dinner out of the freezer (these bad boys were 5 for 7 dollars last week on sale so I had to pick some up for occasions such as this).

BBQ Chicken Pizza Lean Cuisine

BBQ Chicken Pizza Lean Cuisine


I was so tired and out of it the whole time I was at the store, it took me so much longer than usual.  Once I got home and put away groceries I was ready to hit the dessert, hurry up and post and now go to sleep to start the marathon all over again tomorrow.

Almond Butter

Almond Butter

More Greek Yogurt and Granola

More Greek Yogurt and Granola


Tomorrow my friend Carlos from my Bourbon Chase team is going to be in town so we are going to meet up for a drink and play some trivia.  It will be the perfect thing to get me through my Thursday and almost to the weekend!

Week Three in Atlanta

After two and a half weeks I am finally setting in to a good groove here in Atlanta.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still counting down the days until I can go home but this week started off with a boom and I am feeling much more myself.

Yesterday started with me finding out I am getting a loan from my school I had no idea about that is unsubsidized for 9 months after I graduate.  This is coming at an amazing time because I was literally about to start walking the streets and collecting pennies I was so stressed out about how I was going to make it until hopefully getting a job the first of June.

Then I came home from work to glorious sunshine for my 5 mile run and found a package on my bed from my dear, amazing, sweet best friend Lindsey!

She got me the granola from the bakery in Philly that I am so obsessed with and was so upset I was running out of!!  And a stack of pictures to warm my soul and a magazine to keep my butt moving!

She got me the granola from the bakery in Philly that I am so obsessed with and was so upset I was running out of!! And a stack of pictures to warm my soul and a magazine to keep my butt moving!

If that doesn’t make your day, I don’t know what would?!

Then today I figured out if I just go to Starbucks and study after work I can get that out of the way, it can take me 20 minutes to get home instead of 50 and now that it is light so much later I can still run in the daylight when I get home (I did my whole hill interval work out tonight before it was dark)!  Plus the Starbucks right by my work has a fantastic shaded patio space with huge tables and outside outlets (I mean does it really get better than that).

Camped out!

Camped out!


I am so glad to finally start feeling settled here in my home for the next 8 weeks and with Casey and Scarlett coming this weekend I am pretty much on cloud 9!

Hope you are all having a great week too!

Saturday Down Time

After two weekends back to back spending >10 hours in the car it is so nice to have NOTHING to do this weekend except run and study.  I needed this day for my sanity and I fully expect tomorrow to be the same.  I don’t know if I have spoken more than 100 words today which is oddly refreshing, especially when I have to talk all day at my job.

I woke up this morning and made probably my favorite bowl of oatmeal I have ever made.DSC_0105

I made the regular base of oats with almond milk.  Just when the milk boiled and I added the oats I also added sliced strawberries so they had time to soften up and flavor the whole concoction.  Then I added Cascadian Farms Dark Chocolate Almond Granola.  Yep, chocolate covered strawberries and almonds for breakfast for this girl!  Amazing.

After devouring that, I decided to get my studying done first thing.  I have made a pretty good plan recently that is helping me feel less like my study time is excruciating.  The plan is to take a stroll to the coffee shop that is close to my house after my run tomorrow since it is supposed to be so nice and sit on their patio and work.

Least good part of my day

Least good part of my day


After finishing up with that I headed out for my run.  I had an 8 mile pace run on the docket today.  I always am hesitant to hang out right at my pace because I hate getting behind (OCD much) and I always end up quite a bit ahead at the end.  Goal pace is 7:55, I did 7:41.  Whoops.  And it was stinking hot.  Or maybe not hot but 30 degrees warmer than it has been so that was a big jump for my body.  Should be really interesting for my 18 tomorrow.

The rest of the day held a quick trip to the grocery store to get a few things that were on sale, reading (and yes that is the January issue of Runner’s World, I am a bit behind), and watching House of Cards which is blowing my mind!


