Casey had some friends come in to town today so I drug my butt out of bed at 7:45 to hit the road for my long run.  I had a great run, it was over cast and fairly cool and best of all it was done at 9:30!

After I got home I rushed around the house getting the laundry finished, showering, getting my Sunday paper (for the coupons of course) they were walking in the door.

We had a wonderful day bebopping around town, having brunch and a few drinks around town.  It started off a rainy miserable day and morphed into a glorious beautiful day.  The humidity was down, the heat was down and there was a wonderful breeze on the water.  IMG_1627More importantly I met all of my 6 week goals!!

Thanks 1800 push ups, 180 miles and 180 minutes stretching!!  I had to do a lot of making up of stretching this week and it has been wonderful for me.  Every night while we are winding down at night I set a 10 minute timer on my phone and just stretch until the time goes off (and usually longer).  I find that once I start doing something, I have no problem continuing, it is the initiation that is a problem.  NOT a new concept!

I am very much looking forward to a relaxing few days trying having a distraction from staring at my cell phone screen while our friends are here (great excuse to have a little staycation).  I will try to be good about taking pictures of our adventures!!

Lazy Sunday and Workout Recap

Today started with so many good intentions.  Then we went to brunch and it was 7 pm!!  How does that happen?!

Case and I got up and went to Hampton Park so he could play some football and I took Scar for a stroll.  She was a teensy bit crazy this morning and probably walking 2 miles to my 1 just walking circles around me (literally).    IMG_1531After leaving the park the day completely disintegrated.  We went to brunch at a place called the Royal American with some friends of ours and had “Manmosas” and I had a breakfast called The Mess.  This was eggs, cheese, onions and peppers served in a potato skin.  I couldn’t bring myself to eat the potato skin but the rest was quite good.  I was disappointed that the place didn’t offer any healthy brunch options though.  Usually every place is good for a default yogurt, fruit and granola bowl or something but not here.  The Mess (minus the potato skin) was pretty much as good as I could do there.  O well, hence why we run, right?

IMG_1596IMG_1597After having brunch we headed to Shem Creek to have a drink at this beautiful dock bar.  The weather was amazing, I could have sat there all day!

IMG_1606IMG_1607Needless to say, my run wasn’t stellar tonight but I got it in; 4 miles over the bridge.  After a day of not so amazing food choices I needed to move my body even if it wasn’t and impressive performance.

Workout Recap:

I am going to have some making up to do in the stretching and push up department next week to hit my six week goals.  Next week is the end already.  I can’t believe it.

Running: 32.1; 28.5 to go this week

Stretching: a measly 6 minutes (YIKES); 75 minutes to go this week

Push Ups: 280; 390 to go this week

Here’s to a good week wrapping up these goals and all fingers and toes crossed for some call for an interview!!!

Goal Check

Today was a great lazy Sunday of coupon clipping, soccer watching and father’s day celebrating.  We went out to Casey’s dad’s house to get a bunch of food and have his dad cook for us (some kids we are, right).  He swears he loves to do the cooking so I just hope he isn’t pulling our legs.  We had a wonderful spanish rice jambalaya thing, pork chops with peppers and onions and cauliflower.  Delicious afternoon.

Scarlett pulled a fast one on us during the cooking process though.  I was standing in the kitchen talking to Casey’s dad and I look over and she is really chomping on something.  Casey’s dad has a tendency to slip her a little bit of people food every once in a while (hence why she loves him the most) so I thought that was what she had but then I got a good look at it and whatever it was was HUGE!!  I went over and she clamped her mouth down, hard.  When I finally got it open I pulled out an entire raw pork chop.  I couldn’t believe it; she never “steals” food.  It was like when little kids curse though, you don’t want to laugh because you want them to know it’s wrong but you can’t stop cracking up so you are in this weird in between stern angry face mixed with bursts of laughter.

"It was soo good, I don't even feel bad about it."

“It was soo good, I don’t even feel bad about it.”

Also, with no segway at all, just want to say Happy Fathers Day to my two wonderful dad’s!  Only wish I could have spent time with you both today!

fathersWeekly Work Out Summary:

I am half way through my six week goals and the only area that is lagging behind is my stretching goal.  No surprise there.  Just means I will have to make up some extra time in the next three weeks.  No harm, no foul.

Miles: 30.1; (total: 90.42)

Push Ups: 320; (total: 900)

Stretching: 30 minutes; (81 minutes)

Workout Recap

Well, I did it!!  I’m a graduate and a Doctor of Physical Therapy!  But more on that later.

