Hot Yoga?

In my excitement about pineapples yesterday, I completely forgot to include the new circuit workout I did after my run yesterday.


During this thing I didn’t think it was so bad, but today, I AM SORE!!  My legs, especially with those single leg squats.  Good thing I have running group tonight to take an easy run and work it out.  

Any who.  Yesterday, my friend Jenna texted me with a hot yoga groupon.  $35 for 10 classes.  Considering a single class is $20, I figured this is a great deal to try it out and get a real feel for what it is all about.  So, we dove in and bought them together yesterday.  This is especially good because one of my goals for this year was to go to a yoga class once a week.  The only one that my gym offers that works with my class schedule is on Friday afternoons and the past few weeks I have been having things come up that have kept me from going.  (Excuses, excuses, I know)!  However, now that we will be going together and scheduling it once a week, it is more built in my schedule now (accountability baby)!

Tomorrow will be class one.  I am going to get a mile or two in first (gotta stay on the April Streaking) then heading over, which I will hopefully not regret.  Until then, I will be drinking water like its running out!

Have you ever tried Hot Yoga?  Am I going to die?

Don’t stop, they’ll catch you!!

Right now is pretty much the first time I have stopped moving since 8 am.  I started with a doctors appointment at 9 (that they didn’t actually get me in for until 9:40 and I had class at 10…I was freaking)!  Then class and meetings straight through until my neuro exam at 3.  P.S. To any of you teachers out there, there is nothing worse than having an exam  in the afternoon after having class all day (sincerely a stressed out student!).

After finishing my exam, I squeezed in a run and hit the gym for the Beach Ready Circuit.   I really pushed my run too hard and too fast (and it was incredibly windy) so I was pretty spent by the time I started lifting.  Of course this is a pretty challenging circuit too so I made it through but it was definitely not my best effort.

Then I raced home, showered and left to meet my friend Lindsey so she could try and make a final decision about her wedding dress…YAYYYYYY!!  Through this process I have decided that someone else will be picking my wedding dress, and planning the whole wedding, I’m just showing up…SO MUCH STRESS!!

In the craziness of the weekend, I totally forgot to update everyone on Scarlett’s shenanegans!!

Sunday, while I was feeling very sick to my stomach and awful she decided to eat my Michael Kors watch, I was soooo mad when I woke up.  But the fun certainly didn’t stop there.  She then decided that it was a good day for her first swim and jumped in a huge puddle and completely submerged herself and HER CAST that can’t get wet.  I wish I had been with it enough to snap a picture of her soaking wet because in hind sight it was pretty funny and cute but I was just too mad to think that at the time.  All I can say is its a good thing she is so stinkin cute or she may have had a new home by Sunday night.

Scarlett in the dog house

Scarlett in the dog house

Lastly!!  I know you guys have great fitness challenge ideas, I have thought of so many fun ones already so I urge you to leave them as a comment on the Give Away Post to win the slow cooker!!  Get creative y’all…can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

Moving On

After taking yesterday completely off for a little mental health, I was rip roaring to get on the road today after I got done work and my CSCS review session.  I had one of those runs that just felt awesome through out.  I was trying to run easy but I knew I was booking it the whole time.  Every song that came on my iPod put a smile on my face.  It was just a simply blissful run.  I especially took some time to enjoy the Battery since it was featured as Runner’s Worlds “Rave Run” for March.  I was so shocked when I turned the page and saw the run I do 5/6 days a week.  After my awesome run, I ended at the gym to do a new circuit.


This may have been my hardest circuit yet.  I don’t know if it is because I did a pretty hard run before or that I didn’t take any rest breaks but it kicked my butt.  Two things that may be not well described above:

Lunge with running arms: stand in deep lunge and pump arms like running; make sure to switch so that each leg is in front for 30 seconds.

Bosu Ball Transfers: Lay on back with Bosu between feet, v-up and grab ball with arms, extend arms above head and legs straight without touching the group, v-up again and transfer ball back to feet.  That is 1 rep!

It felt so good to get a good work out in after being pretty lazy yesterday.

We had a few friends over for dinner too which was great to just hang out and really act like is is spring break!  Woo Hoo!!

Are you trying to scare me? Mission Accomplished

Today we had a lovely meeting at school about our comprehensive curricular examination.  Doesn’t that just sound joyful.  First, we have a written exam that will cover everything I will have learned in the past 2 1/2 years in August (with a practice version in June).  Then we have a “performance” type comp called the OSCE that I go and demonstrate all the skills I have learned in the prior 2 1/2 years in front of all my professors in October.  The excitement is killing me!

In addition to that, I decided last week that I am going to try to get my CSCS (certified strength and conditions specialist) certification this May.  I thought it would be a good review for part of these comprehensive exams.

So to say I am a little stressed would be an understatement.  I am excited to sit for the CSCS exam and have been trying to study for it gradually (amidst all the other studying) but who knows how it will turn out.  Hopefully I haven’t bit off more than I can chew.

After coming home from this lovely meeting, did I hit the books as would be logical?  Nope, I went running and then to lift at the gym.  I got in about 4 miles (OUTSIDE which was a huge plus since the weather has been so bad) and then ended at the gym where I did my Bosu Blaster circuit x2.  This was a way more productive use of my nerves than trying to stare at the 4 foot tall stack of books in my room and even higher stack of notes from the past years and make a plan to get it all back into my noggin.

Should I start this studying madness even more or just go ahead and jump off the Ravenel Bridge now and save myself the misery?!

