Post Christmas Gloom

Every year on the day after Christmas my mom and I hunt the deals on Christmas stuff for next year.  We went out at about 9, went by Starbucks (I got a Skinny Carmel Brulee…soo good and my mom got a skinny peppermint mocha).  We went to a bunch of places and came up mostly empty handed.  I did manage to get two pairs of jeans and a skirt at gap for $55 so I did pretty well there.  I hate buying jeans, but its like bras, you gotta have them and you will get good use out of them.

Before heading home my mom and I stopped at Panera Bread for breakfast.  I was trying to be calorie conscious so I just got a bowl of French Onion Soup (280) and a Baguette (100).  Lunch out for 380 calories isn’t bad and I was full until we had dinner.

I had planned to do yesterday’s run today since yesterday was Christmas but it was absolutely disgusting out.  It poured rain all day and had wind gusts up to 45 mph…our basketball hoop even blew over. I also don’t have a gym to go to that doesn’t cost atleast $15 for a day pass which is crazy.  So I decided to just let yesterday’s run go, in honor of Christmas I guess.

I couldn’t just do nothing though, so I hit up my favorite fitness blog, PBfingers, for a circuit I could do in the warmth and dryness of my house.   I started with an overall cardio circuit.

Jump Rope Circuit

It was really good and a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, as her circuits always are.  But my abs felt neglected and I really wanted to get about an hour in.  I wanted to keep with the jump rope theme and she had the perfect continuation of the first work out…

Jump Rope Abs

I also was soooo excited to find a timer that I could set for one minute “work” intervals and thirty second “rest” intervals that repeated as many times as I needed.

I am glad I got some activity in today.  I hate missing runs but going out today was going to do more harm than good.

Tomorrow is my last day at home and it is my little brother’s birthday.  I also have to go to the dentist tomorrow which is not high on my list of places I like to visit, but necessary.

sharp objects

I also finished my most recent book, Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.  It was really good, but freaky as all her books were.  I am glad I read one in print instead of listening to the audiobook, just to have a different experience with it.  Just like her other books, lots of twists, turns, mystery and just overall odd characters.  I would highly recommend it.  It was a very quick read, I think I got through it in 3 days, even with the busy-ness of the holidays.

Has anyone else read anything good lately?  Does anyone have a good source for circuit workouts for bad weather days?

Miles and Miles and Miles

Today was a long run day, 20 miles.  It was also the Rehoboth Beach Marathon/half marathon and the Kiawah island marathon/half marathon.  Talk about motivation for my run today when I got up and saw so many of my friends posted race results on facebook!  Congrats to all those who raced today!!

I got all geared up to run and got ready to hit the road/trail.  Unfortunately, I have been chaffing pretty bad on my chest again so I have been suiting up with two sports bras for my long slow distance runs, meaning more laundry, womp womp!

Photo on 2012-12-08 at 12.10

What a pain!  I am begging for any sports bra advice, especially from any other runners out there with sensitive skin and tatas on the larger side!

The run itself went great.  I headed out on a trail I haven’t run since I trained for Savannah.  A majority of it has now been paved, which I had been told ahead of time by a friend.  I was excited about that going into it, but once I was actually on it I realized how much my legs appreciated the relief a dirt trail offered.  I have no control though, so I’ll just look at is is better training for the real race.  I finished my book with about 7 miles to go and switched to my long run playlist that I posted a few days ago.

The book was awesome: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.  I highly recommend it if you like mystery books that are very compelling.  However, parts of it are kind of disturbing and a little graphic in the descriptions of the violence.  Just like to throw that out there before you get into it!

Beautiful views along the trail!

Beautiful views along the trail!

At mile 17th I had just about had it and then Ellie Goulding Anything Can Happen came on and I was re-energized, even singing and dancing while I was running.  Yay for Ellie!

When I got home I tried to do the yoga for runners video to stretch and got through one down dog before I abandoned that plan.  My legs just weren’t having it, they were hoping for a hot shower as a reward instead, which I gave in and got into.

So now I sit, enjoying another smoothie and return to my studying.  Prayers Monday and Tuesday will be greatly appreciated!!

Congrats to all those who raced today and anyone who conquered their long runs!!

Oh, and if you have sports bra advice…I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP!!