Weekend with Casey

After work Thursday I hurriedly completed my first round of Yasso 800’s before rushing around trying to entertain myself until I could go pick up Casey from the airport.  Longest few hours of my life.

Friday, we got up early and went to Honey’s for breakfast, my absolute hands down favorite in Philly.  Then we headed up to the mountain for the day.  Casey hadn’t been snowboarding in two years and we had never been together so the pressure was on.  I was pretty sure he would be impressed but I certainly didn’t want to let him down.  I was doing so well and got so much support from his friends that I went off a jump much too fast trying to show off and landed squarely on my back.  Whoops!  Luckily (for my ego at least) Casey had his own crash landing about 30 seconds later so we left the terrain park after that.  Probably the best decision we could have made for our own health.

sb with case

After a great day at the mountain we headed to Casey’s hometown to hang out for the weekend.  We had no plans and really just got to spend time with friends and each other.  The only thing I needed to do was my 14 mile long run Saturday.  I got it in, in the cold, cold beautiful morning.  All the wide open space and rolling hills blanketed in snow were welcomed after being in the city for so long now.  The only problem was the lingering disturbance in my back from my tumble the day before.  I toughed it out but it certainly didn’t feel as good as it could have.


Sunday was supposed to hold a 7 mile pace run but I reluctantly made the decision to let this one go.  In all honesty I used my back pain as an excuse because I didn’t want to spend any part of that day not with Casey.  As pathetic as it sounds, there it is, the honest truth and I don’t regret it.  That 7 miles is not going to make a slice of difference in my race and I got to spend that time with him which meant so much more.

Today unfortunately held the return to reality.  I put Case in the cab at 7:30, attempted to pull myself together and head to work.  The only bright spot in my day was getting out over 2 hours early which NEVER happens, we are always the last ones to leave.  I was able to get my 7 mile run Friday in today during the daylight and save myself about 30 minutes of sleep Friday morning, got laundry done, studied, cooked dinner, did some work.  It was great to actually have some time to catch up but boy do I wish I could hit rewind to 48 hours ago!

So now I begin the next count down, 11 more days in Philly, 18 days until I visit Charleston and all my friends and sweet, sweet puppy girl there!

Weekend Away

Over the weekend I met my family to do some skiing.  It was so nice to get out of the city for a few days and get to hang out with my family.

The conditions were incredible (the only up side to it being 20 degrees every day).

With my brothers

With my brothers

Top of the mountain sunset

Top of the mountain sunset

Top of the mountain view

Top of the mountain view, doesn’t even begin to do it justice!

After a full day of skiing, my brothers went back to stay in a cabin with their friends and my mom, dad and I headed out to find some food.  We headed out in a ton of snow and stopped at the first place we passed caused Thunder Road.  I have to say, this was a place I never expected to be with my parents.  It was a dive bar, with a ton of bikers and a pretty hard core rock band and we had the BEST time!  The band was actually really good and the burgers were incredible after a long day on the mountain.  We had to record a part of it so that the boys would even believe we went to this place.

Unfortunately, I had to head back this morning and get back to real life.  I stopped at the grocery store on the way back since I was already out of my parking spot I wanted to make the best of it.  When I got home, someone on my street was leaving which was amazing luck, parking here is an absolute nightmare!!  Simple joys in life, right?

After parking and getting my groceries put away, I hit the road for my last run before commencing training for BOSTON!!  It was so strange weather wise, I had the wind at my back in the beginning and it was snowing like crazy, when I turned around I was headed into the wind and the snow picked up even more for about a mile but then the sun came out, the wind slowed down but it kept right on snowing.  I was amazing.  I wasn’t cold and I was running in the snow, it really doesn’t get better than that!

Along the River Trail

Along the River Trail



Workout Recap

Running: 26.26 miles (easy week in rough running conditions before starting Boston training)

Yoga: 30 minutes

Strength: none (or 1 whole day of snowboarding, I think that counts)

Hope you had a great weekend!

Be Careful What You Wish For

The last few weeks before leaving Charleston the temperatures were unseasonably warm.  I mean, two days before Christmas it was 80 and I ran in shorts and a sports bra!  Well those days are long gone.

New Years day I put in an 8 mile run then my family hit the road to go ski at Camelback Mountain.  We got up there checked into the hotel and headed to get some dinner.  It was cold and the forecast was calling for 8 inches plus of snow.  You can’t ask for better weather to ski!

Thursday morning, I woke up early and headed to the hotel fitness room to get my tempo run in before grabbing some continental breakfast (oatmeal with granola, brown sugar and granola) and piling in the car to go to the mountain.

The day was awesome.  It wasn’t too cold, there were that many people since it was a week day and we waited in virtually no lines.  We went for a solid 8 hours and were pretty beat by the time we left the mountain around 7:30/8 o’clock.  The only hitch was when my strap broke but luckily I was able to go to the ski shop and they fixed it up for $15.  The guy was really nice and we chatted about life, school, etc while he mended my broken baby.  It is so nice to meet genuinely friendly people out in the world.

Cole and I waiting for the rest

Cole and I waiting for everyone

Cole, ready to go

Cole, ready to go

Ben catching up

Ben catching up

Dad, the sole skier of our pack

Dad, the sole skier of our pack


By the time we headed back to the hotel the roads were pretty bad and we had to have quite a makeshift dinner from what the hotel “shop” had to offer.  Lots of microwave meals (womp, womp).

This morning we woke up and it started like groundhogs day.  I headed to the gym again, got in an easy few miles then headed to meet the team for breakfast.  We loaded up the car, this time with all of our things since we were checking out, then headed to the mountain.  Today however was BITTERLY cold.  Like no skin exposed kind of cold.  Like the coldest cold I have ever felt in my life.  Once we got there we decided we weren’t adequately prepared for the elements and bailed on the day.

After making the final decision, begrudgingly I’ll tell you, I decided on a whim to check the weather on my phone.  4 degrees with a WIND CHILL OF -28 DEGREES!!  Are you kidding me!?

I can’t deny I was bummed to miss our second day but without the proper shielding for our faces it just wouldn’t have been smart.  I think I would have been fine if I didn’t need to use my mouth, eyes or nose every again; not important right?  As we drove away I just kept thinking that I was begging for this barely a week ago, just maybe not to that extreme.

At least I know when Casey comes we will be going again which made leaving today a little less of a bummer.

Tomorrow brings the big move to Philadelphia.  Fingers crossed for a smooth move and a close parking spot!