Runner’s World Wisdom

After a solid week of lead legs, I was glad to open my Runner’s World from November and read these words of wisdom…


So this week, if you find yourself with lead legs, take solace in this statement from some of the greats!


Today I put in my last 20 miler before my race.  It was much better than my last one (very similar to how my first one went).  I toe the line 3 weeks from tomorrow and feel I am as ready as I can possibly be.  I know I have left it all out there training wise and should expect my best race to date.  I just hope that all the hard work, early mornings and sore muscles will pay off when the gun goes off.

Training up to now

Training up to now

After doing all of this (no, I have not missed a single run) I feel that I have very much earned this…

The glass was a christmas gift from my mom, and my favorite one I own!

The glass was a christmas gift from my mom, and my favorite one I own!


…and this…




my much earned, well deserved taper.  Tapers are such a a tricky time.  It is so hard to shift focus and momentum with the race coming up, but after so many cycles of training I know how necessary it is.  My goal (after tomorrow having a great brunch) will be to shift my attention toward very vigilant nutrition and hydration for the next three weeks.  (On a random side note, anyone that gets a naturebox, the sweet blueberry almonds are phenomenal.  I have eaten mine all already and it makes me sad!)

I am ready for this race (knock on wood) and can’t wait to see what I am made of on September 8th!

Lost Habits

Today began with another ignored early alarm.  I hear Mr. Jack Johnson serenading me in my dream and then realized what hearing him meant.  Today it meant, SNOOZE!!  I took one look at my weather app that said today’s weather was going to be mild and back to dream land I went.

From pinterest

From Pinterest


I saw this yesterday and it has so perfectly described me lately.  Hopefully next week once I go back to school I will have the motivation to get up again.  I am thinking I will because it will once again be the only time in my day I can fit it in.  Plus, after tomorrow I am headed to taper town so I will be starting to really get excited for the race and my runs won’t be as long and demanding while my brain is still half asleep.

Happy Friday all!!


Digging Deep

This past week, running has been absolutely brutal.  It has finally become a true Charleston summer and I have been dying of heat (and not just while I am running).  We have been reaching 100 degree days with “feels like” temperature of 115 degrees.  It also doesn’t help that I haven’t been getting up to run in the morning this past week so I have been waiting until the evening, but even then it is still scorching hot.  It honestly just hasn’t been fun; lead legs, dehydration, 15 straight weeks of running 6 days/week it is just all getting to me.  Luckily I only have 3 and 1/2 weeks of training left and I will be going back to school in a week so I will be more motivated to get up early again.  I just can’t get myself out of bed at 5:30 am when I have nothing going on the rest of the day.

Luckily, I had taken a picture of a passage in Runner’s World that I knew I would need to read, probably sometime soon.  I stumbled across it yesterday, timed perfectly:

“It’s an amazing thing, running- especially at that maximum turnover.  It’s also amazing to never do something again because you can’t.  I’d like to transfer that concept into everyone’s head, because inevitably it will happen to all of us.” 

~Andre Kajlich,

August 2013 Runners World

As brutal as my runs have been of late, I can still do it, and in the end that is all that matters.


Over the weekend when we were driving back to Charleston it really hit me how close I am to being done with the classroom part of school (October 4th baby!).  With that came my absolute, 100% lack of motivation to get anything done.

Yesterday, I was done class at 12:00, leaving me until 6:00 when I had to go to clinic to get things done.  In that time I: took a nap, studied neuro for about 30 minutes, picked up Casey, went to two grocery stores and read runners world.  Not exactly the productive afternoon I had planned.

What is it about getting closer to a goal that just makes accomplishing it so much harder.  I swear it is like an exponentially declining relationship of being able to be productive.  This is especially bad timing because…

Sunday: Parkinson’s project due

Thursday: Neuro Final (cummulative, yikes!)

Friday: Peds exam 2 (this class goes into the fall semester)

Monday: start Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Camp

Tuesday: Practice Management Final

Wednesday: Differential Diagnosis Final (last one); Casey’s birthday

Friday: end of camp, finally break!

So that pretty much means that my days need to look more like they have today.

After ending class at 11, I came home and whipped up some lunch so I could eat and get right to work.

Mahi (left over from our taco's last night), avocado, tomatoes on romaine with balsamic dressing

Mahi (left over from our taco’s last night), avocado, tomatoes on romaine with balsamic dressing

This must have done the trick because I have studied for 3 hours, worked on my project, made all sorts of necessary phone calls.  I think I am naming that salad “Motivation on Greens”!

Hopefully this day of motivation can continue through next week but I don’t have my hopes up too high for it!