Impatiently Waiting

Well, 3 weeks down, 7 to go as I sit here very impatiently awaiting the arrivals of these two knuckle heads…


They should be here in about an hour but the time is dragging on so slowly.  I have done everything imaginable to try and keep myself occupied after getting done work this afternoon.  I went to the grocery store to get some things to make a new and different dinner (pictures to come), went for my 6.1 mile run, did my push up challenge work out (59 push ups, 59 bicycles), watched the Modern family I missed, read some Runners World and even did some studying.  So I guess all the is left to do is stare out my bedroom window for the next hour!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, I know I will!!

Week Three in Atlanta

After two and a half weeks I am finally setting in to a good groove here in Atlanta.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still counting down the days until I can go home but this week started off with a boom and I am feeling much more myself.

Yesterday started with me finding out I am getting a loan from my school I had no idea about that is unsubsidized for 9 months after I graduate.  This is coming at an amazing time because I was literally about to start walking the streets and collecting pennies I was so stressed out about how I was going to make it until hopefully getting a job the first of June.

Then I came home from work to glorious sunshine for my 5 mile run and found a package on my bed from my dear, amazing, sweet best friend Lindsey!

She got me the granola from the bakery in Philly that I am so obsessed with and was so upset I was running out of!!  And a stack of pictures to warm my soul and a magazine to keep my butt moving!

She got me the granola from the bakery in Philly that I am so obsessed with and was so upset I was running out of!! And a stack of pictures to warm my soul and a magazine to keep my butt moving!

If that doesn’t make your day, I don’t know what would?!

Then today I figured out if I just go to Starbucks and study after work I can get that out of the way, it can take me 20 minutes to get home instead of 50 and now that it is light so much later I can still run in the daylight when I get home (I did my whole hill interval work out tonight before it was dark)!  Plus the Starbucks right by my work has a fantastic shaded patio space with huge tables and outside outlets (I mean does it really get better than that).

Camped out!

Camped out!


I am so glad to finally start feeling settled here in my home for the next 8 weeks and with Casey and Scarlett coming this weekend I am pretty much on cloud 9!

Hope you are all having a great week too!

Weekly Work Out Summary

I FINALLY got it together with my yoga and strength this week.  I think not driving >10 hours definitely helped the situation.  Plus my back is still bothering me from my snowboarding stupidity so I have been trying any and all youtube yoga to try and improve that situation.

My long run today was pretty tough.  The first 10 miles felt good and I had my head in the right place and was focused and then the last 6 or so I fell apart.  I am trying to get used to the major jump in heat and the ridiculous hills but I know I get inside my head.  My body still feels good now so I know my feeling of struggling was very mental.  However I did gain 1,862 feet which is quite a bit of work.  I also keep telling myself that I should be very prepared for Boston and Heart Break Hill after running 100 Heart Break Hills on every long run.

After recovering from that endeavor, I took a stroll to a coffee shop close to my house.  I just wanted to go for a walk in the beautiful weather so I went to a local place for once instead of driving to Starbucks where I have a ton of gift cards to (thank you mommom and poppop).  The coffee was great and the walk was perfect for my recovering muscles.

After coming home and making some dinner I sat down and wrote a paper for my Inter-professional fellowship (doesn’t that sound fancy, its not, trust me) that I have been literally putting off for months.  Talk about some serious productivity!

So another week is in the books: 6 weeks to Boston, 7 weeks until boards, 8 weeks until I am finished rotations.  Keepin’ on, keepin’ on!

Workout Summary

Running: 49.27 miles

Yoga: 31 minutes (one yoga for runners, one yoga for the spine)

Strength: 15 minutes (Perfect Alignment Pilates by Gabby Douglas)

Saturday Down Time

After two weekends back to back spending >10 hours in the car it is so nice to have NOTHING to do this weekend except run and study.  I needed this day for my sanity and I fully expect tomorrow to be the same.  I don’t know if I have spoken more than 100 words today which is oddly refreshing, especially when I have to talk all day at my job.

I woke up this morning and made probably my favorite bowl of oatmeal I have ever made.DSC_0105

I made the regular base of oats with almond milk.  Just when the milk boiled and I added the oats I also added sliced strawberries so they had time to soften up and flavor the whole concoction.  Then I added Cascadian Farms Dark Chocolate Almond Granola.  Yep, chocolate covered strawberries and almonds for breakfast for this girl!  Amazing.

After devouring that, I decided to get my studying done first thing.  I have made a pretty good plan recently that is helping me feel less like my study time is excruciating.  The plan is to take a stroll to the coffee shop that is close to my house after my run tomorrow since it is supposed to be so nice and sit on their patio and work.

