Workout Recap

Well, I did it!!  I’m a graduate and a Doctor of Physical Therapy!  But more on that later.

Casey was doing a favor for a friend and then we ended up having dinner afterward so we got back way later than I had expected.  I had been planning a big graduation recap but a) I don’t have the pictures from my mom yet and b) I’m sleepy!

I got a little behind on my 6 week goals this week as I knew I would with all the graduation craziness.  I will just have to make up for it in the next few weeks.

Weekly Recap:

Running: 27.07 miles

Stretching/Yoga: 25 minutes

Strength: 180 push ups

Lame fitness week, but with the major life events happening I will give myself a pass!  Graduation recap to come!

Half Way

Yesterday was my last day of my second rotation (and now I am half way through my rotations).  It is crazy how fast 8 weeks of your life can fly by.  I feel like I just started there and now I am already getting close to heading to Philadelphia.

Leaving the patients that were still being seen was the worst part.  One lady started coming there on my first day and she is still there and I absolutely adored her.  To make it even harder, she brought me a parting gift.  She makes soaps so she had made me a bunch of soaps and the fizzy bath bubble things that are so amazing.  I set out the cranberry scented one today and it made my bathroom smell heavenly.

I think this is one of the most amazing parts of physical therapy; the connection you get to make with patients.  Unlike pretty much any other profession in the medical field, you really get to know every patient.  You spend 2-3 hours a week with them.  You learn who their football team is, how many kids they have, their kids little quirks and eccentricities, their hobbies, even difficult times these patients may be going through at home and in their lives.  We aren’t just physical therapists, we are friends and councilors and co-conspirators at times.  I have loved so many of my patients through this time and am very sad to have to part with them.

As for the less sad part of the day, we had a pot luck lunch for my last day and I took my cinnamon chip scones in and everyone in the office was literally begging for the recipe.  I hadn’t made them in a while and I can not for the life of me remember why.  They are simply to die for!!

Unfortunately I had a few too many yesterday and it was pouring down rain all day today so I found myself trudging it out on the treadmill for another 3:1 run.  An hour and 20 minutes with 60 minutes easy, 20 minutes at goal marathon pace.  It actually went well with the help of Fred Claus to distract me from my misery.

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!

What I Ate Wednesday

Today was super productive which is good because I was planning to have tomorrow to study as well but Casey’s friends are going to get here at around 7 am so there’s not a chance I will be accomplishing anything else during this break.  This is kinda of liberating knowing I have 5 straight days where I am not going to force myself to learn ANYTHING!!  Anyways:

Breakfast: Overnight Oats with Peanut Butter and Banana and Coffee (of course)

2013-05-22 09.05.26

I studied for a while, finished the second book in the Karen White Tradd Street Series and went for a run then had…

Lunch: Spinach Salad with Chicken, grapes, pecans, feta, Craisins and raspberry vinaigrette dressing

So fantastic!

So fantastic!

Snacks: Honey Crisp apple with PB Greek Yogurt Dip, Kashi Mocha Almond Bar

2013-05-22 16.20.10

2013-05-22 17.32.54

I stopped by my old house after clinic and saw my old roommate and the new girls living there.  It was so weird that someone else was living in my room and that that wasn’t my home anymore.  After that little detour (Beth and I get pretty chatty sometimes all the time) I didn’t get home until 9 and Casey still wasn’t home so I threw together a quick stir fry and called it a day.

Dinner: Stir Fry with beef, peppers, broccolli, yellow zucchini, onions and lemon soy sauce

2013-05-22 21.37.19

Dessert: Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Oat No Bake Bar

Fantastically chocolatey and delicious!

Fantastically chocolatey and delicious!

I have to share this story as well.  This story is about a patient I have been working with in our free clinic for the past few weeks.  He is amazing, as is my friend Nathan.  I seriously feel like a better person just by knowing him.  If you have a second, please read this; it will lift your spirits and give you a little more faith in the world!

Head Games

Today I completed week 1 of marathon training again.  I will hopefully be running the Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon September 8th and HOPEFULLY qualify for Boston.  I can’t completely commit to the race until I know my fall class schedule but until then I will be training as if I am running it.

As I trudged the road on my long run today I thought about all of the hard work ahead of me.  After doing your first one, you think “no big deal, I’m doing this again.”  But then again you think, “what the heck, I am doing this again.”  Your body, and more importantly your mind is saying “don’t you remember how grueling training was” and today it was saying “it gets to be over 100 degrees every day here you nit wit!”

