Fitness Marathon Sunday

Last night after working and getting my full 2 hours of studying in I headed out in Philly with my best friend Hannah!  Everywhere was super crowded and it was frigid walking around but I had a great time just getting to spend it with her.  After getting home at 1, I was not excited to have to get up at 8:15 to hit the road for a long run.

When the time came I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed, bundled up against the continually harsh temperatures and hit the road.  I ran the river trail which is my favorite run in Philly and ended my 13 miles at the yoga studio.  Today was one of those days that I didn’t even really feel good after a mile or two temperature wise and even after going inside for our yoga class and going to breakfast I just felt like I couldn’t get warm until I finally took a shower.

The yoga class was awesome after a long run, though some of the more strength oriented poses I struggled with due to tired muscles.  The stretching was awesome though; instead of just sitting around most of the day after running I got a great active recovery in.

Hannah and I went to the same breakfast place and I got a fantastic sandwich!  Talk about a recovery meal!

Whole wheat bagel with arugula, brie, bacon and sweet cherry jam!

Whole wheat bagel with arugula, brie, bacon and sweet cherry jam!

After coming home and showering I popped a whole chicken my mom gave me before heading up here in the oven so I would have it to eat off of all week.  It was so incredibly easy: pull out of freezer, cut off exterior bag, place chicken on tray and cook for 3 hours.

Chicken, brussel sprouts and red potatoes

Chicken, brussel sprouts and red potatoes


Nothing like treating your body right after giving it a morning beating!

Weekly Workout Recap

Running: 35.08 miles

Yoga: 90 minutes

Strength: 15 minute NTC, 3×10 lunges and squats

Goal: Remember to do What I Ate Wednesday this week…I got out of the habit and keep forgetting!!  Burning it in to my brain right now!

A Few New Favorite Work Out Moves…

I have recently become obsessed with the Nike Training Club app after seeing it on Julie’s blog, PBFingers.  NTC

There have been a couple of exercise moves in these programs that I have never done and am quite fond of.  I just wanted to share my top three favorites with you.

Single Leg Clock Squats

Push Away Balance


Man she looks like such a stud.  I could do Suitcases from now until the 4th of July and I would never look like that but hey, what can you do!

If you like these exercises, there are so many more awesome ones available through this app.  I would highly recommend checking it out.  Plus its free so even if you think I have lost my mind and it is awful, no harm, no foul.  Pretty sure this won’t be the case though.

Tried out Advanced Get Toned: The Edge tonight after a 3 mile easy run and I am fully expecting to struggle to get out of bed in the morning!

Some Tunes


For the race Saturday I made a new playlist and today I whipped that bad boy back out for my run.  I had planned an easy four but I was so pumped up at the start that I had to share it.

2013-11-02 09.14.58

James Island Connector Playlist

1.  Wake Me Up by Avicii

2.  Girl of Fire by Alicia Keys

3.  Wrecking Ball by Miley Cirus (I hate that I like this song, but I seriously can’t not like it)

4.  I Love It by Icona Pop

5.  Same Love by Mackelmore

6.  Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood

7.  Best I Ever Had by Gavin DeGraw (love this one)

8.  I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes

9.  Raise Your Glass by Pink

10.  Holy Grail by Jay-Z and JT

11.  Roar by Katy Perry

12.  Take Back the Night by JT (Justin Timberlake)

13.  Safe and Sound by Capital Cities

When I got home I tried out a workout from Nike Training Club.  Julie from PBfingers reviewed this app earlier in the week and pretty much raved about it so I had to try it.

The best part of the app is I can pick a 15 minute work out to focus on an area of the body.  Today I did Better Butt, it certainly doesn’t feel better at the moment but that may be the point.  A quick bout of strength training for 15 minutes after running is totally manageable so now I just need to make it a routine.

The app is 100% free and plays whatever playlist you want while you go.  It tells you the start of each exercise and gives directions and videos in case you don’t know the exercise.  In addition to the 15 minute exercises, there are also full length exercise programs.

Nike has certainly put out a high quality app here definitely worth taking a look at.

Do you have any new, awesome running songs?










So I was MIA this weekend.  Wanna know why?  Because I did NOTHING worth telling anyone about!! It was awesome.  I did go to Lindsey’s last shower in Columbia yesterday which was very nice but other than that, we barely left the house.  After two very busy, crazy, hectic weekends of travel (and tons of fun) it was nice to do nothing all weekend long!

Today was back to the grind though.  However I felt invigorated and ready for the week after such a nice weekend.  Plus, IT IS MY LAST FULL WEEK OF SCHOOL EVER!!  Nothing like that statement to motivate someone.

I got out of bed and took a nice easy four mile run.  It was the perfect temperature.  Right around 60; I can finally wear shirts to run again.  No more running naked (just kidding, maybe…).  When I got home, I whipped up some peanut butter, banana and honey oatmeal to help get me through the day.  It certainly does the trick, lunch time came and went and I wasn’t even ready to eat.

Finally at one I forced myself to eat my lunch because I was going to a fitness class with my friend Maribeth and I knew I had to be energized for it.  It was so good to get in the gym and do some strengthening after not doing it for so long.  The class (called Joe-D bands) was great, especially with friends.  We warmed up with two laps around the track and 8 sets of 3 flights of stairs.  Tough way to start.  Then when we got back we did walking lunges until everyone was done.  We did a few other small things before breaking into station groups where we did a strengthening move 4 sets for what I am guessing was 30 seconds each before moving on to the next.  It went so fast and I got a great work out.  My arms are going to be a little unhappy in the morning I am sure.

Just because I never do selfies...haha!  After the workout

Just because I never do selfies…haha! After the workout

In case you didn’t catch that, I did a double work out day!! I have never done this before and it wasn’t as strenuous as I thought it would be.

Post work out we went to Persimmon Cafe and got Pumpkin Carmel Custard.  Thats right y’all PUMPKIN CARMEL!!  It was amazing, the perfect workout treat.  And I shared it with Maribeth so we didn’t completely undo our workout.

2013-09-23 17.54.45

Just because this is the largest jar of Nutella I have ever seen!

Just because this is the largest jar of Nutella I have ever seen!  It had a handle on the top!


Hope you had a great Monday!