Over the weekend when we were driving back to Charleston it really hit me how close I am to being done with the classroom part of school (October 4th baby!).  With that came my absolute, 100% lack of motivation to get anything done.

Yesterday, I was done class at 12:00, leaving me until 6:00 when I had to go to clinic to get things done.  In that time I: took a nap, studied neuro for about 30 minutes, picked up Casey, went to two grocery stores and read runners world.  Not exactly the productive afternoon I had planned.

What is it about getting closer to a goal that just makes accomplishing it so much harder.  I swear it is like an exponentially declining relationship of being able to be productive.  This is especially bad timing because…

Sunday: Parkinson’s project due

Thursday: Neuro Final (cummulative, yikes!)

Friday: Peds exam 2 (this class goes into the fall semester)

Monday: start Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Camp

Tuesday: Practice Management Final

Wednesday: Differential Diagnosis Final (last one); Casey’s birthday

Friday: end of camp, finally break!

So that pretty much means that my days need to look more like they have today.

After ending class at 11, I came home and whipped up some lunch so I could eat and get right to work.

Mahi (left over from our taco's last night), avocado, tomatoes on romaine with balsamic dressing

Mahi (left over from our taco’s last night), avocado, tomatoes on romaine with balsamic dressing

This must have done the trick because I have studied for 3 hours, worked on my project, made all sorts of necessary phone calls.  I think I am naming that salad “Motivation on Greens”!

Hopefully this day of motivation can continue through next week but I don’t have my hopes up too high for it!

Serenity NOW!

This day couldn’t have turned out any more coincidentally if I tried.

On my run with Scarlett this morning, everything was going great.  As we turned around and ran along the battery my stream of consciousness was flowing.  Look at the sunrise, ooh its hitting the water so nice, that tug boat is pretty cool, I wonder who drives tug boats, that must be serene, this run is kind of serene, serenity now, SERENITY NOW.  Then I perseverated on this episode of Seinfeld for a long time.  It was funny that this was so prominent in my head at the time because I actually was not in need of the phrase “Serenity now,” I was already serene.

Post run I had a normal routine, shower, breakfast, check e-mail before heading out for my bike ride to class (a few minutes ahead of schedule, which never happens).  I hopped on, peddled three revolutions and BOOM!

Big Old Flat!

Big Old Flat!

I hurried inside, got my bike pump, no go, too flat.  SERENITY NOW!!  So I ran back inside, grabbed my car keys and ran out the door.  I have no where to park my car at school which I forgot in my “solution” to the tire problem but luckily I just street parked and didn’t get a ticket.  Whew.

Post class, I had to drop Casey off at his dad’s which was really close to where I was doing my pediatric evaluation two hours later so I just packed up some stuff not come back in between. First stop was to get a new bike tire, then I treated myself to a half salad from Panera Bread for an early lunch.  I highly recommend the one I got, it was fantastic!!  And the major kicker was it only had 170 calories so it was the perfect snackish thing to hold me over until the eval was over.

Stawberry, Poppyseed and Chicken Salad

Stawberry, Poppyseed and Chicken Salad

Then I came home to brave the bike tire! SERENITY NOW!

2013-06-25 14.43.43

So far so good…

2013-06-25 14.51.20

No problems yet…

2013-06-25 15.08.17

Putting that tire back on was nearly the death of me.  20 minutes later I was sweating like crazy, had the greasiest hands, but I felt accomplished.  It was one of those life affirming times where I felt like I can really do anything for myself, even if I am clueless about it!

Workin' hands!

Workin’ hands!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Birthday Dinner

Missing the group run was totally worth the dinner we had tonight.  Lindsey and I each had a glass of Riesling, both of us fans of sweet wine.  Casey ordered the special order of oysters for $8.95 and we hit the jackpot.  The waitress said we would probably get about a dozen but this is what showed up…

2012-12-05 20.14.26 copy

Clay, Casey and I probably each had a dozen, it was awesome.  Then I tried to make good choices had a salad with lobster, crab, shrimp, clams and white beans and a cup of clam soup.  I think I could eat endless amounts of seafood honestly.

2012-12-05 20.30.29 copy

We decided that we are going to go to the festival of lights in charleston sometime soon which I am so excited about.  I love Christmas so much and this is about as Christmasy as it gets.  We went with them last year and it was a blast.  You drive through three miles of christmas lights displays with music and everything.  Then at the end there is a store and marshmallow roasting and other goodies.  The best part is, we can take the dogs!

We also decided we are going to rent a house in Edisto (about 30 minutes away) in May hopefully (while I am on break from school) and go for a long weekend to hang out at the beach, have bon fires and just have a relaxing time.  I already can’t wait and it is months away, it just sounds like such a nice retreat!

The whole dinner was just so fun.  There is nothing better than a good night with great friends!

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

Being Proactive

Casey has been battling some type of respiratory infection/illness for about a month now and it is only getting worse.  The longer he has it the more I feel like I am doomed so I am trying my best to be proactive, especially with what I have been eating.  I have been making a ridiculously large effort to get in TONS of fruits and veggies.

So for lunch I had…


Today was a easy run/lift day but I just couldn’t bring myself to go to the gym because it was 75 degrees out.  It is December 3rd and I ran in shorts and a tank top.  So much for the awesome compression cold weather tights Casey got me for my birthday!  Instead of going to the gym I did a short circuit at home, OUTSIDE, to hit the major muscles.

Work out

Post run I made myself a huge smoothie with tons of fruits and veggies…I am not going to get sick if I have anything to say about it!

Smoothie ingredientsplus pineapples not pictured

Smoothie ingredients
Plus pineapples not pictured

Just settling in now with the pup (officially named Scarlett) to watch football and hopefully lock up another fantasy football win!

Happy Monday!