I am a person that picks a plan and rarely deviates.  I hardly ever miss a run, ever so that when I toe the line I know I am as prepared as I possibly could have been.  This race I have chosen to follow the Advanced 2 Hal Higdon Plan.  It covers a little bit every everything (hills, speed, tempo runs, long runs). The only thing it doesn’t incorporate is strength which I am planning to do basic hip and knee strengthening exercises and some core exercises two days a week after easier run.  After being in school this long, I know to cut out strength during training is to ask to be injured.  This coming week, I will post the most important exercises and stretches to hit and the physical therapy related reason as to why.

Anyways, so as I ran today I thought of the 18 weeks ahead of me and all the work I would have to put in to running and prepping.  I also though about how many big things will be happening to me over this summer. BIG STRESSFUL THINGS.  Like oh, you know, comp exams.  Training for this race, no matter how hard is probably the best thing I can do for myself through this time.  It will give me my “me time” and get my body moving while most of the rest of the day I will be studying my little heart out.

So I vow to myself to remember this moment and this post on the day that I am running 20 miles and its 90 degrees out and I am cursing my stupidity.

Run on my crazy friends!

Run on my crazy friends!

What I Ate Wednesday

Since Wednesday I run with the group (and usually a little bit before) I eat more these days than most.  I just had to throw out that disclaimer before I started adding the huge amounts of food I had today!

Breakfast: Typical Cereal and Coffee (Honey Bunches of Oats and Almond Milk, Brewed Coffee with Coffee mate Naturals Low Fat Vanilla Creamer)

2013-04-24 10.14.36

Lunch: Egg White Omelet with Spinach, Tomatoes and a Garlic and Herb Laughing Cow Wedge; and a peach from the farmers market on the side

2013-04-24 12.28.29

Immediately following, I craved something sweet so I had a Sugar Free Jello Pudding pack (no I’m not 5, yes I still think they are the best thing ever).

2013-04-24 12.42.51Then I had quite a few afternoon snacks (including candy my professor brought for our final exam review, everything in moderation right?)

snacksI got a little more studying done before heading to run group and putting in 8.4 miles on the road today (we went on the bridge which we don’t usually do, so that was exciting).

Post run I fueled with: my new favorite snack Fage Greek Yogurt with Mix ins (they were super on sale at our grocery store last week so I stocked up, I even wish I got more now!)

2013-04-24 19.37.22

For dinner, we were super lazy and went to Moe’s which is our favorite take out place.  I like that it doesn’t have to be super horrible for me.  Moe’s also has an online nutrition builder, so you can see what you are getting into.

Burrito Bowl: Steak, rice, black beans, grilled mushrooms, lettuce and pico --> 540 cals.

Burrito Bowl: Steak, rice, black beans, grilled mushrooms, lettuce and pico –> 540 cals.

I finished my night with two Brown Sugar Blueberry Cookies I made yesterday,  They are delighful and the fresh blueberries just burst in your mouth.  I got the recipe off of pinterest from the “How Sweet It Is Blog“.  They are like a cross between a cookie and a muffin and are pretty much amazing.  Mine didn’t look like hers, but still taste fantastic.

Sorry this picture is so awful!

Sorry this picture is so awful!

And even after eating all of this, according to my fitness pal I still have 160 calories left –> more reasons why I run!

The day has finally come for me to take my final Neuro rehab practical tomorrow at 11:30 and then go straight to my Wound Care Final at 1.  So any good ju ju you guys can send me mid day will be GREATLY appreciated.  For now, I will sign off and try to shove any last minute knowledge into the mush that my brain has most certainly become!

Disclaimer: You are now officially warned


I have shared this before, and I will share it again because it is how I am feeling now and I think it is a fantastic message, especially in light of my day.

After going to the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Clinic today I am writing once again with a heavy heart and appreciation for the little things in life we take for granted.  For those of you who continue to follow my blog, know that you will get some “appreciate the life you have”, “life is a wonderful thing”, “we all really have it so easy”, etc posts from me.  Here is your fair warning!

Seeing the patients we see sometimes for physical therapy makes me realize how much I have lived my life in a bubble.  Not once in my life have I had to worry about being shot, or where my next meal would come from, how I would pay for my doctors appointments or the shoes on my feet. Never, not once, have I not been able to have everything I need to live my life in a healthy way and more.  Not to talk crap about my bubble, I loved my bubble, it was so warm and happy and devoid of the devastation that exists in the world.

What I need to do is take all of the opportunities my “bubble” has afforded me and help those whose bubble may have popped from the time they came into the world.  And I vow to you all now, I will do so!

Should the patient we saw today (spurring this whole post) continue to help himself and get the free care we can provide him, we are going to head up a serious fundraising effort to help get him medical necessities that can help him avoid simple health issues that can turn life threatening, quickly.

