Lazy Sunday and Workout Recap

Today started with so many good intentions.  Then we went to brunch and it was 7 pm!!  How does that happen?!

Case and I got up and went to Hampton Park so he could play some football and I took Scar for a stroll.  She was a teensy bit crazy this morning and probably walking 2 miles to my 1 just walking circles around me (literally).    IMG_1531After leaving the park the day completely disintegrated.  We went to brunch at a place called the Royal American with some friends of ours and had “Manmosas” and I had a breakfast called The Mess.  This was eggs, cheese, onions and peppers served in a potato skin.  I couldn’t bring myself to eat the potato skin but the rest was quite good.  I was disappointed that the place didn’t offer any healthy brunch options though.  Usually every place is good for a default yogurt, fruit and granola bowl or something but not here.  The Mess (minus the potato skin) was pretty much as good as I could do there.  O well, hence why we run, right?

IMG_1596IMG_1597After having brunch we headed to Shem Creek to have a drink at this beautiful dock bar.  The weather was amazing, I could have sat there all day!

IMG_1606IMG_1607Needless to say, my run wasn’t stellar tonight but I got it in; 4 miles over the bridge.  After a day of not so amazing food choices I needed to move my body even if it wasn’t and impressive performance.

Workout Recap:

I am going to have some making up to do in the stretching and push up department next week to hit my six week goals.  Next week is the end already.  I can’t believe it.

Running: 32.1; 28.5 to go this week

Stretching: a measly 6 minutes (YIKES); 75 minutes to go this week

Push Ups: 280; 390 to go this week

Here’s to a good week wrapping up these goals and all fingers and toes crossed for some call for an interview!!!

New Christmas Traditions

This is the first year of my life I haven’t been home for Christmas and I have been having the hardest time getting in the spirit no matter what I do.  But today I decided to start some new traditions so that this time next year I can feel all ooey-gooey-christmasy!

Casey, Scarlett and I went for a Christmas Eve run once it got dark out to see all the Christmas lights down town.  We went very slow and easy and just enjoyed the time together as a family (especially since I will be leaving in a few days).  I was so bummed about the sparse decorations around the beautiful homes on the battery but we made the best of it and I soaked up every mile.

When we got home Casey had been begging for some gingerbread cookies so I whipped up some of those.  I don’t think they were exactly what he was looking for but I had never made them before and was really winging it. I don’t really know what they are supposed to taste like so I thought they were pretty good.


I also made up a pecan pie for tomorrow.  This was something else I have never made so we will see tomorrow how that turns out.  He had been asking for this for Thanksgiving but I made pumpkin and apple so I figured I should probably do this for Christmas.


Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve with your families!!

Veggie Flatbreads

After a full day of work and a quick run with my sweet puppy Scarlett I came home and felt inspired to make a little something new and different for dinner.  I didn’t feel like looking up a recipe so I decided to wing it with some veggie flatbreads.

I hit the grocery store and picked up a few missing ingredients but almost everything I used I found right in my refrigerator.

What you need…

~A Naan (I got garlic for some extra flavor)

~2 TBSP Pesto (we used sundried tomato, but regular is good too)

~1-2 TBSP Ricotta

~1-2 TBSP Feta

~Sprinkle of Mozzarella

~All or any of: red onions, artichokes, mushrooms, peppers, roma tomatoes (I used all of them of course)

~Optional topping: Balsamic Glaze

How to Make it:

1. Preheat oven to 375.

2.  Spread pesto on Naan.

3.  Place dabs of Ricotta around the flat bread.

4.  Add sliced ingredients with tomatoes added last.

5.  Sprinkle feta and mozzarella on top

6.  Drizzle with balsamic glaze.

7.  Bake for 25-30 minutes.

Before hitting the tanning bed…


After becoming an 8 (Friends reference anyone)…



The one I made for Casey is on the right sans mushrooms or balsamic glaze (clearly the inferior of the two).