I also got a lovely package from my dear momma who knew how tough my first two weeks in Atlanta have been.  It put the hugest smile on my face 1) because I love getting mail, 2) because I love starburst jelly beans and 3)because it is just nice to know how much she loves and supports me every day.


Tomorrow should look about the same with a bit more time allocated to the running but the weather should be gorgeous so how lucky am I!

Hope you had a great Saturday!

Productivity, well as long as there is reward

Today I woke up about two hours before my 7:15 alarm and then could only return to a slight sleep, convinced I wasn’t going to wake up to my alarm and was going to miss the group run, which really wouldn’t have even been a big deal.

I met up early with one a few of the guys from the group to get a few extra miles in before meeting up with the group for the 8.5 scheduled miles.  About a mile into our pre-run-run it started to rain, then pretty hard and by the time we met the rest of the group I was soaked.  Luckily it was significantly warmer today or it would have been super miserable.  The first two and a half miles of the run I was kind of in between pace groups but with about 6 miles to go I caught up to a woman and ended up spending the following miles getting to know her.  She was fantastic and had such amazing life experience like being part of the Peace Corp and living in Fiji!  Did you know you can’t have your knees or shoulders exposed there as a woman.  She was telling me she would have to wear a floor length skirt to RUN!  Crazy, and way to go for her dedication.

All in all I ended up covering 14.2 miles (a bit more than the 13 planned miles).  I had planned to go with the group for coffee and breakfast but I met another girl who lived near me that I was going to walk back with and she was leaving then.  All the better though because the coffee place was further away from my house and I was absolutely soaked and starting to get pretty cold.  By the time I made it home I was so glad I skipped it because I felt like I could barely move my hands.  I don’t think I have ever had a better shower in my life.

After a productive morning, I was bound and determine to get some studying done.  I had decided to take another board practice exam.  These things are mentally brutal, 200 questions, no distractions, just your brain constantly whirring.  By the last 10 questions I hardly knew how to read any more.  I ended up with a 5% improvement since the last one so my studying this week has been helping, thank goodness!

Upon completion I was brain dead and turned on the football game to zone out.  At half time I decided a cheese steak was in order after my brutal run this morning and brutal brain suicide this afternoon.  My mind and body deserved a treat and what better when I am in the land of the cheese steak!


Working hard does have its benefits…yumm!!

First Day

Today was one of the few Mondays that my head popped right off the pillow with the alarm.  I actually woke up a few times before my alarm afraid that I had missed it.  I got up, did the morning routine and just as I was about to leave I saw the POURING rain outside.  Luckily I only had two blocks to go but my umbrella inverted and the wind was blowing and I must have looked like such a hot mess when I got there.

Pre-torential downpour!

Pre-torential downpour!


Once I did make it, 15 minutes early as always, I hung out in the lobby and waited to be picked up for orientation.


The rest of the day was a whirl wind, getting oriented to the building, seeing patients, learning standard day to day procedural stuff.  Then before I knew it I was heading home, just to bundle up and head out for my first real Philadelphia run.  I had a tempo run on the schedule and decided to head to the art museum again and the river.  It was such a good run, especially after yesterday’s disaster and resting on Saturday, my legs were ready to get moving.  And, major bonus, when I run that way I go into the wind on the way out and have it at my back on my way back.  It was always the opposite in Charleston and I hated it!

I was set that I needed to start my routine of studying for boards with my first day of work so I jumped in the shower, fixed up some dinner and got right to it.  A little over an hour in, Casey called and we ended up on the phone for two hours which has NEVER happened EVER so I wasn’t going to stop it.  I had planned to get 2 hours in today but I am pretty tired so I will just have to make up the hour somewhere else in the week.  At this point I have planned 2 hours a day week days so if I have to make up some of the time of the weekends I always have that option too!  Just got to hold myself accountable.

On to day 2…