Least good part of my day

Least good part of my day


After finishing up with that I headed out for my run.  I had an 8 mile pace run on the docket today.  I always am hesitant to hang out right at my pace because I hate getting behind (OCD much) and I always end up quite a bit ahead at the end.  Goal pace is 7:55, I did 7:41.  Whoops.  And it was stinking hot.  Or maybe not hot but 30 degrees warmer than it has been so that was a big jump for my body.  Should be really interesting for my 18 tomorrow.

The rest of the day held a quick trip to the grocery store to get a few things that were on sale, reading (and yes that is the January issue of Runner’s World, I am a bit behind), and watching House of Cards which is blowing my mind!


I also got a lovely package from my dear momma who knew how tough my first two weeks in Atlanta have been.  It put the hugest smile on my face 1) because I love getting mail, 2) because I love starburst jelly beans and 3)because it is just nice to know how much she loves and supports me every day.


Tomorrow should look about the same with a bit more time allocated to the running but the weather should be gorgeous so how lucky am I!

Hope you had a great Saturday!

Where I have been…

The past week has been a very challenging one for me in both my personal and professional life.  Without getting too much into the details…

1.  I miss home.  Being in Charleston this weekend with Casey and Scarlett and my friends, running on my roads, sitting in my living room, drinking out of my mug was the best and worst thing that has happened to me.  It was absolutely wonderful but leaving was excruciating.  It just pointed out to me all the things that I don’t have each and every day I am away.  Leaving was a challenge to say the least.

Dinne Saturday Night

Dinner Saturday Night


2.  My final clinical rotation has not turned out like I thought it was going to.  I spent a lot of the last week fighting to make a change and received the nail in the coffin, you have to suck it up lecture yesterday.  This was good and bad.  I can now move on, accept my current situation and work to change the things I have control over but I feel helpless and angry about those things I have not been able to change.  I am not one to get over the roof mad or emotional or down right crazy but I did in this case.  Sometime you just feel like throwing something will make you feel better, or yelling or crying or whatever.  I think these emotions were important for me to let out, give myself time to be angry and upset.  But there is a time to be done with that, put it away and move on.  So today, after a good interval training session, I am putting it away and I am moving on.

I mean I have more important things to worry about like BOARDS in 8 weeks and BOSTON in seven.

So there is where I have been and where I am currently, now to get it together to get where I am going!

What I Ate Wednesday

This morning was supposed to begin with a 4 mile easy run but that was promptly halted by the rain and cold.  With warmer temperatures and sunshine promised in the afternoon, I thought that would be a more enjoyable alternative.

After getting an extra glorious hour of sleep, I dragged my butt out of bed to get ready and have some breakfast.  Nothing new or exciting over here unfortunately…


with almond milk and coffee of course.

After sitting in much more traffic than yesterday I made it to work only about 5 minutes late (but still before everyone else).  The morning flew by as I feel it often does in my job and suddenly it was lunch time.  I had to run a few errands before tackling a fantastic salad and some other lunch regulars.

Spring mix salad with blueberries, strawberries, goat cheese and raspberry walnut dressing!

Spring mix salad with blueberries, strawberries, goat cheese and raspberry walnut dressing!

Hummus and carrots and a clementine (but the clementine was no good so I subbed it out for a banana).

Hummus and carrots and a clementine (but the clementine was no good so I subbed it out for a banana).


Once treatment sessions were finished in the afternoon and it was note writing time, I could no longer resist the Samoas that were starring me in the face, so I had two of those bad boys (totally worth it).


Once I fought traffic and made it home I figured it would be better to do my 8-mile tempo run today and save the 4 for tomorrow morning so that I wouldn’t have to get up as early.  I am learning that tempo runs here are probably best done based on effort rather than pace due to the hills but in my hard headed fashion I hit my pace markers I had set for each mile even though death was imminent.

After my run, I showered up, scarfed down some dinner and got set up to review my practice exam I took last night.

Herb pork, jasmine rice and brussels (simple and to the point)

Herb pork, jasmine rice and brussels (simple and to the point)


During my studying I had to reward myself with a small snack of raisins before having a dessert of greek yogurt with the Metropolitan Bakery Pomegranate Cinnamon granola I am obsessed with.  My portions keep getting smaller and smaller because I don’t want them to run out.

Oldie but goodie

Oldie but goodie



Hope you had a great Wednesday, half way through the week!  Only two more days until I get to finally head back to Charleston and see Casey and my puppy girl Scarlett!

First Days (Last First Days)

Yesterday was my last first day as a student!  How insane, I can’t believe how close I am to achieving something I have been working literally my whole life for.  What an intense feeling.  And with Boston happening at the same time, my mom and I were saying I am going to have a huge let down once it is all over!  Guess I will have to take up some new ridiculous challenge in my life (after taking some time to just relax for a bit).

My official badge!

My official badge!