Hope you enjoy this!

Finally Remembered What I Ate Wednesday!

For the past two weeks I have really been blowing this post.  Usually I remember at breakfast but lunch is so crazy busy I usually forget about it until I am driving home when it is too late.  Whoops!

Breakfast: Pumpkin Spice Bagel with Cream Cheese; Coffee with Pumpkin Cream Cheese (yep, still super pumpkiny over here)

2013-11-20 07.04.21

When I got to work we did have a patient in the first spot so I enjoyed my coffee with a little studying…

2013-11-20 08.22.01

Lunch: Chili with Chicken and Beans (Harris Teeter) and a Fig Bar

2013-11-20 12.19.05

After getting home from work an hour early (yay, that never happens) I was able to get a run in before going to CARES.  I took Scarlett with me for her longest run ever.  We did five miles!!  Usually I take her on the same three mile loop so when we took a different turn she was not pleased and then every corner she tried to make a turn.  Then when we kept going straight I swear she kept looking at me like ,”Mom, what are you thinking, I know the way home and you are messing it up!”  Gotta love my pupster with the most personality in the world.  I thought she would be super tired at the end but she finished just as strong as usual.  I am finally starting to feel like she can come with me on most runs as long as pace isn’t an issue.  Running with her is pretty much a glorified fartlek run (6 minute miles, 10 minute miles, 8 minute miles, just all over the place)!

When I got home I checked my mail and my super sweet grandma had sent me a birthday card (woo early birthday present)!  More importantly she had clipped a bunch of coupons for me and sent them, how amazing is she!


Before heading to the free clinic I inhaled a banana (which I forgot to picture, whoops) to help me make it to dinner time!

Dinner: Chicken, Rice, Beans, Rotel, Onion and Bell Peppers (amazing); nothing makes me happier than when Casey has dinner done when I get home on Wednesdays (the for sure longest day of my week)


Hope you had some delicious eats as well!  Happy hump day everyone!

Getting Through Mondays

To make my morning start better I took Scarlett with me on my early morning run.  Not only does it make me feel safer setting off in the dark with my girl, it makes the miles fly.  I just have so much more fun when she tags along!

So happy after our morning run!

So happy after our morning run!


She is always so pooped after running which is great for her to pass back out until Casey gets up to entertain her all over again.

After that it was a fairly typical Monday, but especially busy at work!  After work Scarlett got another dose of awesome with a trip to the dog park.  She just really hit the jackpot.  I wish I could have taken some shots there but it was so dark (stupid day light savings time).

Once we got home, we hit Cypress for burger night and I got the veggie burger (very large portobello mushroom) yumm! This left me nice and full, hanging out and I am barely holding my eyes open trying to watch this football game.   Oh and hanging out with the little nugget again…




Apparently lots of puppy love in this day!

All Good Days Start With A Good Run

Yesterday, I popped my head off the pillow around 9 am and hit the road for my first double digit distance run in a few weeks.  I have been running consistently 30 miles a week but had been doing this is all mid distance runs.  It felt good to get some miles under my legs and the perfect start to a really fun day.

After my run, I showered and we headed up to Columbia for Kayla’s (from the Bourbon Chase Team) birthday.  Casey and I had never been to a big SEC game and although we didn’t go in we had an awesome time eating, drinking and hanging out with friends.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Singing Happy Birthday!


Not sure what the deal was with the rocks...

Not sure what the deal was with the rocks…



Today was a typical football Sunday but with one new addition!  Our friends Big Co and JK just got a brand new puppy.  She is 75% chocolate lab, 25% Australian Shepard.  They named her Roosevelt, so I call her Rosie.  Scarlett loves her new friend but is really anxious to play with her which she isn’t quite ready for yet.

Baby Rosie

Baby Rosie

My beautiful girl...I swear she is smiling!

My beautiful girl…I swear she is smiling!