Foam Rollers May Actually Be the Devil

I tried to take a picture of a foam roller and put devil horns on it but I am pressed for time tonight (stupid neuro exam in the morning) so I couldn’t invest a lot of energy in this.  However I did find this picture…



LIES!!  No one really looks like this on a foam roller, their face is more like this…



I went for my usual run and then hit the gym to lift for a while and I knew I should hit the foam roller for a while.  I was in agony (which is the true indication I needed it).  What I learned was that a) I much prefer The Stick for sure and b) once in a while foam rolling is necessary.  I feel awesome now and will hopefully really feel the benefits on tomorrow run!

So go suck it up and roll it out people!


Tests, Tests and oh more Tests

So another test down with only one between me and a little, tiny, miniscule bit of not studying.  Of course the last one is the biggest, most important (at least to me) one of all.  I have been studying for this Neuro test through studying for the other two so I have a good head start for this one.

Today was really busy but I did manage to go to my work study for a few hours and hit the gym.  I usually prefer to run around down town and end at the gym so that I can avoid the treadmill but it was raining again today so running in place it was.  After ~35 minutes of running I started on a new work out.

rainbow wave line background with halftone background,vector illustration

This one was tough.  If you really work to get in as many reps as you can in each interval you’ll be sweating it out, at least I was!

Almost half way through the week y’all!!

Life is Sweet

Today while I was running, I just contemplated how good my life is.  So often there are so many things around us that we don’t have, things stressing us out, problems out of our control.  It is hard to take a minute just to think about how good things really are.  I don’t have a ton of money (like none actually: living on student loans), I don’t have a fancy house or car, no trust fund, nor am I really the best at anything.
What I do have is a great family, awesome supportive boyfriend, promise of a future in a job that I know I will love, my health, a great puppy, legs that carry me where ever I want to run and the sun on my face.  So life isn’t perfect and things could be easier, but they could be a lot harder too.

Mushy, run induced euphoria over I promise.

Came up with a new work out for the gym today after my ~4 mile run.  It targets specific muscle groups but gets the whole body involved with the BOSU BALL!

It was an awesome work out. I will not be lifting Thursday though since I have decided to do this race, I don’t need to do all dumb things possible.

Had a great snack when I got home. I have gotten in a bad habit of putting peanut butter on all my fruit every time I eat it. Now there are worse things I could be having for a snack but I was really packing in a lot of extra calories. There was a recipe on pinterest for the easiest fruit dip imaginable so I made it a few days ago and it is awesome. Just mix 1/2 cup peanut butter with 1 cup plain greek yogurt. How easy is that! I’m betting vanilla would be good too.

2013-02-05 15.56.59

Random but I just had to share this too, Scarlett is apparently a fan of the Yeungling…

2013-02-05 17.57.23

Just doesn’t get better than that! Love her!

Busy, Busy, Busy

The past two days have been crazy.  My old roommate, and good friend Allyson came into town last night right after I got done run group and is only staying here until tomorrow.  So sad.  On top of that, I have my first practical exam for my Neurological rehab class tomorrow.  It was supposed to be today but the whole schedule got shifted back a day (even more stressful!).

I did manage to get a work out in today, I didn’t want to get off track on my lifting days on the second day I was supposed to go, so this is what today’s workout looked like.


I hit the treadmill for about a 4 mile run first and then dove right in.  A few of these I feel I should define so here they are.

  • Arm Burners: dumb bell in each hand, curl then palms down raise arms in front of you, then palms down raise arms straight to side (be sure not to hike your shoulders!)
  • 2 step push ups: lower down half way, pause, then all the way, pause, half way up, pause, all the way up.  these help you be more stable and really use your muscles to control your movement
  • Core Alphabet: lay on back and draw the alphabet with your feet; for this work out I did A-M then N-Z then A-M again; 3 full alphabets would be really really hard!
  • If anything else is foreign to you, drop me a comment or email and I’ll explain!!

Gotta get to studying for this thing before everyone comes home.  Please pray for me between 12:30 and 1 tomorrow!

Back in the Gym

Every time I decide to return to lifting, I am always blow away by how weak I have gotten.  I was struggling to curl a 10 pound dumb bell today, it was so sad.  That did show me how much I needed to be in the gym.

I was planning to run on the treadmill and then go lift but it was 75 today and beautiful so I just couldn’t bring myself to run inside with those conditions in January.  So I hit the road for about 4 miles and ended at the gym.  I like to lift in sets of different exercises like small little circuits so I don’t have to waste a lot of time resting in between sets.


This hits arms legs and core pretty hard.  I am expecting to wake up pretty sore tomorrow but we will see.

Yay for lifting again!

Being Goal Oriented Without A Goal

So begins the return to regular running but without any training goals in mind.  I have been training almost non stop for one race or another since last September.  It is a glorious feeling, but I feel so aimless.  I am Type A to the max so even though I’m not training, I will still have to have weekly goals.

To stay on track with my 1500 miles for the year goal, I need to run at least 29 miles a week, so this is my major goal each week.  I am also going to start a very basic strength training program to prevent injury and my goal is to do this 2x/week, most likely Tuesdays and Thursdays.  My last one is to go to a yoga class once a week which was another one of my goals for the year.

Meeting major goals like my yearly ones can only really be managed when broken down into tiny bite sized pieces.

I enjoyed my run so much today.  I didn’t look at my watch once for pace, I picked a route I wanted to go on and whatever distance it was, it was; however fast I was going, that was it and, ironically, I ran faster than I have in a long time.  I also, in a very silly way love that my runs have been ending in .93 or .24 or .49 instead of always being dead on a mile.  I had found all through training I was so focused how how to create my route to be the exact distance that I didn’t just use the time to think and relax and be calm (in my mind anyway).

Do you set small goals each day? Week? Month?