Casey was doing a favor for a friend and then we ended up having dinner afterward so we got back way later than I had expected.  I had been planning a big graduation recap but a) I don’t have the pictures from my mom yet and b) I’m sleepy!

I got a little behind on my 6 week goals this week as I knew I would with all the graduation craziness.  I will just have to make up for it in the next few weeks.

Weekly Recap:

Running: 27.07 miles

Stretching/Yoga: 25 minutes

Strength: 180 push ups

Lame fitness week, but with the major life events happening I will give myself a pass!  Graduation recap to come!

Challenging vs. Stupid

Monday, I announced my goals for the next six weeks.  Tuesday I COMPLETELY re-evaluated these goals and changed them.   Womp, Womp!

I decided to change the plan for a few reasons:

a) I’m injured.  No matter how much I deny it, I am not 100% right now and the treatment Monday wasn’t the magical fix I was hoping it would be.

b) I’m recovering.  Boston was 3 weeks ago, but from what I have been reading lately, full recovery from a marathon takes about a month.  I shouldn’t be jumping back to my highest mileage weeks 3 weeks after.

c) It’s hot.  I am adjusting to the heat and it is kicking my butt.  I am transitioning back to running in the morning which is always tough.  When I haven’t done it for a few months my body just doesn’t want to move in the morning.

d) I haven’t been enjoying running.  Today’s run was actually my first really good one in about a week.  The past few days I have just been dragging myself through the miles and haven’t been enjoying it at all.

e) This week is crazy.  My family is all coming in to town today for Graduation and Hooding Thursday and Friday so that has my days quite packed.

All this led me to adjustment of my goals.  I could have done the original goals but I wouldn’t have had fun doing it.  I would have suffered through but I want to take these weeks to enjoy running again so that is what I am going to do.

Newly revised goals for 6 weeks:

Miles: 180

Stretching: 180 minutes

Push Ups: 1800

Mini Goals

Last week on Facebook a Runner’s World article popped up that couldn’t have been more perfect for me to read. Click for Article

I am especially in need of a goal in my life right now. Nothing big or crazy but something! I met all of my huge life goals in a matter of 2 weeks and now I feel slightly lost. This six week commitment will be perfect.

The challenge is to pick a number of miles you want to run in 6 weeks (I picked the amount I did in my best month of running this year and averaged it to 6 weeks).  I landed on 250 miles (which may be a little ambitious but we will see).

Then you commit to doing this same amount of minutes of stretching in that time.  This comes at an incredibly appropriate time since I am still trying to shake this hip/groin this I have going on.  (Sidenote: we did some dry needling in our capstone seminar today and I think it may have really fixed the problem.  We will see tomorrow morning when I run!)

Lastly, you add a 0 and commit to that amount of pushups in that time.

The final product for my 6 week goal:

250 miles

250 minutes stretching/yoga

2500 push ups

Bring it on….who’s with me!!

See you 2013

I feel like I was just writing this post about 2012 and here we are doing this again.  Each year just gets a little faster than the year before.

I would say this was as successful of a fitness year as I could ever have imagined, though there is always room for improvement.  After tomorrow I will have run 310 days of this year and logged 1650 miles.  My goal was 1500 so I blew that out of the water!  I ran the Charleston and Lehigh Valley Health Network Marathons and the Folly Beach and Atlanta Half marathons.  I also qualified for Boston which was not just a goal for this year but for my LIFE.

My fitness goals from last year were:

1.  Run 1500 miles (have to beat out last year): Check

2.  Work on strengthening; I hate that this goal isn’t really quantifiable, but if i am going to continue running I really need to put more effort here or injuries are bound to follow: Sporadically (sounds like a goal for this year)

3.  Do yoga once a week: Did really well for the first half of the year then fell off the wagon

4.  Eat at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies and drink 8 cups of water a day: With the exception of these holiday weeks

My non-fitness goals were:

1.  Finish my last year of class room education: Check

2.  Pass the comp (written comprehensive) exam: Check

3.  Pass the OSCE (practical comprehensive exam): Check

4.  Slow down and smell the roses during this whirl wind of life!: Improving!

So with much success and off course room for improvement I sit here and set out goals for 2014 (the year I become a real adult…maybe).

Fitness Goals

1.  Run Boston

2.  Run 1700 miles

3.  Strength 2x/week

4.  Yoga 1x/week

5.  2 marathons, 2 halves

6.  Water and freggies again!

7.  Start logging my workouts again (not sure when I fell off of doing that at the end of November…whoops)

Non-Fitness Goals


2.  Graduate

3.  Get a big girl job

Do you have any goals for the year?

