First Week of Work and a Terrible Long Run

So I survived my first week!  Pretty exciting but I am definitely adjusting back to actually being a real human that doesn’t sit around her house all day long.

In my scrubs!!

In my scrubs!!

Wearing scrubs is so awesome.  It easily takes 5 minutes out of getting ready each morning figuring out what I’m going to wear.

Wednesday I even made it back to MUSC to be a clinician in CARES!  And I got to see one of my favorite patients there and she has improved sooooooo much since I left!  It reminded me again how much I love what I do.

Me and one of my mentors from MUSC

Me and one of my mentors from MUSC

My runs all week went really well (I felt really good and was really able to push it on my speed work of hills and tempo) but I pushed my tempo run from Thursday to Friday and took my rest day Thursday which led to a cascade of disaster.  That meant a tempo run Friday and a 6 mile pace run Saturday back to back.  On top of that, it has been the hottest weekend of the summer yet so I waited until about 7:45 to do that run last night.  Which gave me about 12 hours to recover before setting out of my 13 mile long run this morning with a friend.

I rode my bike over to meet her and we got started right around 9 this morning and it was brutal.  I started sweating just braiding my hair on the front porch at 8:30 am!!  We got about 4 miles in before we were absolutely spent.  Luckily, friends of ours live right off the trail we were running on (where I often stop to refill my water) and we decided to cut it short at 6.  I absolutely can not stand shorting out on my long runs and especially when the distance is really starting to build but today was by far the hottest day of summer yet.  9 am just isn’t going to cut it any more, gonna have to be more like 7, but even then today I think would have been too much.

This coming week I will definitely being taking my rest day as scheduled and getting up much earlier for my 14 miler.  I need that to go okay so I can get a confidence boost after an abysmal performance this morning.  I know its not me, its the heat but it is just so hard to stomach wimping out!  Tomorrow is a new day, and a new start to the training week.  Just have to make this one count!

This afternoon we are off for a paddle boarding adventure.  Great way to spend a Sunday.


Finally Human

After being laid up for the past three days I was so relieved to wake up a real human again today.  I still have a little residual sneeze/cough and stuffy nose but I could actually function in society today.  Tuesday was the worst, I was maybe awake a total of 2 hours; I couldn’t even read because my eyes hurt so bad.  It was THE WORST!!

The extent of my last few days (except Tuesday when even this was too much).

The extent of my last few days (except Tuesday when even this was more than I could handle).

I finished Labor Day yesterday and am anxious to watch the movie.  It was a really good book, though a bit odd.  You just have to leave your judgements at the cover because this is quite a strange family and an equally bizarre story.  It was quite good though and I flew through it.  I have another book by her on my list called After Her.  Hoping to be equally pleased.


With days of doing nothing behind me, I was rip raring to work out today (and really just get outside).  However, I had squandered the beautiful spring days that were Monday-Wednesday and came back to life just in time for 95 degrees, no breeze and like 99% humidity.  YAY SUMMER!  I got in a little less than four miles (I figured I should still take it easy after being so ill) and I was sweating like a pig when I was done.  Before my run, I got in a little yoga flow too because I was getting impatient for it to (sort of) cool off.  It was actually a really challenging video (at least for me) and had me sweating a good bit.

I made the executive, in my thoughts smart, decision to restart my six week goals next week.  After missing two days this week, the last thing I need to do coming back from illness is over load the next few days trying to make up missed miles and push ups.  What is life without changing, and re-changing plans.

Hope you have had a good few days!!  Finally feeling up for the beach tomorrow, can not wait!!

Digging Deep

This past week, running has been absolutely brutal.  It has finally become a true Charleston summer and I have been dying of heat (and not just while I am running).  We have been reaching 100 degree days with “feels like” temperature of 115 degrees.  It also doesn’t help that I haven’t been getting up to run in the morning this past week so I have been waiting until the evening, but even then it is still scorching hot.  It honestly just hasn’t been fun; lead legs, dehydration, 15 straight weeks of running 6 days/week it is just all getting to me.  Luckily I only have 3 and 1/2 weeks of training left and I will be going back to school in a week so I will be more motivated to get up early again.  I just can’t get myself out of bed at 5:30 am when I have nothing going on the rest of the day.

Luckily, I had taken a picture of a passage in Runner’s World that I knew I would need to read, probably sometime soon.  I stumbled across it yesterday, timed perfectly:

“It’s an amazing thing, running- especially at that maximum turnover.  It’s also amazing to never do something again because you can’t.  I’d like to transfer that concept into everyone’s head, because inevitably it will happen to all of us.” 

~Andre Kajlich,

August 2013 Runners World

As brutal as my runs have been of late, I can still do it, and in the end that is all that matters.