Monday Tidbits

I feel that today I am more filled with random thoughts than any cohesive story so that is how it will be delivered to you!

1. I have grown to absolutely despise this…


…and this…


…and absolutely can’t wait for this…


…I will probably just have to run around naked when I get there to celebrate!

2.  I am obsessed with Metropolitan Bakery granola that I got when I was with my family this weekend at Reading Terminal Market.


I have already eaten that much of it since Saturday, so naturally I had to stop by tonight to get more.


3.  Starbucks doubles my productivity, hands down, no questions asked.  And this yogurt I also got when I was at the bakery was life changing (as my friend Hannah promised it would be).


I got a blueberry too when I was there but I have heard the chocolate is heavenly, which they didn’t have!

4.  I have the cutest friend in the whole wide world that makes me feel special every day, because who doesn’t like to get good old fashioned mail, and hand made no less!



I want just 1/100 of her creativity and talent for these things!

5.  I tried to move my car into one of three empty spots closer to my house to make moving out easier Friday, only to find they were empty for a reason (they are impossible to get into with the snow mounds) and ended up back in my original spot.

6.  We are expecting 2-3 inches of snow over night, likely my last snow fall of the year; 10% bitter, 90% sweet!

7.  I love the olympics and am off now to continue watching them, bring on the snowboard cross!

Happy Monday!

What I Ate Wednesday: Galentine’s Day

Firstly, I have to apologize for how terrible the quality of these pictures are.  The restaurant we went to had very romantic mood lighting for our Galentine’s Day Dinner which made for horrible pictures!

Breakfast was typical cereal and coffee but I am obsessed with these Dark Chocolate Cherrios.  Definitely being added to the rotation.  After my hill intervals this morning I took this down so fast but was surprisingly satisfied until lunch.


Lunch consisted of the usual: greek yogurt and granola, carrots and hummus and a clementine.  Nothing new around here, plus I am in “get rid of all the food” mode to get ready to move next Friday so I don’t have anything new and creative to take with me.


After work I headed to Starbucks to get in my 2 hours of studying for boards and enjoyed some coffee and a banana.


The main event for today was Galentine’s Day though.  A whole bunch of us girls met up and had some wine and a bunch of shared food and it was amazing!  It was such an enjoyable night and was so fun to be around a bunch of fun loving ladies and share some fantastic food.

Hummus and Baba

Hummus and Baba

Seafood Fettucini (Which will be dinner for 2 more much food!)

Seafood Fettucini (Which will be dinner for 2 more nights…so much food!)

Some mystery chocolate dessert that was awesome!

Some mystery chocolate dessert that was awesome!


Now I am happy to be home in my bed because it is yet again snowing with the promise of 6-8 more inches.  I finally signed up for a free one week gym membership at the gym around my corner because I know tomorrow morning is going to be absolutely treacherous so off to the gym I will go…womp womp!  Stay safe everyone!

What I Ate Wednesday

This morning when I woke up I was all ready to hit my hill repeats until I looked out the window and saw we had gotten even more snow.  I had no idea we were even supposed to get any more.  I got dressed and headed out the door with the intention to run the repeats at best or do my 3 miles easy that I was supposed to do tomorrow if it was too slippery.  Unfortunately it was too slick and I knew trying to run sprints uphill on ice was going to end with me and a broken limb.  So barring any new, unforeseen snow I will be doing those hills tomorrow morning.

After my run I dug into some breakfast…

Maple Mini Wheats with Almond Milk and coffee

Maple Mini Wheats with Almond Milk and coffee

Lunch today was my typical “I don’t feel like making anything”:

Greek yogurt and granola, carrots and hummus and a clementine

Greek yogurt and granola, carrots and hummus and a clementine

After work I headed over to the AT&T store to hopefully get a new phone because my mom got a text today saying she was eligible for an upgrade.  I was so excited to be getting one much earlier than I was supposed to (June).  However, AT&T are a big bunch of butt heads and you could get an upgrade if you pay 32 extra dollars a month to be able to get an early upgrade…what a bunch of lies!!  So that was a huge let down but I trudged home, got myself a snack and took another PT board practice exam.

My favorite snack

My favorite snack; plus a scoop of peanut butter not shown!

