Weekly Work Out Summary

I FINALLY got it together with my yoga and strength this week.  I think not driving >10 hours definitely helped the situation.  Plus my back is still bothering me from my snowboarding stupidity so I have been trying any and all youtube yoga to try and improve that situation.

My long run today was pretty tough.  The first 10 miles felt good and I had my head in the right place and was focused and then the last 6 or so I fell apart.  I am trying to get used to the major jump in heat and the ridiculous hills but I know I get inside my head.  My body still feels good now so I know my feeling of struggling was very mental.  However I did gain 1,862 feet which is quite a bit of work.  I also keep telling myself that I should be very prepared for Boston and Heart Break Hill after running 100 Heart Break Hills on every long run.

After recovering from that endeavor, I took a stroll to a coffee shop close to my house.  I just wanted to go for a walk in the beautiful weather so I went to a local place for once instead of driving to Starbucks where I have a ton of gift cards to (thank you mommom and poppop).  The coffee was great and the walk was perfect for my recovering muscles.

After coming home and making some dinner I sat down and wrote a paper for my Inter-professional fellowship (doesn’t that sound fancy, its not, trust me) that I have been literally putting off for months.  Talk about some serious productivity!

So another week is in the books: 6 weeks to Boston, 7 weeks until boards, 8 weeks until I am finished rotations.  Keepin’ on, keepin’ on!

Workout Summary

Running: 49.27 miles

Yoga: 31 minutes (one yoga for runners, one yoga for the spine)

Strength: 15 minutes (Perfect Alignment Pilates by Gabby Douglas)