National Run Day

Today was a little out of the ordinary.  I mean lets be real, my ordinary right now is get up, having coffee, read for a while, watch a little tv, job hunt like a maniac, read a little more, run, maybe go to the beach.  Nothing exciting or strenuous!

Today I actually had in interview!!  AHHHH.  I have no idea if I will get it but it was a pretty awesome clinic.  They have a lot of cool PT toys like an infinity pool and gravity reducing treadmill (NERD ALERT, NERD ALERT)!  I thought it went very well and will have all my fingers and toes crossed for maybe some good news.

After getting home I decided I was going to celebrate National Run Day by rejoining my group at Lululemon!  The whole crew is different from when I left for rotations but it is fun to meet all new people and I am excited to really get back into it and go every week again.

run club

So nice to be home and be able to get some semblance of a routine going again!  Hope you had a great run for the best holiday of the year!

First 20 Miler in the Books

After an 8 mile run Thursday with some serious lead legs, a typical 5 mile easy loop with the push up challenge after (83 push ups, squats and reverse crunches) I had no idea how this 20 miler would go.  It was warm compared to how it has been, around 73 feels like 78.

I also finally broke down and got a new hand held water bottle.  I got mine before my first marathon in 2009 and the zipper finally broke a few weeks back.  We had logged quite a few miles together but it was time to move on.  I hit the local running store in Decatur call the Big Peach yesterday and picked up this new one.  Mine is actually the pink and purple one but I couldn’t find the picture on Amazon.

Nathan 20-ounch Quick Draw Hand Held Insulated Water Bottle (thats not a mouthful or anything); Photo from Amazon

Nathan 20-ounch Quick Draw Hand Held Insulated Water Bottle (thats not a mouthful or anything); Photo from Amazon

I can tell the company has really been working to make this better since I got mine.  There is a larger pocket that actually fits my iphone with out me squeezing it in there (hence the broken zipper) and I can fit all my gels as well.  This model also has a thumb hole that helps with grip as well as the draw string to make it tighter so I don’t have to squeeze the crap out of it the whole time I am running.  My fingers would actually be a little stiff when I was done a really long run with the old one.  If you are in the market for a new hand held bottle, I would highly recommend this bottle.  It is so well designed!!

My run went beautifully.  I don’t think I have ever had that good of a 20 mile run.  I spent some time last night doing some hip opening yoga and did my yoga for runners on youtube routine that I love before heading out.  I don’t know if it made that big of a difference but that is certainly going to be part of the routine from now one.

The run was split into good thirds that helped me mentally stay tuned in.  The first 7 miles went from my house, down through Decatur and back up the Stone Mountain Trail.  The next 6 miles, I bumped off the Stone Mountain Trail to catch the Beltline to Piedmont Park and ran around there.  There were so many people on this part of the run, there almost needed to be traffic signals, haha.  It kept me so motivated to see so many people out being active.  By the time I picked the Stone Mountain Trail back up I had 7 miles to go into downtown Atlanta and then back to my house.  Having different chunks to tackle really helped keep me going the whole time.

20 miler

I am so happy to have that run go so well, it is so motivating, especially with Boston one month from yesterday!

Tonight my friend Allyson is coming over to hang out because we are volunteering for the Publix Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon tomorrow.  I ran this race last year and had a great time.  I have never volunteered for a race before because I am usually running so I am excited to finally pay it back to the running community.  And I am even more excited that Allyson is coming with me.

We are making quite a day of it actually.  Tonight we are going to hang out and have an old school sleep over and make race signs because we are stationed right by my house and she lives on the other side of Atlanta.  We are done at our posts around 9:30 (we are at miles 8-9), so we are going to go back to Folk Art where Casey and I went last week for brunch.  I have to have the peanut butter banana french toast/pancakes/waffles (I haven’t decided yet).  Then we are going to go see Divergent and maybe go to Lulu and see if they have any shorts that want me to wear them to run Boston!

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend and that your long run goes/went as well as mine did today!!

Sweat on Deck

To say this morning was incredible would be the understatement of the year!  The weather was chilly but perfect, the people were awesome, the energy was amazing!!  What a fantastic event Lululemon put on this morning!

We boarded the ship around 8:45, set up our mats and took a bunch of pictures of the awesome view we had off the flight deck.  Yep, we worked out on a flight deck this morning!