After that mentally grueling task, with an improvement of 4% which I will take and run with, I was ready to eat some dinner, watch some Downton Abbey and veg out for the rest of the night.

Butternut squash, apples, red onion and chicken apple sausage

Butternut squash, apples, red onion and chicken apple sausage

Dessert was one of my newly rediscovered favorites: NILLA WAFERS!  I don’t know why I ever forgot about them, but I love them!

Big box of delicious!

Big box of delicious!


Half way to the weekend!!

What I Ate Wednesday (On Thursday)

This morning started with a chilly run, well all morning have started with a chilly run lately if we are to be perfectly honest.

But this isn’t about today, it is about yesterday!


Breakfast: Raisin Bran Crunch, Almond Milk, Coffee


After my cold run I really wanted oatmeal but I didn’t have the time to whip it up.  May be in order for tomorrow though.

Lunch: Chili left over from Tuesday (my favorite cold weather food) and a clementine

Even if it looks gross, chili is one of my favorite things!

Even if it looks gross, chili is one of my favorite things!

Even my fruit was telling me it was cold out!

Even my fruit was telling me it was cold out!


Afternoon: Every day after work I have been heading to Starbucks to get my 2 hours of studying for boards in, meaning 2 daily cups of coffee but I am 100% okay with it!


Dinner: Chicken (from whole chicken I cooked on Sunday), Broccoli and Jasmine Rice


Dessert: Trader Joes Carmel Cashew Cookies (AMAZING, I have eaten way to many of them)


I highly recommend these bad boys.  Or the oatmeal chocolate chip, also delicious, also almost gone. I have a problem!  Reasons why we run, right?

Be Careful What You Wish For

The last few weeks before leaving Charleston the temperatures were unseasonably warm.  I mean, two days before Christmas it was 80 and I ran in shorts and a sports bra!  Well those days are long gone.

New Years day I put in an 8 mile run then my family hit the road to go ski at Camelback Mountain.  We got up there checked into the hotel and headed to get some dinner.  It was cold and the forecast was calling for 8 inches plus of snow.  You can’t ask for better weather to ski!

Thursday morning, I woke up early and headed to the hotel fitness room to get my tempo run in before grabbing some continental breakfast (oatmeal with granola, brown sugar and granola) and piling in the car to go to the mountain.

The day was awesome.  It wasn’t too cold, there were that many people since it was a week day and we waited in virtually no lines.  We went for a solid 8 hours and were pretty beat by the time we left the mountain around 7:30/8 o’clock.  The only hitch was when my strap broke but luckily I was able to go to the ski shop and they fixed it up for $15.  The guy was really nice and we chatted about life, school, etc while he mended my broken baby.  It is so nice to meet genuinely friendly people out in the world.

Cole and I waiting for the rest

Cole and I waiting for everyone

Cole, ready to go

Cole, ready to go

Ben catching up

Ben catching up

Dad, the sole skier of our pack

Dad, the sole skier of our pack


By the time we headed back to the hotel the roads were pretty bad and we had to have quite a makeshift dinner from what the hotel “shop” had to offer.  Lots of microwave meals (womp, womp).

This morning we woke up and it started like groundhogs day.  I headed to the gym again, got in an easy few miles then headed to meet the team for breakfast.  We loaded up the car, this time with all of our things since we were checking out, then headed to the mountain.  Today however was BITTERLY cold.  Like no skin exposed kind of cold.  Like the coldest cold I have ever felt in my life.  Once we got there we decided we weren’t adequately prepared for the elements and bailed on the day.

After making the final decision, begrudgingly I’ll tell you, I decided on a whim to check the weather on my phone.  4 degrees with a WIND CHILL OF -28 DEGREES!!  Are you kidding me!?

I can’t deny I was bummed to miss our second day but without the proper shielding for our faces it just wouldn’t have been smart.  I think I would have been fine if I didn’t need to use my mouth, eyes or nose every again; not important right?  As we drove away I just kept thinking that I was begging for this barely a week ago, just maybe not to that extreme.

At least I know when Casey comes we will be going again which made leaving today a little less of a bummer.

Tomorrow brings the big move to Philadelphia.  Fingers crossed for a smooth move and a close parking spot!