What I Ate Wednesday

This is the first day that I haven’t really felt sore doing any normal activities.  If I deep squat it doesn’t feel awesome, but I really don’t need to walk around doing that soo….

Since Casey is out of town, it is the perfect time for me to eat things he doesn’t necessarily fancy.  That means lots of pumpkin and shrimp!!!

Breakfast: Pumpkin Protein Pancakes (from PBfingers.com) I LOVE THEM!


Morning Snack: Clementines


Lunch: I got back late to have lunch and I knew I was going to have an early dinner because I had to go to the clinic so I had a light lunch of Naturebox Cranberry Macaroon Granola and Yogurt


Afternoon Snack: Naturebox Salted Carmel Pretzel Pops (I got a new Naturebox today just as I was coming home for lunch, if you couldn’t tell)


Dinner: Shrimp and Asparagus Pasta (with mushrooms and tomatoes)

So good, and I am so excited there are left overs for tomorrow!

So good, and I am so excited there are left overs for tomorrow!


Clinic Treat: The BEST Pumpkin Cookies Ever (true recipe title) and it doesn’t lie.  I took a little more than half of them to clinic and came home with none.  I may or may not have had 2 3 and a half.  Whoops!




Quite a pumpkiny day to be honest and I could probably do this every day for a month and not get sick of it.  Bring on fall!