Hope you had a great weekend!!

Down Dog

Today I decided to get in a good yoga session before we hit the road to Charlotte.  On every run I have set out on for the last few weeks it has taken me about a half mile to get my hip flexors and hamstrings to stop aching.  I have been doing a lot of sitting around reading, putting my hip flexors and hamstrings in a shortened position (I sit pretty much in the fetal position).  Last night I took a gander at my workout log and it had been a MONTH since I have done any yoga.  WHOOPS!!  Really fell off the wagon there, no wonder my muscles felt like crap!

I have been collecting pictures of what Scarlett does every time I try to do yoga.

Photo on 2013-09-03 at 11.16 #2

Photo on 2013-09-03 at 11.16

This one is my favorite!

This one is my favorite!

Photo on 2013-10-17 at 10.43 #2

Just wants to get involved I guess.  I think she just really loves the yoga mat.  She comes running to it every time I roll it out!  Too bad her down dog puts mine to shame, haha!!

Now I am off to do last minute packing.  I will be without the computer while we are gone so I will write a full update on the Bourbon Chase on Sunday!  I will also try my best to document on Instagram.  You can follow me: ahellams!

Scarlett Turned One!

I promise to get the rest of the Bachlorette recap in tomorrow but it had to get put aside for a very special day!  SCARLETT’S FIRST BIRTHDAY!!

I can’t believe my girl is already one.  I feel like we just got her and now she is a full grown dog.  However in her head she is still two months old so we have a two month old in a giant, still clumsy, one year old body.


We planned to take her to the beach tonight and go for a run on the beach all together but we had a HUGE thunderstorm right when we were about to go! 😦 We still took her for a run, but we stayed downtown because it was already starting to get dark when we were leaving.

While we were in Savannah this weekend Lindsey and I found this store called The Grateful Hound.  It was the cutest store with some really awesome stuff.  I immediately assumed it would be completely outrageously priced because it was such a cute little boutique but it was pretty reasonable.  The best part…they have toys that Scarlett hasn’t been able to destroy!!  She hasn’t had a toy in months because its hard to buy they for her when they only last an hour.  They are called Fluff & Tuff and they are awesome.  I got her two because I knew we wouldn’t be back and the store owner said they are the best toys on the market right now.  I am so glad I got two now because they are still going strong (I know it hasn’t been long but we are already breaking records over here).

With all of her things!

With all of her things!

I also got her a cupcake there.  Carrot Cake and Peanut Butter.  She loved it!



I can’t believe I turned into the person that has a birthday party for her dog, but what can I do.  She is the greatest!

Good Timing

Talk about good timing!

2013-09-12 10.43.42

Just kidding, we had a serial casting lab today.  I sent this picture to Casey this morning and it said “Guess no more running for a while.”  It was mean…whoops!

It was a really cool, fun lab.  It was a little scary with the cast saws but it was good to get real life practice with it before having to do it on a patient.  Nothing like a PT being nervous to cut it off for the patient’s sense of security.

Cutting off the cast

Cutting off the cast


Today was my first day back running.  I took a nice easy jog for 3 miles with Scarlett.  It felt pretty good until she decided to take off at like a 7:30 pace. Not exactly what I had in mind.  Tomorrow I plan to take a walk on the bridge for my “cross training” day with a friend.  It says 2-3 miles so should be a quick little fun activity!

With Casey out of town, I went to dinner with a few friends for restaurant week at 82 Queen.  They had a 3 for $30 menu so I got PEI mussels, Shrimp and Grits and a fantastic Chocolate Cheesecake.  I thought they were going to have to roll me out of there.  By the end of this weekend I am going to need to go on a juice fast!

Photo Credit: Melissa Willis

Photo Credit: Melissa Willis


This weekend is Lindsey’s Bachlorette party in Savannah so I am not sure what kind of internet access I will have but I will for sure take lots of pictures and have a nice recap whenever I can!!