Boarding the ship, walking through the York town

Boarding the ship, walking through the York town

Flight Deck

Flight Deck

Just try to beat that view!

Just try to beat that view!

Maribeth and I

Maribeth and I

Setting up, with 500 other people!!

Setting up, with 500 other people!!

For the first hour we took a boot camp class.  I assumed that with that many people and no weights it couldn’t be that bad.  WRONG!!  She had us busting our butts for sure.  We did multiple circuits of various arm, leg and core exercises multiple times with little rest.  My push ups were still suffering from my fitness classes I have been to this week.  Nothing like getting back into weight training like 3 days out of the week hard core!  

After our hour of boot camp, we had an hour of yoga.  The instructor was amazing and hilarious.  I just wanted to be her friend!  After so many classes this week and a fairly strong week of running the yoga was very much needed.  I felt so much better when it was over.  I really need to get yoga back into my routine.  My hamstrings will thank me for sure.  

I had one of the lemons get some pictures for me and when I got home and pulled them up I was so happy I did.  The pictures were just amazing, seeing so many people all doing the same poses is a powerful thing.  

Being a short tree

Being a very short tree


Love, love, love this one!

Love, love, love this one!

Side note, I found this in the hem of my shirt today and thought it was awesome.  It also says "Will go the distance for cupcakes!"  Brittany (blissfulbritt), this made me think of you!

Side note, I found this in the hem of my shirt today and thought it was awesome. It also says “Will go the distance for cupcakes!” Brittany (blissfulbritt), this made me think of you!


Thank you Lululemon for an incredible morning and workout!!

Time Flies

Today was one of those days that I felt like the sun was going down right when I got up it flew so fast.  However, looking back it was pretty productive and most of it was fun.

First thing in the morning (okay lets be serious, it was about 10:30) I went for a nice long run with my friends Maribeth and Steph.  We ran over the Ravel Bridge to the Pitt Street Pier in Old Mount Pleasant and back.  It was a gorgeous morning for a run like that and it was made much better with friends.  I am glad we got the bridge in but after running and going to another fitness class yesterday my legs are definitely feeling it.

Post run, we decided to go to Persimmon Cafe for a late lunch and a treat which was very convenient because it is IN the laundromat.  I carted laundry from over a month over there, threw it in and had a much more enjoyable wait.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:


We finished off our lovely meal with another Pumpkin Carmel Custard.  MB and I split one again thank goodness.  They are so good I could eat a whole one, but I would feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable if I did so.

Right about the time we were done, all my laundry was dry and I opted to bring it home to fold so I could enjoy some Friends while I did it.  An hour and a half later, I finally had it folded!!


That’s what you get when you don’t do laundry for a month.  Hopefully this is the last time because we got a washer and dryer yesterday!!!!  This is HUGE news for us, let me tell ya!  I used to be a solid every two week laundry kind of girl until the whole laundromat thing happened.

Man that was a lot of talk about laundry…sorry!

The rest of the day (which lets be serious, it was already five o’clock at this point) I ran around and did some errands and before I knew it I was making dinner.  I have really been making a lot off the website and everything I have made so far has been awesome.  I made black bean and avocado enchiladas tonight and they were awesome.  Case didn’t even complain that there was no meat in them!

Tomorrow morning calls for boot camp and yoga on the YORKTOWN.  Lululemon is having a fitness event on the actual ship.  There are 400 people taking a one hour boot camp class followed by a one hour yoga.  I am so excited for it.  Hopefully I can get some pictures during water breaks!

Hodge Podge

This post will pretty much be a jumble of a bunch of thoughts and things I want all included that don’t go together.

1.  My lulu pictures were released today and I totally love it.  The girl that wrote it referred to me as an elite runner which I certainly don’t put myself in that category by any means but what a confidence booster before a race!

almost famousAfter this picture got posted, a girl emailed the store and asked for my contact info because she is also running this race and hoping to qualify for Boston.  She texted me this afternoon and we are planning to meet up at the expo and maybe run the first few (or how every many work out) miles together, at least to help us not go out to fast and get a good start.

2.  I got the pumpkin oatmeal just how I like it today.  It isn’t super sweet so if that is how you like things you may have to use more honey or a bit of sugar.