Meeting Fitness Goals (before the Thanksgiving Shenanegans)

I don’t know about where you live, but it was pretty much as gross as it gets here today.  At three this afternoon, it was so dark outside the office it felt like the middle of the night.  I swear to you, this is no exaggeration.  With that being said, the motivation to go to the gym and bust my butt was pretty low.  However I knew that today was the day I was going to hit my yearly mile goal if I could just make it to the through the front doors.

Once I dragged myself in I had a really great run, even on the treadmill, and even without the tvs working.  I was so shocked.  After my run I got in a 30 minute Nike Training Club Workout.  It was an intermediate get toned work out called Curve Carver.  This was a pretty good all around workout that got me super sweaty and I really appreciate the time incorporated for warm up and cool down/stretch since I am bad at taking time to do this myself.


So with 34 days to go, I am thinking my goal for 2014 is going to have to be even more ambitious than this!!  Just getting better year by year!

You can be Ordinary

I am running Boston y’all, in case you didn’t see that yesterday.  I’m certainly going to be high on this for quite a while.  What some of you may or may not know about me is that I was not always a runner.

In fact, I only started running my senior year of high school when I stopped playing field hockey but wanted to do some sport.  I joined the cross country team and luckily ended up really loving it.  I would like to say I just kept right on running, but not so much.  I felt like I did but now looking back I realize I was a spotty exerciser at best.

Then, my freshman year of college (2007) a friend from high school was hit and killed by a car.  It was one of those experiences that changes your life, makes you realize you aren’t invincible and that anything can happen to any of us at any time.  A year or so later I decided that I wanted to run a marathon for him.  Having such a strong motivation really got me through my first race.  And I serious just “made it through.”  I finished the Richmond Marathon in SEVERE pain in 4:04 (2009).

First race, early on (why I am still smiling)

First race, early on (why I am still smiling)

I would like to say again that I kept going but after the week of euphoria of finishing when we were all planning our next race, I pretty much took a month off from running and then ran maybe 3 times a week on a good week.

Fast forward another year (2011), this was me…


I was training for a half marathon, definitely in the overweight category and just finding out I was anemic.  I would have to say a week after this picture I decided it was time to make a change.

I ran that half and for the first time stuck with my running even when I wasn’t trying to run a race.  I still wasn’t any where near as consistent as I am now but I could count on about 20ish runs/workouts a month.

That December (2011) I ran another half in Charleston and then the spring of the following year (2012) a friend decided to run her first marathon and asked me if I would do it with her.

This was the beginning of the me I am now.  Since that race I have run 3 more marathons and 2 more halves and am gearing up to run Boston.



I have taken spills

I still have quite a scar from this one...

I still have quite a scar from this one…

had many early mornings and more importantly have lived a normal, fun life along the way.  I will never be the person that doesn’t enjoy a bit of this…


Or this…

Pumpkin Bars...YUMM!

Pumpkin Bars…YUMM!

Or this…


to be a better runner.

Just having fun!

Just having fun!

The moral of this very long winded story is that I am ordinary.  I didn’t grow up running.  It took six years from starting to run to actually become committed and consistent.  I was not naturally gifted.  I was not born thin or with the legs of a gazelle.  I am a NORMAL person, I qualified for Boston and so can you.  You can start running tomorrow with the goal of running a 5k, half marathon, full marathon or even Boston and you can get there.You don’t have to have a ridiculously strict diet, or not go out or do anything fun to make some seriously awesome dreams come true.  Just stick with it through thick and thin and you’ll get exactly where you are going!

2012 Round up

My year in running looked like this…


I ran the Charleston Half Marathon, Nashville Rock N’ Roll Marathon, Savannah Rock N’ Roll Marathon.

Which brings me to 2013!

My biggest fitness goals will be:

1.  Run 1500 miles (have to beat out last year)

2.  Work on strengthening; I hate that this goal isn’t really quantifiable, but if i am going to continue running I really need to put more effort here or injuries are bound to follow

3.  Do yoga once a week

4.  Eat at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies and drink 8 cups of water a day

Non fitness related goals:

1.  Finish my last year of class room education

2.  Pass the comp (written comprehensive) exam

3.  Pass the OSCE (practical comprehensive exam)

4.  Slow down and smell the roses during this whirl wind of life!

Happy New Year to all!!

What are your goals for the year (fitness or non)?