To Feel Good Again

Saturday we traveled along what I am sure is the longest road in America (I-26, its the worst) to Spartanburg for my friend Steph and her new husband Patrick to be married.  There were quite a few people from my class there and we had a great time with the little mini reunion.  The wedding was beautiful as was Steph; just stunning.  The wedding was Kentucky Derby themed (him being from Kentucky) and we all got derby glasses from different years as our favors, so cool and unique!  We had such a fabulous time dancing the night away and Steph and Patrick closed out the night with a swing dance to Footloose (don’t worry, she had a different dress on)!

They rode off on a tandem bicycle with cans dragging of course.  It was so them.  Steph is a friend that I run with often, though not lately due to proximity.  I am sure now that we are both back in Charleston again, we will tackle many more roads together; her a new MRS!!

Case and I

Case and I

Sunday was pretty much a lost day.  After getting back, we were so worn out we pretty much just lazed around trying to recover.

Today was the re-kick off of my 6 week goals: 180 miles, 180 minutes of stretching and 1800 push ups.  It is also the kick off of Runner’s World Run Streak to run at least one mile every day until July 4th.  Game on!

Thank goodness I finally had my first run that I actually felt good on in weeks today.  I learned in the past week that just because you aren’t unable to peel yourself off the couch doesn’t mean you aren’t sick.  Recovering from illness might as well be recovering from a marathon.  Really, your body and immune system are working over time to get you better, just like it does in a race.  Fingers crossed I will continue to be in the clear tomorrow (I still have a lingering cough and sniffles, but I am on the up and up)!

Hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!  Any one else doing the Runner’s World Run Streak?!

First Beach Day!

I spent nearly the entire day at the beach today and it was glorious!

IMG_1453IMG_1454I read my book, hung out with my friend Cassie and her husband for a while and went for my first beach run of the season.  That was the only part that was crappy.  It felt so good to run in the sand again.  This time of year always makes me miss the beach patrol but getting to run on the beach makes me feel not so far from it.  However, they are dredging the beach on folly right now and there are huge rocks and lots of shells right at the shoreline making running challenging, and actually painful.  I ended up going 5 miles and have the cuts and blisters on the bottoms of my feet to show for it.  Proof of my true hard headed nature!

When I got home, Casey and I headed to a new restaurant down town called Chez Nous for our “three year anniversary” dinner.  We don’t really have a date, more like sometime around memorial day weekend, hence the quotes.  His parents had given me a gift card to this restaurant for graduation so we got to enjoy a fabulous meal and not feel so bad about it.  The food was exquisite.  Though it was a limited menu, everything we ordered was to die for.  It was kind of darn and quaint inside so I didn’t attempt to take pictures, though now I wish I had.  The service was awesome and the food was wonderful.  My other Charlestonians, I highly recommend it!

IMG_1456Hope you are having a great start to your Memorial Day Weekend!!  Off to a wedding for us tomorrow!