3/4 cup almond milk (regular milk is fine too)

Pinch of Salt

Just less than 1/2 cup of Old Fashioned Oats

2 TBSP pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling)

1 1/2 tsp honey

1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1/2 tsp cinnamon


1.  Bring milk and salt to slight boil.

2.  Stir in oats and cook until thick oats are left stirring occasionally.  Stay close because it can bubble over pretty easily if you aren’t paying attention.

3.  Reduce heat to low and add pumpkin, honey and pumpkin pie spice.  Stir thoroughly.

4.  Place in bowl and garnish with cinnamon!!  Delish!!

I was so happy with the taste.  It is a nice treat without being overly sweet first thing in the morning.

3.  I finally made it to the beach today with my friend Cassie while my oil got changed and finished my book.  It was really good and not predictable.  I tried to predict the whole time and about half way I just gave up and enjoyed the ride.  It is like all of his other books, it starts fast, has a few far fetched parts and he is getting shot at within 10 pages but it is such a wild, entertaining ride!


4.  I am all packed and ready to go.  I of course made many lists today to make sure I had everything I needed.  There are a few last minute things that can’t get packed until we are walking out the door but other than that everything is ready to go.  My mom just read the book I packed and said it was phenomenal so I will let everyone know.



5.  IT IS THE FIRST NIGHT OF FOOTBALL SEASON!!  And there was a delay to the start allowing me just enough time to finish composing this post.  Gotta love when the universe works with you!

Happy Thursday everyone.  Next time you hear from me I’ll be in PA!

Solid Saturday

Today started with my last LSD run of 8 miles at 7:30 this morning.  It was so unbelievably foggy but cool because the sun was kept out.  It really didn’t heat up until about an hour after I was done which was perfect.  It went really well but I am starting to get very anxious about this race.

When I got home I had time to take a quick shower and make my new favorite breakfast: Reese’s Oatmeal!!





1 cup chocolate almond milk

Pinch of salt

1/2 cup oats

1 Tbsp Natural Peanut Butter

(You can proportionally reduce these if it is too much…I usually end up using 3/4 of a cup of milk, 3/4 of 1/2 of a cup of oats (because that isn’t confusing) and 3/4 of a tbsp of peanut butter because the full serving is just too much!)


1.  Bring chocolate milk and pinch of salt to slight boil.

2.  Add oats and stir.  Allow to become thick stirring occasionally.  About 15 minutes.

3.  Reduce heat and stir in peanut butter.

Seriously, so easy and so fantastic.  It tastes like you are eating something really bad but it isn’t!  Doesn’t get better than that.

After scarfing breakfast, I jumped on my bike and headed to Lululemon where I had my modeling debut!!  It really isn’t a big deal but I was super excited about it.  Every Wednesday they send new product notification emails and they asked me to come be their model for this one.  I wish I had some pictures from the shoot but there were just the two of us so no one really there to take pictures for me.  The only downside was that all the new stuff coming in is for winter and it was easily over 90 while we were doing it and we walked about a mile to get to where we were doing it so I was sweating bullets by the time we even got started.  It was a lot of fun though and I will be sure to share the pictures once it is released!!

Once I finished up there, I headed to the market to pick up a few things before heading home and finishing up my newest baking adventure.  Peanut Butter Pie with Chocolate Covered Pretzel Crust.  Yep, it was amazing!

My picture quality was terrible because I forgot to take it before we left the house but mine is the bottom and the top is the recipe picture.  About as close as it gets!

My picture quality was terrible because I forgot to take it before we left the house but mine is the bottom and the top is the recipe picture. About as close as it gets!

We took that bad boy over to Casey’s parents to celebrate his mom’s birthday.  Thank goodness I could enjoy making it but could take it somewhere else to get it eaten!

Today was a pretty jam packed day but it was really fun!!  Tomorrow will be much more low key but hopefully I will be able to make it to the beach and have a relaxing afternoon.  Casey has three fantasy drafts tomorrow which means lots of time for me to do whatever I want! Woo Hoo!


I have so many things to say that I am about to just explode and this is probably going to be a messy disaster post but here goes.

Yesterday I had my WIAW post pictures all done but we didn’t get home from the grocery store until 11:30!!!!  We hadn’t been in a month and really really needed everything and I am not even kidding, we walked in the store and the whole refrigerated (meats, dairy, produce) section was empty!!  We didn’t figure this out until we had all of our non-refrigerated stuff in the cart so we checked out there and went to another store to get all of our cold stuff.  What a debacle!

