Happy Halloween

I was so excited all week to dress up for work today.  I couldn’t wait to do my Rosie the Riveter hair and impress everyone at work with my whole get up.  Unfortunately, my clinical instructor told me Wednesday that the corporate center said we weren’t allowed to dress up this year.  So sad! 😦

Other than that the day was good and pretty much as productive as you can be in a day.  Work 8-5.  Straight home to run around town with Casey.  I loved seeing all the little trick-or-treaters while we were out, it melted my heart!  Once we made it home we showered quickly and headed off to the store.  We did our big grocery shopping trip for a few weeks then headed home so I could do some cooking.

I have been fortunate enough to overlap with another student from University of Vermont for the first two weeks of my rotation.  This actually happened to me on my first rotation too and I really enjoyed it.  It was good to swap information, board studying tips and a nice transition into the clinical process.

Tomorrow is her last day at the clinic so we are having a big pot luck lunch for her.  I committed to making pulled pork (which had to go in the crock pot tonight to have a good long time to get awesome) and the pumpkin oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies.

Even more exciting, my team from the Bourbon Chase will be here tomorrow night for the James Island Connector race on Saturday.  Can’t wait to see them.

Off to bed now to get some good rest before another crazy busy day!  Love, love, LOVE Fridays!

Jog in the Park

This weekend consisted of a lot of couch sitting.  Yep, I was a huge couch potato both days.  Other than a nice slow run with Casey through town yesterday and a Halloween party last night we spent a lot of time catching up on sleep and watching football (college and pro alike).  After last weekend I needed the catch up on the sleep.

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter


Case and I

Case and I

After spending so much time training hard the past few months, then getting ready for the relay it is nice to be in a place right now where I can just run.  Some days I feel really great and can go out and run really hard and other days when I feel like my legs are full of lead, thats okay too, I just trudge along at whatever easy pace I settle in to.  It is nice not to put any particular pressure on any run.

I had been afraid that this cut back in intensity would put me in a bad place to start training for Boston when the time comes (late January I am thinking).  So with that I started doing some research and it turns out these breaks are not only okay, but vital to good competition.

Some benefits include:

  • Mental break from intense training (remembering why you love running)
  • Muscle and connective tissue repair
  • Maintaining fitness: this one is tough to find the balance but you don’t have to go at the same crazy intensity to keep from losing fitness (crazy right)
  • Building a foundation: having a good strong base can come from consistent effort and an easy logging of miles to make the next start of training cycle easier

So with this I have been enjoying running with Casey, Scarlett (the pup) and anyone else who wants to run.  More importantly I have been purely blissful in my running without putting any pressure or importance on any particular run.  Before I know it I will be back in the swing of things training for Boston but I know I will be physically, and more importantly mentally ready to tackle the challenge!