The only good thing about darkness

At this point in the year I pretty much run in the dark no matter if it is in the morning or at night (womp, womp).  Just add that to the list of reasons I hate winter.  The only reason for winter is Christmas which is luckily the light (pun intended) of my runs.

I love getting to see the lights and they are lit in the morning at the evening so I get to enjoy them at all times!  I tried to snap a few pictures of my beautiful sights but I only had an ipod camera so they are shaky at best.

Marion Square

Marion Square


The colors here were indescribable and the picture doesn't do it justice but I had to try to capture it!

The colors here were indescribable and the picture doesn’t do it justice but I had to try to capture it!




IMG_0504I hope you are able to find some light in a dark situation (man I am cracking myself up with terrible humor tonight).  13 days till Christmas!!

Conversations with a Stranger

Today brought the glorious (can you hear the sarcasm) return to work.  I was ready to roll, rejuvenated for the week when I got there and the computers were down.  Talk about a damper on a Monday morning.  This wasn’t a huge deal, it just made a lot more work because everything had to be hand written and then typed in the computers once they finally came back up.

After work I begrudgingly headed to the gym and mustered out four crappy miles on the treadmill and a 30 minute Nike Training Club Workout (Body Remix).  I was so glad when I was done as always but I was really struggling to get through it today.  Talk about a case of the Mondays!

As soon as I got home Casey told me we were going to a friends house to watch the game and we picked up wings on the way for dinner.  When we got back to the house with the wings, one type we got were super, overly crispy and I volunteered to take them back.  This is not something I ever do so I felt bad walking in the door.  I showed them to the bar tender and they apologized, said they would get me new wings and apologized (great service really).  I sat down at the bar to wait and struck up a conversation with the guy next to me.

We didn’t talk about anything important: sports, my time in Charleston, where he grew up, school, more sports, a little fantasy, where I was from, etc.  But it was so refreshing to talk to a complete stranger for twenty minutes purely for the enjoyment of another’s company.  He was a very nice person and as superficially as I know him, I enjoyed our time chatting.

Will I ever see this guy again, probably not but as I was leaving he said Happy Holidays and put a smile on my face.  It just proved to me that people are inherently good and a warm, fuzzy feeling can come from the stranger sitting on the next bar stool.

I pulled it off, then did nothing

For the past three days with the exception of my daily run, I have spent pretty much all my time on my fanny napping, reading or watching football.  After having an amazing Thanksgiving I decided I earned having as much down time as I wanted before heading into my final two weeks of rotation.

Thanksgiving went off fairly flawlessly with the exception of the dumplings (which I was the only one that cared about them anyway, so no harm, no foul).  My pictures are bad though because I thought my camera was broken, but turned out the battery was just dead…THANK GOODNESS!!  In the next few days I need to add the crock pot sweet potato casserole and crock pot green bean casserole recipes I used.  They were so easy and so delicious and saved me a lot of oven space!

Turkey all Prepped and ready to go in

Turkey all Prepped and ready to go in

Ready to come out!

Turkey got a nice tan!

Thanksgiving Spread!

Thanksgiving Spread!


We had been enjoying the left overs (we still have enough mac and cheese to feed an army) for a few days now and Casey even took the left over ham to make ham and bean soup for dinner tonight.  Absolutely delicious, and unfortunately gone or else that would have been lunch for work tomorrow!


After a few much need rejuvenation days I am ready to head in to my final two weeks of my second rotation.  I can’t believe it has already been 6 weeks, mind blowing!  Before I know it I will be packing up and heading home for Christmas and then to Philadelphia.  I can’t even believe how time is flying.

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving break and are enjoying the start to your holiday season!

Christmas Light Run!

Yes you read that right and no I am not someone that gets Christmas crazy super early.  I am a firm wait until after Thanksgiving for Christmasy things kind of girl.  However, when James Island County Park is hosting a fun run/walk to see the lights in slow motion outside of the car, I had to break the rules!  The past two years Lindsey and I have gone with Casey and her now husband and the boys want to just drive as fast as possible and get it over with so we were very excited to see it at our pace!

After work Thursday I rushed over to the park office to pick up my ticket and headed to the park.  I got there almost an hour early so I spent the last little bit of sunlight doing a quick run before the event.  It got pretty dark at the end and let me tell you, if you want to run fast, run in the dark in the woods with creatures scurrying about.  This girl was hitting 6:15 miles just to get back to my car where the light was!

At 6:40ish we lined up at the Christmas village and set off on our walk through the park.  I am glad I got my run in before because Jenna, Lindsey and I ended up just walking the course, talking and enjoying the light displays.  We hadn’t all been together in quite a while and Lindsey had just gotten back from her honeymoon in Italy so we had A LOT to catch up on.

2013-11-07 19.09.54

Love the yellow ribbon on the tree

Love the yellow ribbon on the tree

2013-11-07 19.24.30

2013-11-07 19.31.002013-11-07 20.18.05

The sand sculpture every year is always so incredible!

The sand sculpture every year is always so incredible!

We had such a good time and it was definitely worth breaking the Christmas rules.  Don’t worry, there are no stockings hung or christmas lights out yet, they will all stay safely packed away until November 29th.  I am not going to lie though, it did get me pretty pumped for the holidays!!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!