Back For Good

Casey and I had a wonderful time on our trip to Florida. We visited Disney one day and spent the other days hanging out at the pool and playing cash bingo (no winnings for us though). We had such a great time relaxing and just spending some time together after being separated so long.

The Magic Kingdom was amazing as ever, though Casey was slightly disappointed by it. He had never been before so I think it was a bit over hyped for him. We were able to ride all of the big rides without lines any longer than 30-45 minutes which was great.

Mayer of Disney

Mayor of Disney

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

It's a Small World (of course)

It’s a Small World (of course)



After riding front row of Splash Mountain

After riding front row of Splash Mountain

Afternoon treat

Afternoon treat

IMG_0122Tuesday night, after our awesome day of Disney, I found out that I PASSED MY BOARDS while we were at House of Blues in Downtown Disney. It was such an amazing relief. Only graduation left and the license will be mine (that sounded evil in my head haha).

Downtown Disney and the Disney Boardwalk were absolutely amazing. We had really great food and an excellent time just walking around, having a drink, enjoying the beautiful weather.  There were so many bands playing, the prices were actually normal which was shocking and we even ended up running in to my aunt and uncle down there by coincidence and hanging out with them two nights.

Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney

Love things made from legos

Love things made from legos


Disney Boardwalk

Disney Boardwalk (had some of the best pancakes of my life there, Blueberry granola!)

It was wonderful to get away but it is even more wonderful to be home, especially with my sweet puppy girl sitting on the couch next to me!

My workout week was less than stellar with a few miles on my feet whenever I could fit them in while we were gone:

Running: 22.72 miles

I have a new goal to start for the next 6 weeks that I got from a Runner’s World article I read recently.  That begins tomorrow!

Hope you have all been well!



I swear that these bulleted list, life update posts will end when my life becomes normal again.  But here’s be meat and bones of what you’ve missed.

1.  My computer was dead for the past few days, hence the absence again!

2. Boards are over, done, sayonara sucker!

Lunch after boards, worth every calorie.  The Porter was amazing!

Lunch after boards, worth every calorie. The Porter was amazing!

The rest of that afternoon!

The rest of that afternoon!

3. I got a job!!  Its part time but its something to get started.  I got the offer call while I was in boards so Wednesday was a pretty awesome day!

4.  I am home.  It is so amazing to be back.  I came straight home and got new sneakers (after putting over 800 miles on my old ones (whoops).  I ended up with Brooks Pure Cadence.  I want to move to a more light weight shoe but unfortunately running far limits how light weight you can reasonably get so this was what we decided on.  When I got back, I took my sweet Scarlett for a run and it was like I was never gone.  So far so good, in the new shoes too!  (Though my hip pain was back with a vengeance last night)

IMG_13545.  As soon as we get moving, we are leaving for Florida!  This is what my room looks like but oh well, I’ll deal with it when we get back.  C’est la vie.

IMG_1355I think those are the major high lights!

Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday morning.  See you in Florida!!

Down and Dirty

1.  My computer charger decided it was done working when we got back from Boston so my computer has been dead for days (hence my absence).

2.  Running has been hurting, still taking it easy and nursing my stupid left hip.  Did have my best feeling run today so thats optimistic I suppose.

3.  Boards are tomorrow.  Please cross all fingers, toes, legs, arms and any other body part you can cross for me at 8 am.  Thanks in advance!!

See you guys on the other side!

Crossroads of My Life

Well, I am getting dangerously close to the crossroads of my life.  With my inservice presentation tomorrow, Boston only one week away now and boards 16 days from now each moment in my mind is fairly unstable.  I can go from feeling totally normal like any other day, to getting so nervous I feel like I may throw up.  Earlier this week I actually did make myself throw up (sorry for the details) getting so freaked out.

I finally feel like I have mellowed myself out after a successful weekend studying, winding down my training and spending some time doing yoga to settle my mind (and any linger aches in my body).  I even did some baking today to really be true to myself.

