First Day as a Grown Up PT

I can’t believe I can actually say this finally, but today was my first day being a real life PT!

I got up early enough to take Scarlett for a stroll before getting ready for my day.  It was a beautiful morning and a great temperature.  Such a fantastic start to a big day (and I think Scar thought she won the lottery getting to go out so early)!

Once I got to work, I handed in some obligatory paper work and got right started following the girl that I am going to be replacing.  It was a crazy day.  We saw 13 patients with 4 evals, and for people that don’t do PT, that is A LOT!!  11 patients is a good day without that many evals.  The day flew by (so fast I didn’t even take the obligatory first day in my scrubs picture).  I will try to get one of those tomorrow.

It was so incredible to have so much time to do things after getting done working.  I was so used to having to study for hours when the day was done and only finishing in time to run and do it all over again the next day.

After the day was done, I went over to the farmer’s market on the way home since we missed it on Saturday.  I had time to come home and hang out with Casey for a little before heading out to do my hill intervals.  We even had time to ride bikes across town and have some dinner with our friends Steve and Nicole.  Nicole actually had her first day as a nursing assistant today so we had a lot to talk about (and drink to).

IMG_1762 The good thing is that I am actually excited to go back and fend for myself tomorrow, with 6 of my very own patients!!  Cheers to day number 2!

Whirl Wind

So I had this recap of our visit here in Charleston with Casey’s friend’s all planned out for my post today but then bigger things happened.

I Got A JOB!!

I had an interview Wednesday and felt really really good about it.  I got the call this morning offering me the position and it is an absolute dream!  I will be working here in Charleston in a Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH).  This is the setting that I was working in when I was in Philly and I absolutely loved it.  I can not believe how fast this all went (after everything moving so slowly the last few months).

I will be starting hopefully on July 21st so I have one more week to live luxuriously which I will actually be able to take advantage of now that I am not so stressed out.

My mom wanted me to come home before starting work so I will be flying up tomorrow and will be able to watch my little brother play in a lacrosse tournament and will hang out at home until Thursday, then I’ll head home to get ready for the big start.

Super excited, relieved, nervous girl here in Charleston.  Can’t believe I get to actually be a PT in real life in 10 days!!

Where I’ve Been (And Why I Have Been The Worst Blogger Ever)

Two weeks ago I found out I didn’t get the last job I had applied for in Charleston.  To say I was devastated was an understatement.  There were no more options left and it look(ed/s) like I may/will have to travel to find a job.  This means packing up my car again and driving away from Scarlett, Casey and my friends and my life here in Charleston.  Only this time, unlike with rotations, indefinitely.

I have been negative, angry, sullen, lazy, bored and frustrated.  I thought this part of becoming a PT would be the easy part.  I know that finding jobs can be tough, but I have been told from the start, “not if you work in health care.”  I slaved away, busted my butt and absolutely, entirely dedicated myself to being ready to start in this profession.  I went above and beyond (increasing my stress and increasingly making Casey want to kill me) so that when this time came I was ready and qualified.  I didn’t want to share this negativity and frustration with you all, so I avoided Runs4Treats!

The light in the tunnel is that I have not stopped running.  It sees me through everything. It is the one thing that is not an option to do or not do.  It gets done.  (Unlike the upstairs bathroom I have been meaning to clean for two weeks and have had ample time to do but have refused to anyway).  I will begin training again Monday for a race in November (though I’m not sure exactly which yet).  It has kept me moving forward.

I have put in three more applications in Charleston this week (without any call backs yet, but fingers crossed).  We have friends coming into town on Saturday, they will be here for a week and I have given myself a deadline of July 18th to hear back from these jobs I have applied to, then I absolutely have to pull the trigger and take a travel job somewhere.

Life doesn’t work out how you think it will, hope it will or feel like it should.  You don’t always get what you deserve but you have to push through.  I am pushing through now and refuse to let myself get so down about this starting today.  A positive life starts with a positive attitude!!

Bring on today (and a phone call on Monday please)!