I am asking you all for your help, if you have done any major fundraising and have some great ideas that have worked for you, please, please, please share them!  

No News is Good News

I literally have nothing to report, and I am viewing that as a good thing after last week.  I have gone on some casual runs since I am running the half in Atlanta Sunday and have just been hanging out, reading books, getting some work done.

I went to our free clinic tonight at school and we had a pretty great night.  One of my patients didn’t show up, but that was okay because I was able to watch a man walk with his new prosthetic leg and another get serial casted for contractures.  These are two things that we don’t get to see very often in real life so it was quite an opportunity.  Watching the man walk with his new leg that had been donated to him brought tears to my eyes.  He was so happy.  It really made me realize how much we are helping people in the community even though sometimes we don’t feel like we are doing as much good as we would like.

Scarlett also got her first cast changed and the doctor thought everything looked great and thinks we are going to be in the shorter time span for recovery, thank goodness!

2013-03-12 11.30.23

Tomorrow will be more of the same, then I will probably be MIA for a few days while we are on the trip, but I will try my best to get something in if I have internet and time!

For now though, my mantra this week is…


Especially fitting over St. Patricks day weekend.  I will be earning my celebration early that morning!

Are you trying to scare me? Mission Accomplished

Today we had a lovely meeting at school about our comprehensive curricular examination.  Doesn’t that just sound joyful.  First, we have a written exam that will cover everything I will have learned in the past 2 1/2 years in August (with a practice version in June).  Then we have a “performance” type comp called the OSCE that I go and demonstrate all the skills I have learned in the prior 2 1/2 years in front of all my professors in October.  The excitement is killing me!

In addition to that, I decided last week that I am going to try to get my CSCS (certified strength and conditions specialist) certification this May.  I thought it would be a good review for part of these comprehensive exams.

So to say I am a little stressed would be an understatement.  I am excited to sit for the CSCS exam and have been trying to study for it gradually (amidst all the other studying) but who knows how it will turn out.  Hopefully I haven’t bit off more than I can chew.

After coming home from this lovely meeting, did I hit the books as would be logical?  Nope, I went running and then to lift at the gym.  I got in about 4 miles (OUTSIDE which was a huge plus since the weather has been so bad) and then ended at the gym where I did my Bosu Blaster circuit x2.  This was a way more productive use of my nerves than trying to stare at the 4 foot tall stack of books in my room and even higher stack of notes from the past years and make a plan to get it all back into my noggin.

Should I start this studying madness even more or just go ahead and jump off the Ravenel Bridge now and save myself the misery?!

Nailed It!!

There is no greater feeling in the world than walking out of an exam thinking you nailed it, and today my dear friends was how I felt leaving my very first neuro test.  I had been seriously studying for this one for about 3 weeks and kinda let the other two fall to the way side.

The test was at 8:15 and I was done at about 9:30-ish and I was on such a high I went straight for a run.  It barely mattered to me that the harbor looked like this…

Dreary Day

Dreary Day

…and that it was super windy and started raining on me in my last half mile.  I really could barely care less, I was smiling ear the ear the whole time.

Then I went with a friend to see Silver Linings Playbook (which was so good by the way and not just because I am an Eagles and Jennifer Lawrence fan).  It was a very different romantic comedy/drama than anything I have ever seen before.  I also got ‘creative’ for my movie snack.  I didn’t want to derail after my awesome run so I packed up some fruit and two dark chocolate hershey’s kisses to take with me.



Cheater Movie Theater Snack

Cheater Movie Theater Snack

The fruit was all on sale this week so I had loaded up and it made a great snack that I could feel good about!

After the movie, we strolled the mall for a bit and I found these beauties SUPER on sale.



They are mid calf and more casual than anything I have, and fit me like a glove, I knew I had to have them when I tried them on, then saw they were marked down from $90 to $18!!  Talk about my lucky day!!!!

So now I sit with a glass of wine (a favor from the wedding last weekend), reveling in the fact that I don’t have another test for a month and I am not going to do an ounce of work tonight, tomorrow I will have to get back to the grind but until then, this is me.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Foam Rollers May Actually Be the Devil

I tried to take a picture of a foam roller and put devil horns on it but I am pressed for time tonight (stupid neuro exam in the morning) so I couldn’t invest a lot of energy in this.  However I did find this picture…



LIES!!  No one really looks like this on a foam roller, their face is more like this…



I went for my usual run and then hit the gym to lift for a while and I knew I should hit the foam roller for a while.  I was in agony (which is the true indication I needed it).  What I learned was that a) I much prefer The Stick for sure and b) once in a while foam rolling is necessary.  I feel awesome now and will hopefully really feel the benefits on tomorrow run!

So go suck it up and roll it out people!