I found this on pinterest last night, (late at night) while I was trying to calm my mind before going to bed.  I felt like it is so true of my life now, and always really.

Run It OffIn other news, my GPS thought I needed a confidence boost during my 6 mile tempo run yesterday.IMG_1220Not only am I going to run Boston next week, I’m going to win and set a world record apparently!  As much as I want to believe you Garmin, I am going to have to call your bluff!  I have no idea really what happened with that and it worked perfectly fine today so who knows!  I just really hope that doesn’t happen during the race.  Oh well, if it does, I’ll just run it off!

Also I found a new yoga for runners routine that I really really like done by Lululemon.  It throws in strength and yoga into one to make sure you are getting it all in, in only 30 minutes!!  Really hits all the good areas and made me feel really refreshed!

Workout Recap:

Strength: resting up for race day (some in the yoga routine)

Yoga: 39 minutes (2 sessions) + 18 minutes I am going to do after this post (another Lulu sequence)

Running: 35.27 miles

This week will be all about nutrition, hydration and gentle (very gentle) yoga!  Please bear with me the next two and a half weeks until boards.  I will do my best to be consistent, especially with the race coming up!!    Thank you all for the love and support through this crazy time in my life!

Productive Sunday

This morning I woke up to gross weather at a lovely 9:30 am. It was so great to sleep in and lounge in bed for a little before getting up to make some breakfast.

Brittany from Blissful Britt had posted these ridiculous pancakes a few days ago so I had to indulge (I had quite a pancakey weekend).

IMG_1196Yep, those are called Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes and they actually aren’t 100% terrible for you.  However if you eat all of them you may be in for a belly ache like me.  The original recipe came from The Minimalist Baker.

IMG_1198Yeah, those kept me full until about 6 pm, through my run and a few hours of studying.  I also was able to finish my Interprofessional Fellowship stuff and work on my inservice presentation so that is a few less things floating around in my head.  All that adds up to a pretty boring day but being able to get that much done was a huge relief heading into another work week.

Weekly Workout Roundup

Running: 49.76 miles

Strength: 122 push ups, squats and bicycles

Yoga: 50 minutes total

Taper (and not a slender candle)

Today was the day for my final 20 miler of my Boston training cycle!  It was supposed to be tomorrow but with the impending rain, I made it today and I am so glad I did.

I started the day with a Green Protein Pancake from Julie on PBfingers.  And yes, I love almost everything she makes!  The darn thing looks really freaky and I was skeptical even while I was dumping it into the pan to cook but it was awesome.  I could barely finish it it was so filling.


After lazing around for a bit I headed out to the farmer’s market to get some strawberries and I was so disappointed by what was there.  I strolled the whole thing in 2 minutes and headed home, strawberry-less.  After talking to the people I live with, they said that was a new one and they are really just getting started but it was a huge bummer to me.

Once I got home, I decided to quit procrastinating and get on the road.  I had done some hip focused yoga last night and hit my trusty 9 minute yoga for runners before heading out.  The run was about as perfect conditions as you can get.  Upper 50s when I left, topping out in the mid 60s.  There were lots of people out, the wind was refreshing.  Most importantly, I felt good.  I think all the stretching really helped my hip flexor, though I felt it the whole run, the really sharp pain only lasted the first mile or so and it didn’t slow me down at all.  I even was able to run negative splits, finishing in 2:52:59.  Considering the goal pace it always 8:55-9 for these runs, I was more than satisfied with that result, especially when I felt so strong and good at the end!

IMG_1185I pass this sign often when I am running and when I drive to work and I just had to snap a picture.  My other dog people out there, how true is this?!

IMG_1189After my run, I was able to get a bit of work done before the people I live with had some people over to watch the basketball games and I got TOTALLY suckered in.  It was nice to have some actual chill time though and I wouldn’t have traded it.  I will be able to get plenty done in the gross weather that is supposed to be tomorrow.