National Run Day

Today was a little out of the ordinary.  I mean lets be real, my ordinary right now is get up, having coffee, read for a while, watch a little tv, job hunt like a maniac, read a little more, run, maybe go to the beach.  Nothing exciting or strenuous!

Today I actually had in interview!!  AHHHH.  I have no idea if I will get it but it was a pretty awesome clinic.  They have a lot of cool PT toys like an infinity pool and gravity reducing treadmill (NERD ALERT, NERD ALERT)!  I thought it went very well and will have all my fingers and toes crossed for maybe some good news.

After getting home I decided I was going to celebrate National Run Day by rejoining my group at Lululemon!  The whole crew is different from when I left for rotations but it is fun to meet all new people and I am excited to really get back into it and go every week again.

run club

So nice to be home and be able to get some semblance of a routine going again!  Hope you had a great run for the best holiday of the year!

First Day of Real Freedom

Today was scary and satisfying all at the same time, at least it started that way.  It was so strange/horrifying to have a Monday without having to do anything and not because I was on break from school.

I had made a list of all the things I need to get done this week so make sure I can start working (and getting a pay check) asap!  I got up, made Casey and I breakfast and sent him on his way.  I read a chapter of my book lounging on the couch and started checking things off my list.  About two items down, I started to really feel terrible.  I had a terrible sore throat all day yesterday and it seemed to have unfortunately called its friends bad headache, achyness and congestion to come play.

I decided to try to mental muscle it out.  “I don’t feel sick, I’m fine, get out of the chair.”  It worked for a little bit and I was even able to ride my bike to run to the grocery store.  I figured if I could do that, I could get a run in, right?  I have always been told that if the sickness is above the neck you can still run, and have often found it will actually make me feel better.  Not the case this time.  Since my run, I barely dragged myself into the shower and under a blanket on the couch. Thank goodness Casey

In the words of my mother though, if I have to be sick, this is a good time for it.  Not exactly what I was hoping for on this first day of liberation but maybe tomorrow will be better

First Day

Today was one of the few Mondays that my head popped right off the pillow with the alarm.  I actually woke up a few times before my alarm afraid that I had missed it.  I got up, did the morning routine and just as I was about to leave I saw the POURING rain outside.  Luckily I only had two blocks to go but my umbrella inverted and the wind was blowing and I must have looked like such a hot mess when I got there.

Pre-torential downpour!

Pre-torential downpour!


Once I did make it, 15 minutes early as always, I hung out in the lobby and waited to be picked up for orientation.


The rest of the day was a whirl wind, getting oriented to the building, seeing patients, learning standard day to day procedural stuff.  Then before I knew it I was heading home, just to bundle up and head out for my first real Philadelphia run.  I had a tempo run on the schedule and decided to head to the art museum again and the river.  It was such a good run, especially after yesterday’s disaster and resting on Saturday, my legs were ready to get moving.  And, major bonus, when I run that way I go into the wind on the way out and have it at my back on my way back.  It was always the opposite in Charleston and I hated it!

I was set that I needed to start my routine of studying for boards with my first day of work so I jumped in the shower, fixed up some dinner and got right to it.  A little over an hour in, Casey called and we ended up on the phone for two hours which has NEVER happened EVER so I wasn’t going to stop it.  I had planned to get 2 hours in today but I am pretty tired so I will just have to make up the hour somewhere else in the week.  At this point I have planned 2 hours a day week days so if I have to make up some of the time of the weekends I always have that option too!  Just got to hold myself accountable.

On to day 2…

Half Way

Yesterday was my last day of my second rotation (and now I am half way through my rotations).  It is crazy how fast 8 weeks of your life can fly by.  I feel like I just started there and now I am already getting close to heading to Philadelphia.

Leaving the patients that were still being seen was the worst part.  One lady started coming there on my first day and she is still there and I absolutely adored her.  To make it even harder, she brought me a parting gift.  She makes soaps so she had made me a bunch of soaps and the fizzy bath bubble things that are so amazing.  I set out the cranberry scented one today and it made my bathroom smell heavenly.