One thing completely living up to its hype here is the insane traffic.  Getting to work isn’t too bad because we are heading in before most other people but we get out around the same time and it is taking me 40-45 minutes to get home.  I am going to try to stay near work and study there from now on so I don’t have to waste time in the car that I could be getting things done, we will see how that works tomorrow I guess.

This morning I had hill intervals.  After all the complaining I had about the hills Sunday, it was nice to just step out the front door and have one at my disposal (or 5 to change it up while I went).  It was definitely much more difficult here than on the pathetic hill I was running in Philly but it is good to be able to ramp up my training now that the race is only EIGHT WEEKS FROM YESTERDAY!!  Holy moly!!

Hope you had a great Tuesday (and Monday)!

Worst Blogger Ever Award

…goes to me!  I have been god awful this week.  I have been so busy finishing up my last rotation, celebrating the end with my coworkers and getting all packed up to leave.  We had a happy hour with all the therapist on my floor Wednesday, then dinner with a patient’s wife who I have grown very close to, drove home to Delaware for the night after working Friday then got breakfast with the family before heading to Atlanta.

I am here now, I can not believe it!  What a whirl wind, I can’t believe I was in Philadelphia two days ago.  I was able to get my long run in here in Atlanta this morning and it was tough.  I was so not prepared for the hills, and with a jump of 50 degrees I think I got quite dehydrated and am still recovering from a pretty decent headache.  No matter how many times I make the mistake of un-hydrating I seem to have to re-learn this lesson every year when it starts to get warm.

Tomorrow will be my first day at the Shepherd Center, then 10 weeks until I am done with school.  Pretty unbelievable!

Weekly Workout Summary:

Miles: 40.55 (somehow through the craziness)

Strength: none (pathetic!)

Yoga: 9 minutes Yoga for Runners (again, pathetic!)

WIAW Finally and A CRAZY week

Sunday I began what has proven to be an insane process of applying for my physical therapy license so that I can register to take the boards (holy moly, I can’t believe that is real)!  To say it is involved is a major understatement.  Tomorrow on the docket is to find a notary to sign an affidavit, Monday I had to get a passport photo taken, craziness right!

Also, I am in the process of getting all of my paper work for my final rotation squared away which is about 5x more than any other rotation I have been on all while working full time (plus), studying 2+ hours a day and running.  I feel like I get up in the morning at 5:30 and blink and its 11 pm again.

Added to this, the beginning of the week has been emotionally taxing at work.  It is hard to accept that all patients can’t get better, especially when you find yourself developing a soft spot for them.  The hardest part is getting to know the families and really rooting for them when in the end sometimes there is nothing you can do about it.  It’s helpless.  I can’t really say more about it (HIPAA) but I am definitely going to have to grow a thicker skin in the coming years or I will be an emotional disaster every day of my life.

After two long hard days, it started to snow, I mean REALLY snow yesterday.  Due to the fact that I absolutely needed to run for my sanity, I hit the road in the snow even though people looked at me like I had a few screws loose.  It was the most peaceful, beautiful, serene run you could ever have in a city.  There weren’t many people out, not even cars so it was quiet.  The snow hadn’t been plowed, walked on or driven over so it was just untouched natural beauty and I needed that so much in that moment.




Due to this insanely long outpouring, I am going to postpone the WIAW to tomorrow, though I did remember to do it!!  Catch you tomorrow!

Tuesday Blues

The past 24 hours has been quite a series of unfortunate events starting with the crapping out of my hair dryer.


My grand mother gave me this thing when I was in like 7th grade so it has been a miracle to last this long but I was so bummed.  Plus (and I am not one to complain about my hair because I honestly believe it is god’s gift to be) but once I decide what I am doing with my hair I have to commit.  So after getting out of the shower for a bit I let it dry some and brushed it out.  Once it is brushed out, letting it dry in it’s natural curl is a hot mess so today I got to have hot mess hair!

Then after leaving with plenty of time to get to work I got half way there and realized I forget my id.  So I had to turn around to get that making me rushed as always to get there on time.


Mid morning, while cleaning up some equipment I managed to get a pretty good amount of bleach on my favorite dress pants not realizing the clorox wipes we use are ones that will ruin your clothes…awesome.


Once I got home I started to study for a while and decided I would finally make my much needed grocery store trip after run group tonight to find I had forgotten to get my wallet out of my CI’s locker so not only did I have none of my stuff but I wouldn’t be able to get groceries for another day.


I tried to hard all day too to not let the little things get me down, be grateful for life, blah, blah, blah but after enough little things add up it just starts to make you a little downright angry.

So I ran.  Solution to all problems right.  I went to the group, met a new girl that lives less than two blocks from me and had a great time (well until they all went for a drink and I couldn’t because I was penniless and ID-less).  But for that hour of running I didn’t think much about the tribulations of the day, just about getting to know the girl next to me and running my little heart out!

Fingers crossed for a slightly more fortunate day tomorrow!