I got up and went to the bathroom at one point and saw that I got a serious sun burn today…it was barely 60 degrees!  That is crazy!!  But there you see it.  Tomorrow it will just be a tan but right now I am blow away by it.  I guess it is that time again, need to invest in some good sport sunscreen again for the season.


Hope you are having a great weekend and that none of you are Wisconsin fans.  What a heart breaking loss, but amazing game!!

I Got Problems

I must have done something to make the running gods angry because this week things are just not going so hot.

1.  There is literally a 100% chance of rain here on Sunday.  That was the planned day for my 20 miler but I’m sorry, thats just not going to happen so I will be taking on my final 20 tomorrow instead.  I think I can handle 5 miles in the rain Sunday but I want to enjoy my 20 (well for a while anyway) thank you very much.

2. I have a concerning hip flexor issue.  So riddle me this (and I am about to get my physical therapy degree in like a month, I should be able to figure this out).  I have sharp, stabbing hip flexor pain only on my right side that only happens when I run.  I have pretty much had this since I did my speed work Tuesday.  Not when I walk, do lunges, squats, stand on my head, NOTHING except the first 1-2 miles of my run.  It dulls out after that amount of distance and by the end of my 8 miles today I didn’t notice it at all (unless I was going up a really big hill –> using my hip flexor a lot).  It is sore to stretch but that is about the only other thing that is a problem.  It even made me look like a ridiculous loser trying to run across the grocery store parking lot in the rain.  It LITERALLY stopped me from being able to run to the front door.  Worst case scenario, it keeps hurting the first few miles of my runs and I can get over it during the race as long as it doesn’t get worse.  But if anyone has had anything like this before, let me know PLEASE.  It is so weird that even my PT brain can’t figure out a solution outside of stretching and icing.

*Disclaimer: I am being the unrealistic patient right now that comes in and says “I have to run 26.2 miles in 2 weeks and I have been training at about 35-50 miles a week for the last 15 weeks and no I won’t rest, but make me better” that is completely unreasonable.

Hopefully this little nuisance (sharp, stabbing, awful, grizzly, mean pain) will just go away tomorrow!

On a better note, I made the recipe from the Runner’s World March issue for dinner tonight and it was amazing!


It has been an overcast, rainy day and this stew was perfect (even though it was 70).  I just really wanted the portabella mushrooms to be honest.  But I was especially jazzed when Kroger had pre-diced proscuitto saving me that headache.  I highly, highly recommend this recipe.



Runner’s World Bean Bourguignon


Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you have a great, relaxing, fun weekend!

WIAW and Poor Planning

Today I realized that my 100 push up challenge would take place on the same day as Boston if I stuck to the schedule. Not my best planning and I also probably don’t need to be pushing myself that hard in the weeks leading up to the race when I am supposed to be tapering. So that mission will be on hold until after the race but I will be resuming promptly upon race recovery! I decided that I am going to spend that time I would be doing the push up challenge doing my 9 minute yoga for runners youtube video to really give my body some love (especially because I have a left hip flexor thing going on right now that I am not happy about)!

Breakfast: Paleo Oatmeal with Bananas, peanut butter and honey (my favorite combo) I found this recipe from Julie on PBfingers who got it from Joelle at On A Pink Typewriter. It is fantastic and easy to make while I am packing my lunch in the morning. I still love regular oats, and overnight oats so it is just one more breakfast to add to the rotation!IMG_1168

Lunch:My go to Spinach Salad with blueberry craisins, strawberries, feta, blackberries and raspberry vinagrette dressing.  Top that off with a clementine and a Jello pudding pack and you have one happy girl ready to take on a full afternoon of patients, including a pool session which was really fun!

IMG_1170IMG_1171After work, I headed to Starbucks as always to study and wait out traffic.  I had a few snacks to get me through the afternoon and my run when I got home.

