WIAW: Apparently Sausage Edition

Yesterday was pretty busy, and was a hot yoga day which meant lots of water and more food since its a big calorie burner!!  I have decided to do my WIAW based on Tuesday so I can do that post before late at night when I am done eating for the day, makes total sense!

Breakfast: Sundried Tomate Chicken Sausage with egg whites, spinach, mushrooms and a teeny bit of skim mozzarella cheese

2013-06-11 07.28.49

I am really making a valiant effort to not eat cereal every day.  I love cereal so it will still be a staple, but If I can sub things like this or over night oats a few times a week, I view that as a win.  Plus I stay fuller longer at school when I have had one of these options.  I was inspired to try to make a “breakfast bowl” by PBfingers.com.  She always has these great egg creations and I finally decided to try it, and it really doesn’t take that much longer to throw it together.  I PROMISE!!

Morning Snack: Sugar Cookie; I went by my school mailbox and my friend and ex-roommate 😦 had her white coat ceremony Friday (congrats to her) and her mom’s friend had made this cute little white coat cookies and she brought me one!

How stinkin adorable is that?!

How stinkin adorable is that?!

Lunch: Honey Fage Greek Yogurt with French Vanilla Almond Granola, Pineapple, Wheat Thins Flat Bread with Sun Dried Tomato Laughing Cow Cheese

2013-06-11 11.55.38

2013-06-11 12.11.27

2013-06-11 15.17.53

Pre-Hot Yoga Snack: Banana
2013-06-11 15.17.28Dinner: Dirty Rice, Sundried Tomato Chicken Sausage, Spinach, Onions, Mushrooms, Roma Tomatoe

2013-06-11 20.38.26

I got home from the endeavor with the flood and was so tired and didn’t feel like figuring something complicated out.  I just sauteed everything up in the same pan and added the rice that was left over from dinner the night before.

Night Snacks: Fig Bar, a few Teddy Grahams before I realized I really wanted Kettle Corn with some Dark Chocolate Almond Milk (great sweet/salty combo)

2013-06-11 20.54.09

2013-06-11 21.36.25

Not my healthiest day, but hey, I never claimed to be a saint.

Half way through the week y’all!!

Where is the Restart Button?

I should have known when I woke up 30 minutes after my alarm because my phone fell from the tree fort in the middle of the night and I didn’t hear it, that the rest of the day wasn’t going to be much better.  Luckily, I had changed my schedule this week to have an easy run this morning and go to hot yoga tonight so I could give my body a full day of rest on Wednesday.  The whole waking up late thing nixed the run but it was an okay day for that to happen because I was supposed to do it tomorrow any way.  No harm, no foul.

I assumed a casual getting ready routine and even cooked eggs (will be on tomorrows WIAW), packed lunch and headed to school.  Nothing crazy there other than it is officially getting hot, even just sitting outside to eat lunch in the dog park was almost unbearable.  After class was over at 3, I headed up to get some work done before heading to hot yoga.

When I went to get on my bike, I found this little guy…

2013-06-11 16.58.47He was just so stinkin’ cute, I have never seen a cricket so small.  I quickly named him Jiminie (obvriously) and gently set him on the ground before heading on my way.

Yoga was stinkin hard today.  Like stupid hard.  It was really hot, I’m sure because it is getting a lot hotter outside and I’m just not adjusted yet.  On top of that, during our last asana, I looked out the window to see that it was torrentially down pouring!  After class I called Casey to see if he could come get me since I was on my bike but he wasn’t back down town yet.  I hung out for about 10 minutes just waiting for the rain to simmer down a little bit.  However, a 10 minute downpour in Charleston leaves you with

2013-06-11 19.31.06which is not exactly what I would call “ideal” for bike riding.  I made it home without getting too wet and am now happily enjoying a new round of thunderstorms from the comfort of my couch.

I guess days like this are necessary to make the really good days feel awesome!  But to solve todays problems, I’m gonna sit down to a large glass of dark chocolate almond milk and a book.

Hope you guys had a slightly more fortunate Tuesday than I did!

Man I Was Spoiled

Today I realized just how spoiled I was living 1.5 blocks from class for two years.  That was quite a treat, and I knew it at the time but I know it even more now.

This morning I woke up, had some coffee and cereal (no run this morning because I took my ‘rest day’ today to do Bikram Yoga) got dressed.  You know, the regular morning routine.  I had class from 8-10 and then from 1-5 with yoga starting at 5:30.  I knew I wasn’t going to make it home between class and yoga so I decided rather than staying on campus during my break from 10-1 I would just come home so I wouldn’t have to cart all that stuff around with me all day.

This was a fantastic plan.  I took the 10 minute bike ride home, sat down at my computer and got right to work.  I was bound to make this time productive since usually coming home ruins my ability to accomplish anything.  All was well and good until at 11:30 the sky opened up and it POURED!!  I didn’t have a back up plan to get back to school either because Casey had taken my car to work today, WOMP WOMP!!  Right at about 12:30 the rain lightened up so I hurried and got my stuff together for my window of opportunity.

I hit the road for the 11 minute (I’ve timed it) bike ride back to school.  I could see the storm in the distance, the thunder roaring louder and louder and the lightning illuminating the clouds and I was slightly horrified!  I’m pretty sure I made that ride in about 8 minutes that trip because I was pedaling as fast as my pour little legs could carry me.  I made it about 1 minute before the sky opened again!!  Talk about lucky!

