Lazy Sunday and Workout Recap

Today started with so many good intentions.  Then we went to brunch and it was 7 pm!!  How does that happen?!

Case and I got up and went to Hampton Park so he could play some football and I took Scar for a stroll.  She was a teensy bit crazy this morning and probably walking 2 miles to my 1 just walking circles around me (literally).    IMG_1531After leaving the park the day completely disintegrated.  We went to brunch at a place called the Royal American with some friends of ours and had “Manmosas” and I had a breakfast called The Mess.  This was eggs, cheese, onions and peppers served in a potato skin.  I couldn’t bring myself to eat the potato skin but the rest was quite good.  I was disappointed that the place didn’t offer any healthy brunch options though.  Usually every place is good for a default yogurt, fruit and granola bowl or something but not here.  The Mess (minus the potato skin) was pretty much as good as I could do there.  O well, hence why we run, right?

IMG_1596IMG_1597After having brunch we headed to Shem Creek to have a drink at this beautiful dock bar.  The weather was amazing, I could have sat there all day!

IMG_1606IMG_1607Needless to say, my run wasn’t stellar tonight but I got it in; 4 miles over the bridge.  After a day of not so amazing food choices I needed to move my body even if it wasn’t and impressive performance.

Workout Recap:

I am going to have some making up to do in the stretching and push up department next week to hit my six week goals.  Next week is the end already.  I can’t believe it.

Running: 32.1; 28.5 to go this week

Stretching: a measly 6 minutes (YIKES); 75 minutes to go this week

Push Ups: 280; 390 to go this week

Here’s to a good week wrapping up these goals and all fingers and toes crossed for some call for an interview!!!

Wonderful Weekend and Workout Recap

I haven’t really had much to say lately because I have been squandering my free time sitting around and being upset about not being able to find a job, no one wants to hear that, right?!

Friday was a turning point.  I made a contingency plan that involves doing something active rather than sitting around and waiting and praying that someone would call me back.  Then Saturday we had a cook out/bbq at our house to celebrate graduation and being done with school.  I even got to do some baking which I haven’t done in forever including the classic Chocolate Chip Cookies and Carrot Cake Banana Bread (sans the icing).  We had such a good night and it really reminded me that even when things are a little tough, I have a lot of good friends and support behind me and things will get less stressful.  I just hate the waiting game and not being able to do much about changing my situation!

Tonight at dinner we got fortune cookies when we were leaving and mine pretty much summed up this whole weekend of starting to feel good and in control again!

IMG_1488Now if only that little strip of paper can turn in to a very happy phone call this week 🙂

Workout Summary

Now that I finally feel good again (though Casey and I are pretty sure we have whooping cough), I was able to put in a legitimate week of fitness with good progress toward my 6 week goals and my first 7 days of the Runners World Run Streak (Memorial day-Labor Day).

Miles: 33.1

Push Ups: 300

Stretching Minutes: 31 (yoga/static stretching combo)

Here’s to another good week of fitness, and fingers crossed for some good job news for this girl!