IMG_1176Dinner: I have really gotten in the habit of making something Monday and living off of it the rest of the week.  I had an Herb Encrusted Pork Chop, Toasted Pine Nut Couscous and Asparagus.  I did have to make the asparagus fresh tonight because I had run out of my previous veggie which happens often!

IMG_1173While I was winding down for the night I treated myself to a small bag of kettle corn and 2 mixed berry fig newtons.  They are pretty great and I don’t have to feel too guilty having a couple of those!

IMG_1174IMG_1175Hope you had a great hump day!

What are your favorite night time snacks (guilty or not so guilty pleasures)?

Successful Yassos!

So crunch time is by no means fun but it is going.  I have been solid getting work in but I can’t help but feelings like time is slipping away and I can’t jam all the stuff I need to know for this exam in my head!  At this point the people at Starbucks all know me by name and are super friendly which I 100% appreciate; plus they only charge me the refill brewed coffee price which is awesome.  Fifty cents for 2 hours of solid study time and avoidance of Atlanta traffic = double score!

I had my hardest round of Yasso 800’s tonight and was able to do all 8 under a 6:55 pace which is supposed to mean that I will be able to PR in my race.  During reps 4 and 5 I had some horrible side cramps (first on the left, then the right) because it is now 80 degrees when I am running and I am not hydrating effectively yet.  I’ll tell you though, you only have to get those side cramps a few times before you start guzzling water all day long!

On another note, it seems that my friends all know I am slowly going crazy and they are taking turns reminding me that the end is near and that I have amazing support from all angles!

At dinner Saturday, Lindsey and Jenna gave me this beautiful bracelet which I love.  I never ever want to buy things like this but once I have them, I wear them all the time.  I love it and love looking down and thinking of them both every day, getting me one day closer to Charleston.


Then today in the mail I got an absolutely touching card from my friend Megan from home with two Alex and Ani bracelets that have immense meaning in our lives.  One is living water which is so appropriate because we met on the beach patrol and will forever have the ocean calling us home (as cliche as that sounds).  The other one is called “because I love you friend.”  She also wrote an amazing message to me that put some major kick in my pants to live up to the person my friends think I am!


Time to get to bed so I can do it all over again tomorrow!!

What I Ate Wednesday, When I Had No Food

I so so desperately needed to go to the grocery store today (as evidenced by the following) that I ended up going at 9:30 at night.  Not ideal, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it.

I had no strawberries to make oatmeal so I was back to regular old cereal for breakfast this morning.


Lunch was a hodge podge of things (which it usually is).  I find that I am better off just eating what I can throughout the day instead of having one big thing for lunch.  We are usually doing documentation during lunch anyway so I am lucky if I have time to eat the salads I have been making.

Peach, clementine, carrots and hummus, grapes, yogurt and granola (Coffee Chocolate Chip Granola if we are going to get technical)

Peach, clementine, carrots and hummus, grapes, yogurt and granola (Coffee Chocolate Chip Granola if we are going to get technical)

By the times I was done work, finished going to Starbucks to study, ran 5 miles, did my push up challenge (to include 73 push ups, reverse crunches and 20# squats), and started “making” dinner it was after 9:00.  I pulled my last resort dinner out of the freezer (these bad boys were 5 for 7 dollars last week on sale so I had to pick some up for occasions such as this).

BBQ Chicken Pizza Lean Cuisine

BBQ Chicken Pizza Lean Cuisine


I was so tired and out of it the whole time I was at the store, it took me so much longer than usual.  Once I got home and put away groceries I was ready to hit the dessert, hurry up and post and now go to sleep to start the marathon all over again tomorrow.

Almond Butter

Almond Butter

More Greek Yogurt and Granola

More Greek Yogurt and Granola


Tomorrow my friend Carlos from my Bourbon Chase team is going to be in town so we are going to meet up for a drink and play some trivia.  It will be the perfect thing to get me through my Thursday and almost to the weekend!