So here is my WIAW in a nut shell.


This morning I was able to go back to my Lululemon run group.  I haven’t been able to go since April because it is Wednesday nights and that is when the neuro night for our clinic is which I have been going to every week.  I was so excited to get to see everyone again and get a nice casual run in with everyone.

Bike ride to run, I live in such a beautiful place!

Bike ride to run, I live in such a beautiful place!

Group shot post run!

Group shot post run!

Then, when we got back to the store, they said they were gifting everyone that came a free pair of shorts!!!!!  I was so excited.  I of course got the Run Speed shorts and found this AWESOME pattern that I am now obsessed with.  There is a matching sports bra that is polka dotted that I may have to go back and get!

My new beauties!!

My new beauties!!

Plus, today is one of my favorite holidays.  I love that it is just a fun enjoyable day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas but I love the fourth for the same reason I love thanksgiving.  It is just a gathering of friends eating FOOD (best part really) with no expectations, or gifts or pressure.

I made my first dessert pizza today too.  I am so happy with how it turned out, hopefully it tastes as good as it looks!

2013-07-04 10.58.02

So now we are getting ready to head out for the day to the pool/beach and just relax (NO STUDYING) all day.

Hope you have a great fourth of July!

Scarlett ready for her first 4th of July!

Scarlett ready for her first 4th of July!



The stockings are hung, by the chimney with care…

Christmas Eve night has arrived!

First to catch up on yesterday.  I actually got done everything on that dreaded list!  Breakfast with my grandpa (whom I call Grouch) was good.  I came home and went for my run and conditions couldn’t have been better (minus the lingering soreness from the field hockey!).  I donned my new under armor bra and cold gear top, the tights Casey got me for my birthday and my new Lululemon gloves and was more than comfortable (with no blasted wind!)

Luluelemon Frisky Brisk Run Gloves

Lululemon Frisky Brisk Run Gloves

I highly recommend these.  On the website they didn’t get the best review but I adore them.  I will never probably be running in 10 degree weather with a blizzard so I can’t comment on those conditions but they kept me toasty in a sunny 35.  The best part is that the silvery tips on the thumbs and pointer fingers ACTUALLY WORK on my iphone.  I had no expectation for these to work because it seemed too good to be true but they worked as good as my bare hand!

Anyway, as I was putting in my 15 miles yesterday, I remembered how great of a place I am from.  I saw canals, the beach, a forrest, downtown all in one short run.

2012-12-23 11.15.19

2012-12-23 11.45.55

2012-12-23 12.08.25

2012-12-23 12.15.41

It is just stunning and oh so small and quaint.  I just love it!

We took Scarlett to the beach for the first time!  She loooooved digging in the sand!  We hit my grandparents for dinner, I went to the bon fire for my friend and finally made it to the bar with my two best friends from high school/the beach patrol.

2012-12-24 22.14.07

AND to top off yesterday, I won my fantasy league!!

2012-12-23 23.38.12

Which brings me to today.  I went to my breakfast with my friend Hannah and Jess.  So now I can finally reveal my pinterest project!

2012-12-17 14.48.05 copy

She gets the SC one and I will take the PA one back with me.  I will put directions up soon when its not so wild and crazy and busy!

My mom and I wrapped presents galore, did some last minute errands, I got my run in for today and then we settled into our christmas traditions.

I always give my gifts to my family the night before so they don’t get overshadowed by the grander gifts from my parents so I gave my dad a pair of ear buds that I read in Runner’s World are good for running/working out.  I got each of my brothers a pair of dri fit nike shorts with their NFL teams on them (Eagles and Ravens) and I got my mom a Kindle Paperwhite since her birthday was earlier in the month as well.

Then we put on Elf and played the card game Phase 10.  We have done this every year for as long as I can remember!  The game lasted so long this year and Scarlett certainly didn’t make it easy to play on the floor!  Now I sit in bed and will hope to fall asleep soon since there will be a knock at my door that will probably come at like 6 am because my brothers are still young.

If you made it through this long winded post I am impressed.  I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve and that you have a very peaceful, joyful, spectacular Christmas Day!

I’m curious though, what are your families Christmas/Holiday traditions?