Scarlett had a much better time in the rain than I ever would have and I got a picture mid day from Casey (he took her to work):

Happy as a clam!

Happy as a clam!

Super Soaked Scarlett!

Super Soaked Scarlett!

It looks like these spotty storms are going to haunt me the rest of the week so hopefully I will continue to get lucky with my timing.  It’s really bumming me out because I freaking love a good rainy day but I know this is going to make me dread them!  I’m sure I will continue to love them on days I don’t have to leave the house.

Are you a lover or hater of a rainy day?

One More Final

Thats right y’all, I have one final left to take!!  Woooo hooo!  Inevitably, my school also schedules our hardest, most meaningful final last.  It’s fine with me though because I started studying for this Neuro exam long ago since I knew it would be my toughest one and I would be worn out by now.

Today was jam packed and I didn’t even realize it until I sat down to write this post.  I took my test at 10:00 (it went well by the way), went to work for my work study for an hour right after that, went home and had lunch, went to Starbucks to study for a few hours, came home and fit a quick run in (in the rain), went to hot yoga, just made dinner and am about to sit down and study for the rest of the night.

I am worn out, as I always am after giving it my all at hot yoga.  It literally takes everything out of me.  So I plan to do just a little more studying tonight before turning in early so I can get up early and get right back to studying first thing in the morning.

My problem now is trying to figure out how to study at this point?  I have gone through and made all my own notes, organized those notes, made pictures and charts, read through all of these and now I have run out of strategies.  My mom always tells me that probably means I’m done, but I never feel like I’m done.

Oh and I keep pretending I’m done Wednesday but I am taking my Certified Strength and Conditioning exam on Monday as well!!  Womp, womp.  Guys seriously, next time I get crazy ideas like this, STOP ME!!

Happy Monday all!

Do you have any tried and true study techniques? Do you ever feel like you are truly done studying?

Aftermath: How Can We Help?

The day after tragedies like what have occurred in Boston has always been the hardest for me to stomach.  It doesn’t seem right that some people’s lives have been so drastically altered yet I got up and went about my day just like any other.  I always feel such a helpless feeling on this day.  I just want to help but have no idea how.

Runner’s world magazine has been posting ideas to show your support which I perused to see what I could do from Charleston.

Runners World: Boston Running Community Bands Together

Facebook Group: 137 by May 15th

Log your Charity Miles for: Achilles International or Wounded Warrior Project

Charleston Residents:  Charleston Runs for Boston

So I put in a few miles for Achilles before going to hot yoga which was probably the best way for me to channel my energy today.  I dedicated my practice at the beginning to the victims yesterday and had the most calming, strong, productive practice I have ever had in yoga. I poured my heart and soul into my efforts today, having a purpose made it so much more meaningful.

If anyone else knows any good ways to get involved, please share them.  The more people that know, the more can make the difference.

Wear your blue and gold tomorrow during your run to show your support!!

What a Let Down!!

Todays hot yoga was wayyyy infinitely harder than the first one.  Literally in the first class I didn’t rest once and this one I was resting like every few poses once we really got going.  It was taking everything in my body just to stay in the room.  It was so much hotter.  I don’t know if I am completely making this up in my head or what.  My friend I have been going with thought it was so much hotter too.  I am so glad I got my couple mile jog in with Casey before I went though because I was definitely too spent after ward to think about doing anything.  I am so exhausted now I am pretty sure I am not going to get anything done tonight!

free cone

Every time I really wanted to give up though I remembered it was FREE CONE DAY  at Ben and Jerry’s.  Talk about serious motivation!

When class was finally over and I went home, showered and got dinner made for us (fantastic stir fry with brown rice, broccolli, red peppers, onions and bean sprouts, yum!).  After taking a few minutes to digest we got in the car and headed for ICE CREAM!!

However, once we got down there, we were told it ended at 7pm (not 11 when the store closes) and that the store actually closed early as soon as it was over.  HUGE BUMMER!!

We had ice cream on the brain so we trekked on over to Kilwin’s and got some there.  I had cappuccino chocolate chip in a sugar cone and it was fabulous.  Once we walked around and enjoyed that, we headed home, where I immediately realized I left my phone at the ice cream shop, so back to Kilwin’s we went.

What a debacle that whole thing ended up being, but worth it?  I think so!

Hope you got your free cone, unlike me! 😦

Like the Rainforest

I have never sweat so much in my life and I have run multiple marathons in pretty high heat.  It was insane.  At one point it literally sounded like it was raining in there people were sweating so much.

Hot Yoga Mess

Hot Yoga Mess

My fingers were literally this pruny from sweating!!

My fingers were literally this pruny from sweating!!

All day I was vigilant about drinking water (hitting over 100 oz. before class).  I felt like I was peeing every five seconds.  But I was glad I did this once I got started.  I went to the gym first and put in two miles just to keep the streak going and then strolled over to where the class was.

I went in, got ready, put my stuff in a locker and braced myself to enter the room.  I was glad I got there early enough to just lay on my mat in the room for like 10 minutes before we got started.  I was nice to just take some time to acclimate before diving in.

From there we proceeded with the class and it wasn’t as scary as I was anticipating.  It’s all in your head, your own practice.  You just take things as far as you want and push yourself as much as you can. I really loved it, and I really feel great now.

If you have never done it, I really recommend trying it.  I’m sure it isn’t for everyone but I am already dreading my 10 classes being over.  I am definitely going to be facing a dilemma when they do…