I think this is one of the most amazing parts of physical therapy; the connection you get to make with patients.  Unlike pretty much any other profession in the medical field, you really get to know every patient.  You spend 2-3 hours a week with them.  You learn who their football team is, how many kids they have, their kids little quirks and eccentricities, their hobbies, even difficult times these patients may be going through at home and in their lives.  We aren’t just physical therapists, we are friends and councilors and co-conspirators at times.  I have loved so many of my patients through this time and am very sad to have to part with them.

As for the less sad part of the day, we had a pot luck lunch for my last day and I took my cinnamon chip scones in and everyone in the office was literally begging for the recipe.  I hadn’t made them in a while and I can not for the life of me remember why.  They are simply to die for!!

Unfortunately I had a few too many yesterday and it was pouring down rain all day today so I found myself trudging it out on the treadmill for another 3:1 run.  An hour and 20 minutes with 60 minutes easy, 20 minutes at goal marathon pace.  It actually went well with the help of Fred Claus to distract me from my misery.

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!

Getting Through Mondays

To make my morning start better I took Scarlett with me on my early morning run.  Not only does it make me feel safer setting off in the dark with my girl, it makes the miles fly.  I just have so much more fun when she tags along!

So happy after our morning run!

So happy after our morning run!


She is always so pooped after running which is great for her to pass back out until Casey gets up to entertain her all over again.

After that it was a fairly typical Monday, but especially busy at work!  After work Scarlett got another dose of awesome with a trip to the dog park.  She just really hit the jackpot.  I wish I could have taken some shots there but it was so dark (stupid day light savings time).

Once we got home, we hit Cypress for burger night and I got the veggie burger (very large portobello mushroom) yumm! This left me nice and full, hanging out and I am barely holding my eyes open trying to watch this football game.   Oh and hanging out with the little nugget again…




Apparently lots of puppy love in this day!

The Future is Known: My Next Year in Pictures

Today was a long run day and I had the most delightful 16 mile run I can ever remember  (after hitting the farmers market first of course).  I had been planning to go with a friend so I was waiting until 2 to go with her which I was very skeptical about but she ended up not being able to come so I headed out solo around 1:30 and I feel that I hit the weather jackpot.  It could have been miserably hot, but I seriously have no complaints.  AND nothing on my body hurts even a little bit, I’m not even sore, AT ALL, I can’t believe it!

Anywho, Thursday I got to look into the crystal ball of the next year.  I was assigned to my third clinical allowing me to know the course of the end of my life as a professional student!

Now until Mid-October: Finishing up class, taking comps, taking OSCE

College of Health Professions

College of Health Professions

October-December: Clinical II Outpatient Orthopedics; Charleston, SC

concentraThis one should be pretty interesting because we see walk in patients who are very acute.  It will be nice to be able to see a patient right as they are injured instead of waiting for them to make it too the doc, get a referral and then finally make it to us.

January- Mid February: Clinical III Long Term Acute Care; The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Good Shepherd; Philadelphia, PA

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Good Shepherd

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Good Shepherd

It will be great to be so close to home after being gone so long.  Plus my best friend lives there so it will be great to be in the same city as her after such a long separation!  I will likely head up for Christmas and then hang out until going up to Philadelphia.  However, I am going to freeze my little southern tuchus off back at home in January and February.  I guess I will finally get good use of all the Under Armor I have again.  This clinical will be a great experience with cardiac, stroke, spinal cord injury  (SCI), prosthesis, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and many other patients.  This is an interesting setting to see people after leaving the hospital but very early in their rehab “career”.  This will be a great way to prep me for my grand finale at:

February-May: Clinical IV Inpatient Rehabilitation; Shepherd Center; Atlanta, GA

Shepherd Center

Shepherd Center

I already had an entire post about this because I was lucky enough to get placed there early.  I am so, so, so excited about this one I can barely stand it!

To say this coming year is going to be a whirlwind is the understatement of the decade.  The move up to Philadelphia shouldn’t be too bad, but I have to get my butt from there to Atlanta in a weekend which I’m sure is going to be less than pleasant!  It will all be worth it and I’m sure it will all fly by.

Before I know it I’ll be walking across that stage, finally becoming a DPT and then the future will be completely unknown once again!!